English is just a language !!!

Why do we speak ??

We speak because we want to express our feelings to others..We wish to interact with each other so that we don’t feel lonely..

Languages are a medium of communication which helps to express ourselves..

We  can’t even imagine a world without languages..It is very difficult to make the other person understand what we feel only through gestures and actions..

But it is also  important that both parties (person who speaks and who listens) should understand the language..Otherwise, there is no use in communicating with each other…

I personally feel that every child should learn his/her mother tongue first..If parents speak two different languages, then the child also should be taught the same..

Apart from mother tongue, it is necessary that the child also should have basic knowledge of most spoken language in that particular country..This will definitely help that particular person to survive in any part of that country…

 Communicating in English language has become inevitable in our day to day life…

But I feel that  it is wrong to give undue importance to a person just because he speaks in English!!!

Society has created  a perception that speaking in English adds sparkle to personality of that person and I don’t agree with that !!!

Some people feel inferior that they are not fluent in English language…

I am not against the usage of English…

I am against perceiving  English language  as a status symbol…

It is  high time that we stop linking a person’s ability to his/her fluency in English…

 I  am not here to judge anyone, but I really get annoyed  when some people feel bad to talk in their mother tongue even if they know it !!! When I ask them questions in my mother tongue, they  purposefully reply back in English…

Learning many languages enhances our knowledge level and I strongly feel that no particular language is superior or inferior to each other..

English is just a language and please don’t attach any “Superiority” tag to it !!!

Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple, Adyar…

Though I am living in Chennai for more than 10 years, I still  have not explored my city fully..

I really feel bad as there are many beautiful places which I haven’t seen yet..

One such place is Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple..This temple is located at Gandhi Nagar second main road, Adyar…

Lord Perumal is  the main diety here and is very beautiful  in the anantha sayana posture

We can see the God  through three doors here which is said to represent the birth, life and the death of a person..

The first door  represents ‘Sthithi’ (the preservation) which means that Lord protects everybody by his divine glance..Through the first door, we can worship the face of Sri Padmanabha swamy and Lord Shiva under His hand…

The second door is said to represent ‘Shrishti’ (the creation) …We can see Lord Brahma seated in a lotus through the second door..

 Through the third door, we can worship the Lord’s Thirupaadham (lotus feet)..It represents the final part of human life as after leaving the body, the soul reaches the Lord’s lotus feet..

We also had the darshan of sage Bhrigu and sage Markandeya as well as SriDevi and Bhoomi Devi inside..

We were lucky as there was no crowd on that day and we had a good dharsan..

We saw that there are Separate shrines for Lord Vinayagar, Garuda, Anjaneya, Sudharshana, Lakshmi Narasihma, Ashtadasabhuja MahaDurga and the Navagrahas in the temple..We prayed in all shrines and felt blessed..

We also prayed Lord shiva under Arasa maram and it is very much divine…

Temple is open from 6 AM to 12 PM and from 4.30 PM to 9 PM..There is separate area for leaving footwear near the temple..

Overall, we liked this temple which is small and well maintained..We felt lot of positive energy there and I am sure we will visit this temple often..

God’s Gift !!!

When I saw you for the first time,

my heart didn’t beat fast

my world didn’t stop suddenly…

We had a formal introduction,

we talked  just for five minutes…

But that was enough for both of us

to take a  life changing decision..

Yes, we decided to marry !!!

We had a perfect arranged marriage

After all these years of being together

We are crazily in love with each other…

We know that we are like chalk and cheese..

But we have love which is abundant between us..

You are so caring, patient and lovable to core..

You never shout or get angry on me..

But I am short tempered and sensitive..

You understand me and love me for what I am..

You don’t gift me often..

But, over time, I understood that

gifts are not that much important..

Your small actions and gestures daily for my well being

makes my life  with you enjoyable to the core..

I wonder how you never forget anything related to me..

I thank God daily for sending you to my life..

You are my Best gift that I will cherish for ever…

I  really feel very much blessed and grateful to have you in my life !!!

