Don’t intrude!!!

Till now, I haven’t revealed any personal information about me or my family/close friends in this blog..I know I am bit reluctant in sharing about mine/others’ secrets here..But, as we all are aware,there might be some situations in which we have to come out of our shell due to many reasons..

I started to blog last year under anonymous name and only my husband and my very very close friend know about this ..I always feel that I am blessed to have such a good friend – I have written about her in my earlier blog post – Me and my BFF

She is such a wonderful human being and is always caring towards others..She usually  reads whatever I blabber here and is very honest in her criticism..After her marriage, she was in abroad for some years and now she and her husband are settled in India..Though we don’t reside in same city, I was happy about her returning back to India and we both met recently and we talked, talked and talked.. Even though we were always in contact through whatsapp, mails and numerous phone calls, I feel the joy we get when we talk directly face to face is always unbeatable..

This post is about her and she wanted me to write about this sensitive topic here – She knows I don’t like to share anything personal, but she forced me to do so..She said that not only she but many face the same problem nowadays..I too decided to write as I feel it is high time that we respect privacy of others..I know I can’t change some people but still  I want them to understand that intruding in others’ lives is a sin ..So, let me start:

My BFF and her husband are both professionally qualified and are working..I feel that they are ideal couple and are madly in love with each other..They don’t have kids as of now…I am aware of their problems as my BFF had discussed with me and I don’t wish to explain about the same here..

When they were residing in abroad, they didn’t face more questions about having no kids..But here in India, many ask various questions/ give suggestions to my BFF..My BFF usually replies back to them, but she  says that she is really tired of  answering following questions:

Oh my God !! You are married for “n” number of years and you don’t have kids yet ???

Why are You not seriously trying for the baby ???

I know this famous gynecologist..You visit her first and will be blessed with baby next year..

You are concentrating  more on your career than on giving birth to a baby !!!! Resign your job now and try for baby!!!

You are getting old, remember that and act accordingly…

My BFF’s husband also asks those people to mind their own business and not to interfere in their personal life…

I know that my BFF is strong and she doesn’t give importance to comments of others..But at times, she is also worried and she shares her feelings with me..I try my level best to console her and mostly I succeed in my attempts..

I have known her for many years and it pains me a lot when I see her going through this..I am sure as she is a fighter, she will always bounce back in her life..

This post is not only about my BFF but also about many who face this situation in their lives..I am angry at this society as it is ruthless and doesn’t respect others feelings..

Some couple may be childless due to their own choice or due to some medical problems..Nobody has any rights to ask them questions regarding the same..Please don’t give suggestions about “n” number of doctors or “n” number of temples for them to visit..Please don’t compare them with others in family/friends who are younger to them or who married after them, but yet conceived first..Pregnancy is not a running race !!!!

Please don’t assume things without knowing  anything about the couples’ struggle and don’t add to their stress…

Please don’t suggest/advice without them asking you for suggestions..

Stop intruding on others’ lives and  please let them live their lives in peace!!!