Book Review – Once Bitten Twice Lucky – by Sundari Venkatraman

This book is about relationships, trust and human emotions…All the characters have been beautifully penned by the Author..I loved the story and also the narrative style of the Author.

Deepshika, a lawyer, divorces her husband Mahesh, as he is a womanizer and had been cheating her for many years… She and her teenage kids shift to her father’s house…

Karan, a successful businessman, is shocked, when Dhwani, his wife of 14 years suddenly leaves him and their teenage daughter.

Both of them had failed relationships and the story weaves around them..

They both get mutually attracted to each other when they first meet in a bar..Karan is shocked when he finds out that she is going to be lawyer for his divorce case..

Though they like each other, they hesitate, as both of them have children and they fear to take it to the next stage..Their past worries them a lot..What happens next, whether they are united or not, makes this story an engaging read!!!

I liked the way the author portrayed every character in this story..No one is right or wrong when it comes to emotions..Every one of us have our own reasons to act in a particular way in a relationship!!!

Author had explained in detail how children feel when their parents get divorced and why it’s important to explain them about the decision in the way they understand!!!

Overall, I loved reading this story and my rating for this book is 4/5.

Book Review – The Runaway Bridegroom – by Sundari Venkatraman

I always liked reading this author’s books and so when I got an offer to review it, I gladly accepted. When I started reading, the story was so engaging that I finished reading it soon. There are some books that can make me to forget my daily activities and this one is definitely one of them!!!

Eight year old Chanda Maheswari gets married to thirteen year old  Veerendra singh due to custom and their families’ decision. Veerendra doesn’t like getting married at a very young age, but is forced to do so by elders. He runs away immediately after marriage and both families are deeply affected by his action..Chanda’s family shifts to Jaipur after this incident.

Fourteen years later, Chanda takes up a temporary job at a company while pursuing her studies..There she meets her boss Ranveer Singh and is totally attracted towards him..Ranveer also starts liking her.But their love story  has many hurdles – Chanda’s earlier marriage, Ranveer’s Secretary Shika and  cosmic predictions..Whether they are able to overcome all these hurdles or not makes this story an engaging read..

This story is a simple and entertaining one..Author has portrayed all the characters nicely and story telling style is very good.

Overall, this story is interesting, engaging and a light read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.


Book Review – Her Prince Charming – by Sundari Venkatraman

While growing up, many of us would have read fairy tales and hoped that we too will have such a happy life!! But as years pass, we realize that life is always not a bed of roses..Of all those stories,Cinderella was the one which I liked the most..Reading this book bought back my memories about Cinderella!!!

In this book, author talks about the life of Tanuja Bhatia, an intelligent young girl..Tanuja suffers a lot due to her bad stepmother Gurinder and her two half-sisters…Her father loves her a lot but doesn’t support when she is illtreated by his second wife..

Tanuja’s best friend’s mother tries to arrange a marriage between Tanuja and Raj Malhotra, a successful young businessman. Gurinder stops this alliance due to her jealousy towards tanuja..

Raj meets Tanuja first at Bombay Central station and is instantly attracted towards her..Tanuja too feels the same and they are madly in love with each other..Tanuja is happy as she had finally met her Prince Charming..Whether they are able to get married or not inspite of problems created by others makes this book an interesting and engaging read!!!

My rating for this book is 3.5/5.

Book Review – Beyond Scars – by Alka Dimri Saklani

I have read and reviewed the Author’s previous book “Beyond Secrets” and I loved it…So, when I got opportunity to review this book, I was happy.. This book is so engaging to read that I completed reading it very soon…

I strongly believe that childhood plays an important role in our life..The way we grow up and the experiences we face at that time, whether it’s good or bad, affects our future life.

In this book Author talks about the lives of Avni, Vivaan and Avinash and the scars created in their lives due to bitter childhood days..Avni and Avinash are twins who deeply care for each other and Vivaan aka appu is a college going student and a painter..Author had penned appu character as a continution from her previous book “Beyond Secrets”.

Vivaan couldn’t come out from dark younger phase of his life though his adoptive parents love him a lot..He feels that he doesn’t have the capacity to connect with others..His raw emotions are reflected in his drawings and his search for missing part in life makes him unhappy and gloomy..