One action, many reactions!!!

I know it is somewhat difficult situation now…But it is just temporary only..If we are patient and if we don’t panic, things will get better automatically..We have to support each other during this tough time”

I was travelling in an auto and auto driver told me the above…He further told me that though he is uneducated, he can understand the implications of this action by our government..

My domestic help told me:

It is a good decision..I don’t have any change now and I have to visit Bank..I am sure that I have to wait for hours in queue, but still, if something good happens to my country, I am happy to do this..”

One of my friends said:

“It is a very bad decision..Government is penalizing everybody and not those rich people alone who have plenty of black money with them..Those rich people will easily escape and we are suffering now..”

Another person known to me said:

“I am sure it will be very difficult for some time..But we have to cope up with this…This is first step for eradicating black money..”

Another friend said:

I am using netbanking and also both debit and credit cards for my purchases..But there are many people who are unaware of the same..There are many villages which doesn’t have many ATMs and banks..It is very difficult for them to manage due to this sudden decision”

A senior citizen, who is my neighbor said:

There are many people who are in  urgent need of money now..Let them first withdraw it..I have small amount of 100 rupee denominations with me which I can use for 2 days..I am planning to visit ATM or bank after that..

When I first heard this move by our PM, I first can’t believe it..I think that it is a  very bold decision and we have to wait for knowing the results of the same..I went to bank only yesterday and stood in a long queue for changing my old notes....

As I have worked in banks, I can understand the increasing work load of bankers..It is a very difficult and stressful time for them..But they are coping up and performing well in this situation..

Some people appreciate this decision and some oppose the same…

I personally feel it to be a good and bold decision..I know there are practical difficulties, but if there are long term benefits for our country as a whole, there is nothing wrong in trying this option out..Everybody is entitled to have opinion and this is mine!!!!

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada -Movie review

Today I watched this movie which stars  Silambarasan and Manjima Mohan in lead roles and is directed by Gautham Menon..

I am not a fan of Silambarasan (Simbu)  but I loved his earlier movie “Vinnaithandi varuvaya” directed by Gautham Menon..So, I had some expectations out of this new film..OK, let me start the review..

Simbu is portrayed as an ordinary person who  had completed his engineering and MBA and is enjoying  his life with his friends..He lives with his father, mother and two sisters..

He doesn’t have any big aim in life and he meets Manjima, who is friend of his sister..It is love at first sight for him and the director, as usual, had portrayed the scenes between Simbu and Manjima very beautifully..The songs by A.R.Rahman are very good in this film..

Simbu adores his new bike and plans a road trip in his bike to Kanyakumari..Manjima also joins him in his trip…The songs are very beautifully picturized..Up to this stage, the movie is like a romantic one and  before interval, the story takes a sudden turn…

We all know that anything can happen in anybody’s life..If that particular person is fearless, he can win over any situation…In this film, Simbu also faces such fearful incidents and what happens to him and whether he and Manjima is united or not, is depicted in the rest of the film..

There are many songs in first half of the film before interval…After interval, there are more fight scenes as Simbu is forced to safeguard himself and others..He gets an option either to fight back or to run away from the situation and what he does makes the climax of this film..

I loved Simbu’s underplayed acting and also A.R.Rahman’s songs..Both music and lyrics are very good and picturization is also good..Dialogues were nice and scenes between Simbu and Manjima was good…

I felt that though the climax of the film was unexpected, it was more cinematic and unbelievable..Second half of the film was somewhat dragging in nature..

Overall, I liked this movie…Simbu’s acting, Gautam menon’s direction and music by A.R.Rahman makes this movie watchable…

When I Was A Child…


If  God appears before me and gives me a chance to relive any past stage of my life again , I will definitely choose my childhood days…

I am feeling blessed that I had a very happy childhood and those cute memories are always unforgettable..I was not born with a silver spoon but I got whatever I wished for..


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I was the first grandchild in a large joint family and was pampered not only by my parents, but also by my grandparents and my uncles..My grandma adored me to the core and I grew up listening  to all mythological stories..I was taught to respect and listen to what elders say and adjust according to situations..

