Book Review – I am M-M-Mumbai – by Rishi Vohra

I am M-M-Mumbai

This story is about Rudra, a young man, who dreams to act in movies, but doesn’t pursue the same due to his low self esteem..He stammers a lot and  faces a lot of criticism,teasing and humiliation from his childhood days..Due to his low self confidence, he works as an assistant director despite his passion for acting.

His father doesn’t approve his choice of career though his mother supports him..His neighbour Shibani and friend Ankur support and motivate him a lot..His life changes when he meets Richa and falls in love…When life takes a U turn, Rudra is depressed and fears a lot..He has to overcome all his insecurities in order to succeed in his life..Whether he is able to overcome his weakness and achieve his dream or not makes this story an engaging read!!!

Author has weaved the story very beautifully and all the characters have been portrayed really well..Childhood plays an important role in all our lives and the way Rudra gets affected due to his stammering and how it influences his future is depicted clearly by the author…The struggles faced by him in Bollywood is also explained in detail..The way Rudra falls in to depression due to constant failures and how he fights to come out of it is inspiring to read..Romantic portion in the book is  handled well by the author..

Overall, this book is a light, interesting and an engaging  read…Though the story may seem to be simple, narration style of the author is superb and it makes this book a good read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

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