Who is the real killer???

Before twenty five years:

Incident 1:

There was a maid working in our house when I was young..She wasn’t educated, had one daughter and her husband didn’t have regular income..She was hard working and managed all her family problems single handedly..She conceived for the second time ..She was telling my mother that she wanted to have a healthy baby and wasn’t concerned about whether a girl or boy baby..After some months, her husband visited our home and happily announced that they had a new baby girl and gave us sweets..

Incident 2:

My classmate’s house was near my house and we used to go to school together..Both her parents were educated..Her mother was expecting and she had told her daughter that she is going to have a younger brother.. My classmate replied that she wanted a younger sister and got scolded by her parents.. Finally she had younger sister and she told me that her parents and grandparents were worried due to birth of girl baby..

Both these incidents occurred while I was young.. I was angry on my classmate’s parents…That day I felt that education doesn’t change people’s thinking..

Situation on 2017: 

Recently I read a news which says about a mother who had killed her  newly born twin girls as she already had an elder girl..

I was shocked to the core on reading this..This mother expected a boy as she already had a girl…It is said that her husband and in-laws also expected a baby boy as everyone had girl babies in their family..Her husband hadn’t visited her after she gave birth to twins..She got worried and  was afraid that her husband would get separated from her and so she had killed those twin girls..

I couldn’t believe after reading this…I was reminded of the incidents which took place before 25 years..

Why this society haven’t changed?? Why there is still difference between girls and boys??? Are we moving backwards??? I don’t want to generalize but still couldn’t come out of this incident..

Many of us would feel that the mother is heartless and merciless..I agree hundred percent that she had committed a crime – she doesn’t know  the importance of a child – There are many  people who are trying hard for a baby and are worried that they couldn’t have even one baby..But she is said to have killed two innocent souls..

Another important question in my mind now is – Whether she alone is responsible for this crime??? Definitely not..Her husband and his family are also reason for this..If they hadn’t forced their wish about baby boy on her during her pregnancy, she might not have done this now..

I feel that the woman, her husband, family and also this society had killed those twin girls..

I am now reminded of my maid whom I mentioned in beginning of this post..She raised her daughters in a commendable way and was mentally strong even before 25 years..

Though I don’t wish to blame this mother fully, still I feel that she should have been  strong and raised those twin girls..

My heart goes out for those tiny little souls who had left this world…

I am dreaming of a society where both men and women are treated equally..It is high time  we understand that no one is superior or inferior in this society and all are equal..I don’t know whether my dream will come true or not..

So, what do you think???

Book review 4 – “A Way,Not Away” by Ramya Gundala #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

I am reviewing the following book:

A WAY, NOT AWAY” by Ms.Ramya Gundala

About the Book:

This book is a collection of twenty six short stories which explores various perspectives of distinct situations that we can instantly get connected with..As the author  was part of #ATOZChallenge, she had written separate short stories based on alphabet.

About the Author:

Ms.Ramya Gundala is a passionate writer who crafts stories currently based on her day to day life..

She blogs at https://shortfictionrg.blogspot.in/

My thoughts on this book:

I feel that these stories are based on different shades of relationships and they are full of emotions and the way it is dealt with..I liked reading these stories but my favorite ones are “Conscious Conscience”, “Extraordinary Match”, “Garnish with a lemon wedge”,”Hashtag Hopeful” and “Zebra factor”..

I loved the “Epilogue” section of this Ebook..

Overall, I feel that these stories are based on different characters’ day to day life and their relationships and it is good to read.

Book review 3 -“Life and times of a twenty something” by Reema D’souza #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

I am reviewing the following book:


About the Book:

There are some stories which makes us to think how our life was before some years..There may be or may not be any similarities with a particular story and our life as such, but still it makes us to have some rewind thoughts in our mind..I feel that this book belongs to this category..

This book is about the life of Alana, an ordinary twenty something girl who has some dreams and hopes to live an extraordinary life.

About the Author:

Ms.Reema D’souza is a twenty something girl who loves writing a lot..She keeps spinning stories in her head and she doesn’t want them to remain just in her head and so she writes a lot..

She blogs at http://reemadsouza.com/

My thoughts on this book:

In this book, the author tells about life of Alana in her 20’s..Alana had completed her studies and joins her first job away from her home..She is both excited and stressed..Author explains about Alana’s feelings on her first salary ,staying away from home, getting bored on job and intrusion by relatives regarding her future life..Like many of us, Alana too loves friday a lot and she loves to enjoy during weekends..She wants to say “NO” to people which she can’t do so..She dreams to become a writer and achieves it..Finally she realizes that she is her own hero as she chose to follow her dreams..

Overall, this book is a light and good read and  I feel that persons who had crossed 20’s would be reminded of past events in their life.