I still can’t forget the yummiest foods that my grandma prepared for me and I feel that her filter coffee is the best coffee in the world!!!!

All family functions and festivals were celebrated in my house and I always had a blast with all my cousins…If there was any pooja, we always  pretended to pray sincerely and made sure that elders saw us praying..After some time, one by one, all of us  escaped from that place and went to mottaimadis (upstairs) to play..We crazily enjoyed jumping from one mottaimadi to another without any fear..We had a ritual of cutting cake and drinking pepsi for every New year  at 12’o clock till our college days..

We used to sleep in a  separate room in upstairs & elders were not strictly allowed inside.. During a midnight, we were talking about ghosts and were arguing whether they exist or not…Suddenly there was no power & torch we had was not working…Only my brother had a cellphone that time and he tried to on the torch in cellphone ..But he was surprised, as the cellphone suddenly got switched off (He later told us that battery charge was full)..All of us freaked out due to fear  and started running madly to downstairs..

I also used to go to my maternal uncle’s house for my summer vacations..We had plans to visit beach one evening and I was thrilled….But from that afternoon, it started heavily raining..I was so desperate and started crying…My uncle tried pacifying me but I didn’t stop crying and I wanted to go to beach …

Finally my uncle told me “Stop crying and you say “Come Sun, Come Sun” and  then rain will stop and when Sun comes, we can go to beach”…I stupidly  believed whatever my uncle said and stood near the window and started saying “Come Sun, Come Sun” till that night….

I love my childhood to the core as I was very innocent, stupid at times and believed God to the core..Some lessons which I learnt young, helped and still helps me in later stages of my life..

I still remember my Appa’s words that all are equal before God and being honest is very important in Life..My Grandma and amma taught me that sharing and adjustment is necessary for a family to be happy..I learnt from my Grandpa that though money is necessary in life, it is not everything…

I firmly believe that childhood influences a person’s future life to a large extent..I really thank God that I had a happy one which taught me some of important lessons in my life!!!!


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Of death, dream,books,a small moment of joy and so on…

A death:

I was shocked when I heard about death of a neighbor in my native place..He was around 75 years old and was unmarried..He had 5  younger sisters and he took care of them well..But when he was unwell, four of his sisters didn’t even come to see him and only his last sister was with him..I met him a month ago when I was in my village..He was very weak, but he remembered me and told me how naughty was I during my childhood days…He also told that his 4 sisters had been pestering him to sell his house and give them money..I was very much worried when I heard this..He told me that he still loved his sisters even though they are only after his money and they didn’t take care of him..I asked him how can he be selfless in his life..He laughed and didn’t reply anything..

I remembered this when I heard of his death..I am really angry when I think  about those people who are so ungrateful..They are more concerned about money and not about relationships..These kind of species also exit in this world..I know, I can’t do anything except to pray that May his soul rest in peace..

A dream:

I had a dream on that night when I heard of his death..I saw the same person in my dream face to face… He laughed at me and said “Kaayamae Idhu Poiyada, Verum Kaatradaitha Paiyada” in Tamil meaning ” this human body is just an illusion and it is just an air filled bag”

I think that I saw him in my dream because I thought about his death..But still I can’t understand why he said the above words to me..Though I have heard about this earlier, I am not sure now about the implication of this message to me..A dream has made me to think deeply!!!!


I have mentioned many times in this blog and I am happy to say again that books are my best friends…I really enjoy reading books by different authors..This week I read books by Meg carbot and Chris carter..I loved  Chris carter’s Robert hunter character and I am planning to read the full series soon..I also read “Sorting out Sid” by Yashodhara Lal..I liked her other 2 books (Just married, please excuse and There’s something about you) more when compared to this book..

A small moment of joy:

I am thankful to Blogadda for selecting my post It’s my Blood..What bothers you?? to appear in  their Tangy Tuesday picks dated November 1, 2016..

