Adjustment – Boon or Curse??

“He/She is a good person..Adjusts well according to situations”  – This is what people around feel about that person…

“Why it happens  to me?? Why always me alone should adjust??” – This is what some of the so  called adjustment type persons might feel…

Ok, in my case, myself  and adjustment had become thick friends from the beginning..I was born and brought up in a joint family, I stayed in hostels during my college days and after marriage….So adjustment follows me  everywhere like Vodafone  advertisement dog…hahahhaha…

I usually think, if I adjust in this small matter, then the other person will be happy..So let me adjust..

But what happens in long run??? People  generally perceive that he/she will adjust we can ask them to do this/that instead of asking the other person who normally do not adjust…

Sometimes we have to say firmly “No” to others so that we can be happy and be ourselves and should not worry about what others will say…We should be firm in what we want…

I think that adjustment is boon to people around  us and curse to persons who are adjusting..

What do you think????


I am very much happy when I..

  • leisurely drink my hot cup of coffee in morning without looking at clock..
  •  travel  listening to melody hits of Illaiyaraja, A.R.Rahman &  of course I should get window seat!!!
  •   buy any artistic things like showcase items, wall hangings, scenery, etc..
  •   am  not compelled to eat Rice..I always love to have tiffin items for breakfast,lunch & dinner..
  •   am not disturbed while reading a book..
  •   get surprise gifts!!!!!
  •   am not questioned and when I complete tasks given to me completely before                 deadlines..
  •    hear chirping sounds of birds in my balcony..
  •      get drenched completely in rain..
  •      do not hear people comparing me with others..
  •      still move on in my life with all its ups & downs..
  •      am doing what I love without any interference..
  •      meet people who honor their commitments..

A Sweet Lady…

Recently  I was travelling in ladies compartment in a local train..A vision impaired old man was selling some home made chocolates..He was reassuring that his products are of good quality and kids will surely like them..Some of us bought some pockets..

At that time, a Lady entered our compartment and was observing the way the old man was trying to sell..Then without hesitation, She also started to help the old man by shouting and selling the same..She then helped the man to collect the money and made sure that he sold all his pockets..When the old man thanked her, she said that  “No Problem.. I noticed that your voice was low and so  I just shouted along with you”..She then got off at another station..

I was thinking, there were many in train including myself, but it did not strike to us that we have to help Old man, but that Lady not only bought his products,but also helped him to sell all his chocolates….I was amazed on thinking about that lady..How she helped without any  expectations?? Isn’t she sweet???


Disclaimer:This post is not for blaming/finding fault with anybody..Just thought of Sharing my views with all of you..

How many of us have watched a Tamil film named Kutty ( 2001 released film directed by Ms.Janaki Viswanathan starring child artist Ms.P.Shwetha, Ramesh Aravind, Kausalya,Vivek, etc..) – It is film which talks about child labour and is a very touching story..

I watched this film years ago..I was reminded of this film suddenly due to certain incidents which I saw recently..

I visited a mall and I saw a family of 4 (Husband, Wife and 2 children (elder girl might be 5 yrs old, and younger boy might be 2 yrs old) accompanied by another small girl around 11 years who most probably works in their house – She was taking care of small boy and girl , while the family was busy shopping..I was astonished on seeing that She was so much mature and she was handling those 2 kids effectively…I saw a silence in her eyes which made me write this post…

I thought whether I was that much mature when I was 11 years old like this girl?? What makes that girl so mature?? Where is the childishness in that girl and how she had understood that her main job now is only to cater to the needs of small children and not to get attracted by items in the shop, which normally all the children of her age do??

There might be many factors which would have made her do this job – The Family in which she works might take care of her nicely also – I am not going deep in to these…

Unanswered Questions in my mind now is:

Is this society had made her to grow up so fast suddenly in spite of her small age??? and who is responsible for depriving her from enjoying her childhood moments???

Come Sun…

A Small girl was in her Uncle’s house during her Summer Vacation many years ago..She always loved to come there as she always had good time with her cousins..

That day she was so thrilled as she was going to visit the beach that evening and was waiting for the same…But from that afternoon, it started heavily raining..She was so desperate and started crying…Her Uncle tried pacifying her but she did not stop crying and She wanted to go to beach …

Finally her uncle told her “Stop crying and you say “Come Sun, Come Sun” and  then Rain will stop and When Sun comes, we can go to beach”

That  stupid little girl believed whatever her Uncle said and stood near the window and started saying “Come Sun, Come Sun” till that night…..hahahhaha…..

So my Love for Beach started so early and I simply feel I am mesmerized to see the waves..

Beach simply makes me to forget everything and I  dream of empty beach and me standing alone in the waves….That’s an awesome feeling …Isn’t It???



My First step…

I am new to writing blogs and I had been thinking for a long time of creating my own blog where I can express (to be honest “Blabber” ) about what I feel..

Ok, Let me begin..I  read many blogs like “A Dash of Pepper”, “Anectodes of Two – riffic twins”, “Anisnest Blog”, “Editions of Green Boochi”, “Tandooripanipurilife”,”R’s Mom Blog” and list is endless… I simply loved the way all these blogs are written…

In life we run behind  achieving some  goals so that we can enjoy so called “Settled” Life happily…But What  I feel is that there is some inner desire within everybody and unless we truly think about how to fulfill the same, we can never be  truly happy…

My inner desire has always been  writing  and  this blog is my first step towards that… So I Welcome you all to my blog….

And now comes the million dollar  question…what will be my blog’s content and what will  I write about??????…..AND MY ANSWER IS Can  I please pass this question??????”

OK, jokes apart, My honest answer is that I will try to express What I feel about various things in Life…..

If  You had  read My First Step (Post) up to this line, a Big  THANKKK YOUUUU  from me and  you have been awarded  as“Best Patient Reader of the year”   …Hahahahha…Keep Smiling…..