Last day of Blogathon 2017!!!

Today is last day of Blogathon 2017 which I participated…I am new to this blogathon and I have written totally 24 posts this month…I haven’t posted for 7 days and so I feel that this is not a successful completion..

Whether I enjoyed blogging all days in a month ??? There were days when I was happy as I could write easily and there were also some days when I felt so difficult to even think about something and write…But finally I decided to let it go and write whenever I had the urge to do so..I took a break in between and so it resulted in not writing for 7 days..

It was really a good experience and I am sure that I would participate in such blogathons in future, irrespective of whether I succeed or not..

My hearty congrats to those who successfully completed this Blogathon 2017!!!!!

This & that…

I haven’t posted anything for last 2 days..hmm..What is the reason?? Might be I got bored and didn’t like to write senseless posts…hahaha..(Unmaiya othikita enoda mana thairyatha paratunga makkale!!!)

I bought a new mobile last week and I was busy exploring the various options in it..I am loving it!!!!

I am typing this post while eating kesari which I prepared this evening..


I know I am not good at taking please bear with me!!!!

I have many things to discuss but something stops me to express it here..hmmmm..But a voice inside me tells that I would soon write about it in my space..I really don’t understand how some people do some things even after knowing that it is wrong???? They badly hurt others and act as if they are so good..

OK, I have to start preparing for dinner..I know it is a very random post with no connection..

But, what to do???? “I am cornered, I am helpless” ( remember this dialogue in super star rajinikanth’s film SIVAJI)…hahaha…




Memes and Social Media…

I thought of writing about this topic a few days back.. I kept on postponing the same due to many reasons…But, now I feel it is right time to pen down my thoughts here..

These are my own personal thoughts and it may be different from what others think..

OK, I am not a serious user of facebook and whatsapp..I share information, photos only when I feel it is important for others to know..I am not here to judge or criticize others who are a big fan of both FB and Whatsapp..I fully understand that it is their own wish..

But what bothers me is that, some people share/forward whatever information they get to others without even checking whether they are authentic or not..

Memes are very famous nowadays..There are some memes which makes us laugh and think..I too like those memes and I understand it is very difficult for meme creators to express what they feel in a short manner..

There are also some meme creators who cross the line and create some indecent, unacceptable memes..They attack everybody who have different views when compared to them..Those meme creators fail to understand that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion..Few of them criticize others using unparlimentary words which is very bad..I wish to reiterate that I accept there are many good meme creators who want to create awareness on many problems..I am talking about those few meme creators who misuse the same..

OK, I am writing this post after going through many memes which were shared in social media..There are some people who just share those memes without even knowing or fully understanding the news/issue clearly..I personally feel that it not right thing to do..Nobody has a right to criticize others very badly, even if they have different opinions..

Memes and social media have their own advantages and disadvantages..I think it is our responsiblity to seperate good and bad ones..We shouldn’t fall prey to fake information/indecent memes and it is high time to think deeply and share/forward in social media…

I hope we understand the sensitivity of certain issues and use social media accordingly..We have to be alert as there might be many hidden agenda and we shouldn’t let others fool or use or provoke us for their own selfish agenda…

Jallikattu and Politics…

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are mine and as you know, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and these are my personal thoughts..

I have mentioned on my earlier post Jallikattu…  about importance of Jallikattu and how students protest for the same..I wish to mention again that I support the same and hats off to students who united for this common cause!!!!

I am writing this post as I feel that the main issue of  this protest is being cleverly manipulated by some people who are misusing the power of students and trying to get benefits from this unusual situation..Students are truly protesting for Jallikattu but few persons’ ambition is not the same…

I wish that students understand the true color of those few persons and decide accordingly..It is important that they shouldn’t be misguided…

There are few people who rise anti national slogans in this protest..I felt really bad on seeing those..I accept I too feel angry when central government shows no apathy on our state on many issues..But raising anti national slogans is not a solution for these problems..We can oppose respective governments but not our country…I strongly feel that we have to fight against cheap politics by certain political parties and not against country..There are few who use unparlimentary words on public and social media..They forget that basic decency is needed and a bad example is being set for younger generation..

I  truely appreciate the selfless efforts of students for Jallikattu issue..I strongly feel that their efforts shouldn’t be misused  and they shouldn’t allow others to cheat them and play dirty politics in this sensitive issue…

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru -Movie review

There are some movies which I watched without any high expectations, yet I was surprised at how good it turned out to be..Dhuruvangal Padhinaaru movie is one of those movies which surprised me a lot…

We watched this movie today and I feel it is a very good thriller movie..Story is good and the way it is depicted is interesting..

