Book review 1 – “The Power Within” by Geethica Mehra #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

I love reading books and when I came across BlogchatterEbookcarnival, I felt so much excited… I decided to start enjoying  reading books by various authors and share what I feel about the same..

There are totally thirty three e books and today I am going to review the following book:

“THE POWER WITHIN” by Ms.Geethica Mehra

I picked up this ebook to read first as I was attracted by following line in its cover – “Motivational stories from real life experiences” – MOTIVATION – Yes, all of us want to feel motivated in our life, isn’t it ??

About the Book:

The theme of this book is about “Motivation” and as the author  was part of #ATOZChallenge, she had written separate chapters based on alphabet and had explained about the inner power that we need to feel motivated and to achieve our various aims in life..

About the Author:

Ms.Geethica Mehra feels that her writings are reflections of her views towards life..

I particularly loved these lines by the author as I too  firmly believe in the same…

“I believe that whatever happens only happens with a reason. And the best happens when it is not seen”

She blogs at

My thoughts on this book:

As we all know, life is the best teacher and it teaches us many lessons which we can never forget..There are many highs and lows in our lives and motivation is a driving factor which helps us to move on and achieve what we wish..

In this book, author explains about various factors which helps to feel motivated..She had used quotes from various famous personalities and she also explains some of her real life incidents which made her to feel motivated..

The author feels that we should have self belief, courage, perseverance and should encourage ourselves, be independent,optimistic and try to  stay detached in life..Further she also depicts the importance of humor factor and willingness to learn new things in life and also how time plays an important role..I loved her views on our own true value, that is, our self respect and dignity…

Overall, I feel that this book is a light and good read on motivation..


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