Book review 2 – “The fragrance of True love” by Roma Gupta Sinha #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

Today I am going to review the following book:

 “THE FRAGRANCE OF TRUE LOVE” by Ms.Roma Gupta Sinha

About the Book:

This book is truly an enchanting tale of two hearts as mentioned in its cover..The story revolves around the love between Priyam and Meer and the author had beautifully penned their relationship with each other..

About the Author:

I feel that Ms.Roma Gupta Sinha is very good in weaving stories which touches our heart and makes us to get more involved in the same..There are many beautiful lines which I loved in this ebook…

She blogs at http://www.trulyyoursroma.com

My thoughts on this book:

I firmly believe that childhood is the most important stage in a person’s life..Whatever happens at that time, whether it is good or bad, definitely has an impact on that person’s future life..I feel that blessed are those who had happy times when they were young..

Priyam, an avid writer, is a girl who is doing her first year in a college and is generally aloof  and has no friends as she has some issues in trusting others due to her traumatic past…Meer is her classmate who is in love with her and is crazy about her..Whether Priyam is able to reciprocate his true love inspite of her past or not makes the story interesting ..The way Meer tries to break Priyam’s inhibitions is truly lovable.. The author has explained the feelings of both leading characters in a commendable manner..

Overall, I feel that this book is a good love story and interesting to read…

Book review 1 – “The Power Within” by Geethica Mehra #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

I love reading books and when I came across BlogchatterEbookcarnival, I felt so much excited… I decided to start enjoying  reading books by various authors and share what I feel about the same..

There are totally thirty three e books and today I am going to review the following book:

“THE POWER WITHIN” by Ms.Geethica Mehra

I picked up this ebook to read first as I was attracted by following line in its cover – “Motivational stories from real life experiences” – MOTIVATION – Yes, all of us want to feel motivated in our life, isn’t it ??

About the Book:

The theme of this book is about “Motivation” and as the author  was part of #ATOZChallenge, she had written separate chapters based on alphabet and had explained about the inner power that we need to feel motivated and to achieve our various aims in life..

About the Author:

Ms.Geethica Mehra feels that her writings are reflections of her views towards life..

I particularly loved these lines by the author as I too  firmly believe in the same…

“I believe that whatever happens only happens with a reason. And the best happens when it is not seen”

She blogs at http://thoughtsbygeethica.com/

My thoughts on this book:

As we all know, life is the best teacher and it teaches us many lessons which we can never forget..There are many highs and lows in our lives and motivation is a driving factor which helps us to move on and achieve what we wish..

In this book, author explains about various factors which helps to feel motivated..She had used quotes from various famous personalities and she also explains some of her real life incidents which made her to feel motivated..

The author feels that we should have self belief, courage, perseverance and should encourage ourselves, be independent,optimistic and try to  stay detached in life..Further she also depicts the importance of humor factor and willingness to learn new things in life and also how time plays an important role..I loved her views on our own true value, that is, our self respect and dignity…

Overall, I feel that this book is a light and good read on motivation..

I am happy when…

(Courtesy : Google images)

I believe that only very very very few people are blessed to have a “perfect” life..Apart from them,many of us might feel that our lives aren’t perfect..We might have many problems and challenges and we try hard to overcome them…But still, some incidents make us to feel happier and it helps us to forget our problems at least for some time…

I really love those moments which helps me to enjoy life..

I am very much happy When:

  • I am in a beach and I see waves dancing beautifully..If I am alone there, then I am ecstatic..
  • I am doing what I want without interference from others..
  • I travel listening to melody songs of Illayaraja and A.R.Rahman and of course, window seat is added advantage!!!
  • I get surprise gifts from others and also when I gift my loved ones when they least expect..I love seeing joy in their eyes..
  • I am not disturbed while reading books..
  • I buy any artistic items – let it be anything like showcase items,wall hangings etc,I love them.
  • I get completely drenched in rain and also eat ice cream at that time..
  • I hear chirping sounds of birds in my balcony…I also feel happy when I am watering and talking with my cute plants..
  • I play with little children..I feel childhood is best part of a person’s life..
  • I meet people who are honest and who fulfill their commitments ..
  • I help others and when I am being helped by others..I am grateful for all help I received..
  • I say “No” to people whenever I feel that I am being “used” by others..
  • I still move on my life with all its ups and downs..I feel challenges which I face in life always teaches me a good lesson for ever..
  • I avoid and move away from toxic persons who enjoy hurting others’ feelings..I love that liberated feeling a lot..

Given above is the list of things which makes me happy.. I think that happiness is a gift to be cherished forever in life..

(Courtesy: Google images)

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What do you eat???

“Are you a  pure vegetarian???”

