Book review 2 – “The fragrance of True love” by Roma Gupta Sinha #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

Today I am going to review the following book:

 “THE FRAGRANCE OF TRUE LOVE” by Ms.Roma Gupta Sinha

About the Book:

This book is truly an enchanting tale of two hearts as mentioned in its cover..The story revolves around the love between Priyam and Meer and the author had beautifully penned their relationship with each other..

About the Author:

I feel that Ms.Roma Gupta Sinha is very good in weaving stories which touches our heart and makes us to get more involved in the same..There are many beautiful lines which I loved in this ebook…

She blogs at

My thoughts on this book:

I firmly believe that childhood is the most important stage in a person’s life..Whatever happens at that time, whether it is good or bad, definitely has an impact on that person’s future life..I feel that blessed are those who had happy times when they were young..

Priyam, an avid writer, is a girl who is doing her first year in a college and is generally aloof  and has no friends as she has some issues in trusting others due to her traumatic past…Meer is her classmate who is in love with her and is crazy about her..Whether Priyam is able to reciprocate his true love inspite of her past or not makes the story interesting ..The way Meer tries to break Priyam’s inhibitions is truly lovable.. The author has explained the feelings of both leading characters in a commendable manner..

Overall, I feel that this book is a good love story and interesting to read…

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