This film is directed by debundant director Karthick Karen and hats off to him..He is one of those directors who impress us in their first movie itself..

Rahman plays the role of inspector Deepak who had retired from police force due to an accident in which he lost his leg..After five years, Deepak is forced to revisit all the incidents which led to the accident!!! I don’t wish to reveal more about this movie as suspense factor will be lost..

If you love crime thrillers, you will like this movie for sure…I loved the same ..






This is the magic word that now has the maximum power and had united many youngsters in fighting for a common cause.

Jallikattu made us understand the other side of students and how powerful they are..Most of the shops have been closed today …I feel it is a voluntary decision taken by shopkeepers to support jallikattu..

Many people support the cause and fight for the same..I am really surprised on seeing youngsters protesting in  chennai Marina beach inspite of heat during day time and heavy cold during nights..Not only in chennai,protests are being conducted at many places in tamilnadu…

I hope jallikattu will be conducted very soon and I support Jallikattu!!!!

Thoughtless Thursday…

Title of this post can’t be “Wordless Wednesday” as it is thursday today!!!!

Given below are the photos taken by me and I know my photos don’t do justice to mesmerizing beauty of nature…

These photos were taken at Kodaikanal, Munnar and Nainital in no particular order…








  • Some people are trying hard to imitate others??? They try hard to impress others by dressing or behaving like one particular person..I feel it is totally foolish thing to do..Everybody is different and they can’t become another person even though they try harder..These people don’t believe themselves and don’t have self confidence…
  • There are so many posters in my city? I can see posters of different kinds here – politics, family functions, deaths, etc..There are some posters which make me laugh..I used to think from where they get these kind of ideas..Especially in posters by political parties, I wonder how they get different titles for praising their party leaders…
  • it is perceived that wearing silk sarees and jewellery is important for functions in general??? Why others question us if we dress according to our wish and comfort??
  • some bikers go fast in road as if they are in race??? Why they don’t care about their safety and also other’s safety?
  • some people do anything for getting publicity?? Why some media go behind those people for sensational news? Why few media are more concerned about reporting any news first?Why they don’t check authenticity of news first before making it public?
  • some educated people still have young under aged girls as their servant maids? Why they don’t feel that it is wrong to employ them?
  • some people don’t vote in elections but criticize everything in our country??
  • Am I running short of ideas for this obligation????

A titleless post…

I don’t wish to skip posting today and so today it is going to be a cheat post..

Today I have been running from one ATM to another  for withdrawing cash, but I couldn’t..Many ATMs which I visited were closed…Hmmm…What to do??? I don’t know when things will become normal..I am mostly using net banking and cards, but we need money, right???

Then, what to write??? It is already 11.40 pm ..So, good night!!!

I feel sleepy and I couldn’t think of a it is a titleless post…Hahaha…


Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga – Movie review

Yesterday we went to this movie which is directed by Radhakrishnan Parthiban and Parthiban, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Parvathy Nair and Thambi Ramaiah have acted in this movie..

Rangarajan (Parthiban) is a taxi driver who also does real estate as his side business..Kevin (Shanthanu Bhagyaraj) is young NRI and when he visits India, Rangarajan  becomes his driver..He asks Kevin to stay in a guest house instead of a hotel..Kevin also accepts and he enjoys the english speaking ability of Rangarajan..

Kevin meets a  young girl Mohini (Parvathy Nair) in the guest house and he gets attracted towards her..He is shocked when he knows that Mohini is Rangarajan’s wife ….He starts pitying on Mohini as she is very young when compared to her middle aged husband ..Kevin finds out that Mohini is not happy in her married life and he tries to get in to a relationship with her..Whether Mohini reciprocates his feelings or not and what happens next makes rest of the story … Climax is nice (though it is some what guessable)..

Parthiban is always known for his witty humour and dialogues …In this film, his english skills makes us laugh..His combination scenes with Thambi ramaiah is good..Film is very slow up to interval …Shanthanu plays his part well and Parvathy Nair’s acting is OK..

So, Whether I like this movie or not ??? It is some what OK and climax is good..I feel that there is a lack of strong story line in this film and so it doesn’t make an impression..I also don’t know whether it is due to my high expectations from this film as it is directed by Parthiban…