Avni and Avinash are inseparable twins who study in same college..They face severe problems in home due to their abusive father..Avni is very deeply affected due to an incident in her younger days which badly affects her present life..Avinash is over protective and over possessive towards his sister..

Avni meets Vivaan in his painting exhibition and he feels strongly attracted towards her..She admires his paintings and is able to understand the hidden meaning in all his drawings..

Avni also feels attracted towards Vivaan but he tries to avoid her due to his dark past..Whether their love succeeds against all odds or not makes this story an interesting read…

Relationship between Avni and Avinash is beautifully portrayed by the author..Their affection,fights and joyful moments together is refreshing to read..

Vivaan’s love and affection towards Avni and his reaction towards sudden and difficult situations makes the reader glued to the story..

Author talks about scars in our life and how we have to look beyond scars to live peacefully..The twists and turns in this story makes it an engaging read..

Author has explained various emotions like love, friendship, relationship, guilt and revenge faced by all these characters in detail.

I loved reading this book and my rating is 4.5/5.

Book Review – Friendship Calling – by Sayan Bhattacharya

Friendship Calling

There are some phases in our life which we wish to relive again..It can be our childhood, school or college days..Our old memories are triggered even by small happenings in our current life..Reading this book had this effect on me and I am reminded of my college days and friends I had during that time..I enjoyed a lot with my friends and that happiness I felt is irreplaceable in my life..

In this book, Author talks about friendship between four friends -Sayan,Bijoy, Kaushik and Debasish. They all meet at a college in Calcutta…The way their friendship starts and their relationship is good to read and I could connect it with my own experiences in my college life.

All the four friends are in touch with each other after their college days..But suddenly Kaushik disappears mysteriously and cuts contact with others..Sayan takes effort to track the whereabouts of Kaushik..He meets Manisha, Kaushik’s fiance..She too is unaware of Kaushik’s status..They both search for him and whether they are able to find him or not and the reason behind his sudden disappearance makes the story engaging to read!!!

While reading this book, I was reminded of the movie ” Three Idiots”.. Author himself says that he and his friends are ” four idiots”..The storyline is slightly similar but reason for disappearance of one friend is different in the book..

Author had portrayed the character of Kaushik very beautifully..His feelings, emotions, friendship, relationships, fear etc are penned in detail.

Manisha’s love for kaushik and the way she handles herself after knowing the reason for his disappearance is commendable.

Sayan tries hard to track Kaushik..His love and friendship with Kaushik is so deep and is understandable…Further, Kaushik’s parents characters have also been portrayed well by the author.

Author also talks about practical situations in which we lose contact with our friends after we leave college..Our own professional or personal commitments make us do so.

The excitement we feel when we go for an education tour with our friends is depicted clearly in the book..I was so nostalgic while reading this book.The uncertainty of life causes fear but it also teaches the fact that we have to face problems with strong will power and try to move on in our life.

Overall, this book is an interesting and an engaging read!!!

My rating is 3.5/5.

Book Review – I am M-M-Mumbai – by Rishi Vohra

I am M-M-Mumbai

This story is about Rudra, a young man, who dreams to act in movies, but doesn’t pursue the same due to his low self esteem..He stammers a lot and  faces a lot of criticism,teasing and humiliation from his childhood days..Due to his low self confidence, he works as an assistant director despite his passion for acting.

His father doesn’t approve his choice of career though his mother supports him..His neighbour Shibani and friend Ankur support and motivate him a lot..His life changes when he meets Richa and falls in love…When life takes a U turn, Rudra is depressed and fears a lot..He has to overcome all his insecurities in order to succeed in his life..Whether he is able to overcome his weakness and achieve his dream or not makes this story an engaging read!!!

Author has weaved the story very beautifully and all the characters have been portrayed really well..Childhood plays an important role in all our lives and the way Rudra gets affected due to his stammering and how it influences his future is depicted clearly by the author…The struggles faced by him in Bollywood is also explained in detail..The way Rudra falls in to depression due to constant failures and how he fights to come out of it is inspiring to read..Romantic portion in the book is  handled well by the author..

Overall, this book is a light, interesting and an engaging  read…Though the story may seem to be simple, narration style of the author is superb and it makes this book a good read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Book Review – Elephants In The Room – by Suraj Laxminarayanan

Elephants in the Room

I was intrigued mostly by these two factors before I started reading this book – (1) Title and cover of this book  (2) length of around 600 pages.. To be honest, I had a small doubt whether I would be able to complete reading this lengthy book .. But, Kudos to the author, this book was so interesting to read that I really didn’t mind about the number of pages..

