Some questions and my answers…

If I were you, I would never have resigned my job..You are wasting your education..

Aren’t you bored being in home without job ?? Earlier you were so busy, how are you managing your time now ???

Why are you not supporting your husband with your salary?? You don’t have more work in house, so why can’t you go to job??

Anyway you have more time now, why are you not visiting us ?? Relatives are very important…

Did your husband ask you to resign ??

Given above are some of the questions that I am asked frequently after I left my job…

Though I answered them back immediately, I am really pissed off..I don’t like to shout at others, but I am afraid I may not be polite when such questions are thrown at me in future…

I wish I could answer them back as given below: (To some persons, I have replied back instantly, but there are few to whom I couldn’t do so due to many reasons)

I studied hard and got my professional degree..Did you study for me during that time?? It is my life and I feel I am not wasting my education..It is my choice and you don’t have any rights to question me..

Did I tell you that I feel bored?? I can do whatever I want and please don’t poke your nose..I know how to manage my time..

Why are you worried about my husband??? My hubby doesn’t need my support now and we will take care of our financial planning.. It is none of your business…Don’t worry, we will never ask you for money..

Yes,I have free time..But it doesn’t mean that I have to visit your home…I only have to decide if you are important for me and not you..

I might have left my job for any reason..What bothers you ?? Why are you dragging my husband in to this?? It is a mutual decision and I know what I am doing…Why should I explain our decision to you???

I feel it is high time that others’ mind their own business..I have never asked these kind of questions to anybody..I maintain my distance as I respect others’ privacy and I expect them to reciprocate the same..

‘I am Death’ by Chris Carter -Book review

As I have already mentioned many times in my blog , I love reading books and they are my perfect companion..I usually read all genres of book and crime thriller and detective stories are one of my favorite ones…

Chris Carter  – I  really don’t know how I missed reading  this author earlier…I feel bad that  I have read only three of his books as of now (One by One,An evil mind and I am Death)…Carter’s books are a perfect blend of all elements and the plot of his stories are so engaging and thrilling…

OK, let me start  my review about this book “I am Death”…

Author starts his story from a woman who gets abducted from the house where she is employed as a part time baby sitter.. After seven days,she is very brutally killed and the killer calls himself as “I am Death” … This case gets assigned to detectives Robert Hunter  and Carlos Gracia…Both detectives are astonished as there are no clues left behind by the killer..They start frantically searching for the killer.Robert Hunter is worried as the killer starts abducting women, kills them and leaves a note..Hunter is sure that the killer is  a psychopath and a monster..Methods he use to kill the victims are so violent and he enjoys torturing them to the core…

Author also mentions about a young boy who is abducted and treated badly by Kidnapper…Hunter tries to track down the serial killer at the earliest ..Whether Hunter is able to find out the killer makes the rest of the story  very very engaging till the end…

I have to mention that the climax  of the story in which Hunter finds out the real killer is mind blowing..It is really good as readers couldn’t guess/ expect that person to be the killer..

The way killer kills the victims are very violent and the author explains the tortures  abducted young  boy faces in a very detailed manner..

If you have read Carter’s earlier books, you will accept that the author talks a lot about psychology..In this book also he explains about psychopaths and how certain incidents change a person totally..

Overall, I loved reading this book and I feel it is worth reading if you are interested in crime thriller books….

A Vital Ingredient of Relationships..

Given below is a famous quote by Aristotle:

“Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god”

Many of us can not live alone..We have to enter in to relationships for living our life..No person can deny the fact that mutual dependency on others plays an important role here..

We have to manage many relationships starting from family, friends,neighbors, colleagues and list is  always endless…There are some persons to whom we are very close and we share everything about us…There are also others with whom we are not that much close and it’s just a hi – bye relationships…I am not more concerned about not so close relationships..But close relationships always play an important role in our lives..

All of us may have different opinions on relationships and I feel there is no hard and fast rule here…

There are some people who believe that only  love is  important and they can easily forgive and forget betrayals of others’ and move on in their life..

But some people like me feel that trust is very very vital in any relationship and we usually combine both trust and love..

download                                                               Courtesy: Google images

OK, let me be clear..I usually take time to believe others and if I believe them, I  always remain true to that relationship…But if I find out that they betray my trust, I really can’t forgive or forget them..I won’t shout at them but I always try to make myself emotionally distant from them..It hurts me a lot but I can never trust them again..I know I may be labelled as sensitive and immature but I strongly feel trust is necessary in any kind of relationship..


I have heard this dialogue from some people “If you truly love someone, you can easily  forgive whatever they do”

I usually reply that “I know that everybody including me makes some mistakes in life..I can always forgive mistakes,but I can never forgive even a small breach of trust”


According to me, trust is very important in any relationship..It makes or breaks a relationship..

images                                                                Courtesy: Google images

So, What do you think ? What is vital ingredient of relationships??

A lunch date…

I don’t remember whether I have mentioned it here earlier, but I love North Indian Chat items a lot…We have visited Sree Gupta Bhavan in our area for having chat items in weekends and I love their Pav Bhaji a lot…

Me and my husband had our lunch there before some days and taste was really good..For starter, we had French fries which was hot and crispy..


French fries

Then we ate Butter Naan and Kashmiri Kofta..Naan was soft and kashmiri kofta was so yummy..



Butter Naan and Kashmiri Kofta..

We also had Vegetable Biriyani (I forgot to click photo of the same) and it was tasty, but I felt that it was bit oily…

Then for dessert, we had Hawaain fantasy icecream..I loved the presentation so much and the ice cream was placed in a pineapple..There were around 4 flavours and all were yummy..I liked it so much..



Hawaain fantasy 

We totally paid around Rs.750 for our lunch…I personally feel food to be good here…