Further, my post I fear no more… is also selected  for Blogadda’s  WOW  post “A Fear, I Fear No More”..

It is the first time for me to get selected and  Yes,I am happy !!!!!

I fear no more…


Whenever somebody asked me about my fear, I usually said ” I am very much afraid of ghosts and snakes

But  I know that, ghosts and snakes are not my biggest fears..

My fear was something different and difficult which was a secret that I didn’t let others know..

OK, let me elaborate on the same…

My biggest fear was Expressing myself to others”

image 1.jpg

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I was more concerned about what would others’ think of me ..I was reluctant to share my true feelings to them ..I  felt like trapped as I didn’t have that courage to talk back..

I was angry and cried even for small things..I was  very much disturbed as I had suppressed my feelings for so long…


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I finally realized that if I continue being like this, I will always be complaining and cannot enjoy or live my life to the fullest..

So, I did the following  to overcome my fear:

  • I started asking myself what I really want in a particular situation and prioritized my feelings..
  • I became more intuitive in nature..
  • I realized that there is no need to impress everybody in this world – Let me first impress myself…
  • I slowly started to ignore the reaction of other people on what I expressed/said – It is difficult to implement but I was sure that I shouldn’t be influenced anymore by the outcome..

I tried  very hard to overcome this fear in my life…

I think I have succeeded in expressing myself to others..I have experienced the liberated feeling  I get when I speak out…


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One Indian girl – Book review

Chetan Bhagat…

There are some people who are crazy about his books and some who don’t like and criticize his books to the core..

I would like to confess that “I am neither a fan of Chetan Bhagat nor do I hate his books”

I liked some of his books and didn’t like few of his stories..

I read his latest book ” One Indian girl”…

For the first time, author depicts the story through female protagonist Radhika Mehta..

Ms.Radhika Mehta is depicted as a well educated girl who works in abroad..During her school days, she calls herself as a nerd..She considers herself to be wheatish and feels that her elder sister is more popular in school as she is  fair complexioned…She doesn’t talk or mingle with others and is always brilliant in her studies..

Radhika moves to Newyork for her first job at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank..There she meets Debu, who works in advertising agency..After a couple of meetings, they both love each other and start living together..Radhika’s career reaches new heights and she earns well, gets a very huge amount as bonus whereas Debu is not satisfied with his job..Debu feels insecured due to Radhika’s career and  feels that she can’t be a normal wife and a mother ..Radhika is madly in love with him, but he finally breaks up with her..She  also finds out that Debu is cheating her for another girl..She is not able to cope up with his cheating and break up..She doesn’t want to live there anymore and hence leaves Newyork..

She relocates to Hongkong for her job and she meets Neel, her super boss..Both of them handle projects together and she is so efficient in her job..Neel  is married, have two kids and is elder to her by  around twenty years…They both become close gradually and she feels guilty for getting involved with a married man..Neel says that he is not happy in his marraige and he truely loves her..

Her mother compels her to get married soon..When she discusses the same with Neel, he says that she is more career oriented and she is not maternal type..She gets angry and says that she also wants to be a wife, mother..After arguments, she breaks up with Neel as he is not ready to take their relationship to next stage..She leaves Hongkong and moves to London for her job..

Radhika finally accepts to marry Brijesh, due to her mother’s pressure..She plans for a destination wedding at Goa…The story’s climax is about some sudden twists which I don’t wish to reveal and whether the marriage happened or not..

The author talks about feminism a lot in the book ..Further, he also had  explained about match making process in marriages and how some men feel insecure if their wife earns more than them..

Chetan Bhagat had mentioned in his book’s Acknowledgements that he had met and interviewed several women and had discussed this book with them..He also had thanked them for opening up and sharing their innermost feelings.. After reading this, I had a question – Whether the author had succeeded in depicting that one Indian girl in his book??? I think it is very difficult to answer as every girl is unique in nature and is very difficult to generalise…

Overall, I feel that this book is OK to read, though there are some instances in the story which is very easily predictable to readers…