This story is set against the backdrop of  Chennai and is mainly about a bank robbery planned by a group of friends due to their cash crunch..Nari, Vel, Assam, Ashok, Shankar and Sarathy  have their own monetary needs and they believe that all their problems would be solved by planning a bank heist..Author has explained their backgrounds in an elaborate manner and also about their fear, insecurities, love, greed and their flaws…They believe that their plan is fool proof  but everything changes all of sudden at the D-day.. They are shocked when they  finally realize that they are not the only ones who had come to rob the bank that day..

Nari and his friends meet another two groups in Bank on the day of robbery  – One is led by Dhantha and his men and another is a  group of professional terrorists who have their own demands and expectations from the government..What happens next, makes this story engaging to read..

Author has weaved all the characters in this story very well…There are many who plays an important role in this story – The three groups, the policemen who handle the negotiations and also the staff and customers of the bank..The feelings and emotions of these persons are depicted clearly in this book..Author had explained the way in which some situations force people to change their views completely..The fear to survive defeats all our other desires and  at a particular stage of life, we want just to breath and survive….Nothing else really matters…

Overall, this book is interesting, fast paced, thrilling and engaging to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Back again…

I haven’t written anything here for more than five months..

So, What happened??? I was busy handling some personal matters and didn’t get time to blog…hmmm.. Life is full of sudden changes and surprises…I don’t want to sound philosophical, but, I have understood that best way to enjoy life is to live it fully and be grateful to God always..

As I have already mentioned, I love reading books and I have got many books to read…I hope I would be able to complete reading those soon!!!!

I love my blog and I hope I will start writing frequently here.

Book Review – A Time To Burnish – by Radhika Nathan

A Time To Burnish

Are we fully aware of the history of the place that we live in?? We might live in any Country and each one has its own culture weaved beautifully..At times, we take things for granted and most of us never fully understand the significance of our own past glory…In this book, the Author talks about archaeological  and historical beauty of our Country in interesting way and it’s not boring!!!

Tom Winslow, who works in a museum is deeply interested in culture and history of India..He receives a Nataraja idol and is intrigued by its connection to Chola period..As he is confined to a wheel chair, he asks his brother Josh Winslow to explore the idol’s origin..Josh doesn’t care much about old idol and reluctantly visits India to help his brother..Tom also asks Vidya Thyagarajan, his friend from Chennai to help Josh..Whether Josh and Vidya find out the true origin of the idol or not, makes this story an interesting read!!

Author has explained the feelings of Josh in a beautiful manner…The way he feels when he first lands in Chennai and the experiences which transform his beliefs in the end are penned clearly by the Author..Further, the characterization of Vidya, is also good and her relationship with her father is interesting..Josh’s love for his brother in spite of many differences is refreshing to read..Romance between Josh and Vidya has been depicted well by the author..

This book is a mixture of love and mystery in background of art and history..It is interesting and engaging to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Book Review – If You Only Knew Me – by Divyata Rajaram

If You Only Knew Me

Do we really and fully know about a person who is close to us?? That person might be anybody – Our family, friends or co-workers, neighbors, etc..In this book, Author explains about how difficult it is to fully understand a person in our life..

We, human beings, are full of surprises and we may have our own dark secrets which we don’t easily  reveal to others..It is difficult to trust a person completely as appearances may be deceptive..

Rupali, Anjali, Dipika, Sakina and Monica are five NRI women who are close friends living in Dubai..Their lives are exciting with a rich lifestyle and they love spending time with each other..All of them have some problems and they think that they can depend on each other during uncertain times..

But fate plays a cruel role and a grave tragedy happens to one of them..Others are totally  shocked and worried a lot..An investigation to this  tragedy by police opens up a bag of ugly secrets which makes their life totally miserable..Trust is completely broken and they are confused as they can’t believe each other..They realize that they have been cheated totally..What happens next  and whether they overcome their problems or not makes this story worth reading..Author had explained the individual lives and relationship of these five friends in detail..Further, many details about various places in Dubai is also interesting to read..

Overall, this book is a good and an interesting read.. A small  suspense and thrilling factor engages the reader a lot…I enjoyed reading this book…

My rating is 4/5.