I have faced this question ‘n’ number of times in my life till now…Yes, I don’t eat non veg but still I can’t say that I am “pure” vegetarian…

I am now reminded of my childhood days when I first heard of veg/non veg foods..I remember my grandma saying me that I shouldn’t eat any non veg foods as I belong to “Veg” family…I couldn’t accept what she said and asked  her many questions..She couldn’t answer me and asked me to shut up..

When I was in school, many of my friends used to bring non veg items in their lunch boxes..They used to ask me if I mind joining them and I always say that I don’t have any problem in having lunch along with them. I didn’t have any aversions regarding non veg food and I was sure that I shouldn’t cause any embarrassment to my friends…I stayed in hostel during my college days and I feel that this thinking of mine helped me in mingling well with my friends..An important point to mention here is that my friends also understood me and didn’t compel me to change my food habits…

I am not a ‘pure’ vegetarian as I remember having eggs when I was young..I still have cakes/chocolates which have eggs and I love them…

Many of my friends had asked me why I don’t eat non veg foods and whether I have a strong principle regarding the same..

I always reply in below manner:

“I don’t eat non veg because I haven’t faced any situation till now where I am compelled to do so/don’t have any option… Imagine this – I haven’t eaten for a whole week and I am hungry to the core…After that week, I will eat whatever I get, I don’t mind even if it is non veg..I am practical and I haven’t faced that situation  and so I didn’t have non veg food till now”

My friends usually laugh at my answer but this is my standard answer to all who question me regarding the same..

OK, jokes apart, I feel that everyone has basic freedom to choose the type of food he/she wishes to have..It is high time that we stop judging others based on their food preferences..

I feel strongly that nobody even family/friends/government can force them to change their food habits…

We can be a vegetarian or non vegetarian but let us not force our eating style on others..Each of us have our own reasons to remain so and it isn’t really necessary to explain ourselves to others…

So, What do you think???

Judging others & being judged…

Why do some of us judge others???? 

Because we feel that it is the easiest thing to do..We think that our perception is right and we easily form opinions..We don’t accept the fact that we may be wrong in our judgements…

OK, let me start how I wrongly judged a person..When I was young, I grew up in a joint family and I have an aunt (My dad’s elder brother’s wife)who lived separately from us..She was usually silent and didn’t talk more with my grand mother..She took care of her husband and son very well but she maintained a safe distance from my grandma…My grandma used to say that she is very selfish and she is not of adjustable type…

I really don’t know what made me judge that my aunt is bad…For many years I didn’t change my opinion..I  finally got married and understood that some relationships are very complex.. Some people show their anger by shouting at others whereas some are wounded so deeply that they move away from persons who hurt them badly..I don’t know regarding the problems between my grandma and aunt..

I understood that either of them may be right or wrong and I shouldn’t have judged badly about my aunt..I learnt a lesson that it is very easy to judge others and we can’t understand their situation unless we go through the same..I realized my mistake and apologized to my aunt..My aunt laughed and said that as I was young earlier, I misunderstood her…

There are some persons who judge about me also.. Earlier I used to feel bad and  even tried to prove  them that they are wrong..But after some attempts, I realized that I couldn’t change others..They will not stop judging me unless they understand/experience what I am going through in my life…It is a very difficult task to make others’ to understand about our situations..

I feel that it is good to ignore others’ judgements..I need not prove to every other person that I am good..I am answerable only to my conscience and not to others..

So, what do you think about judging others and being judged???

Thank You GOD!!!!

My dear GOD,

I am happy to thank you for whatever happened in my life till now..

You know that I am still in shock and have not fully recovered from these recent problems and instances…Yes, I accept,I scolded and hated you earlier for whatever happened…

But now, I am slowly recovering…

I know life is not a bed of roses, but still it shouldn’t be full of thorns, right????

I don’t believe in blaming YOU for worst things happening in life, but at times I am forced to do so.

I am trying to be strong so that I could cross this phase of my life and I hope I will succeed in my efforts…

You have taught me a lesson that certain relationships are not meant to last forever in my life…You know, I have done my level best to retain them, but I couldn’t…I have decided to throw them out of my mind so that I could live in peace at least from now in my life..

I thank you again for everything and I hope that I will stay strong throughout my life with your help and overcome all hurdles in future…

Yours lovingly,


So,What next???

It has been more than a month that I posted anything here..It would be a big fat lie if I say that I didn’t have time to write..Though I had personal commitments,I still had some time left which I didn’t utilize properly…

Last month had been like a roller coaster ride in my life..I was excited,tensed,sad,happy and what not..I faced the truth that I can’t change anything in my life and have to live life as it comes…

I love the following lines from Tamil song “Innisai paadi varum” from film “Thuladha manamum thullum”

“Vaazhkaiyin vergalo miga ragasiyamanadhu

Ragasiyam kaanbadhe naam avasiamanadhu”

I really don’t know what is going to happen in my life in future..But I feel I am now ready to face life with a smile..

Question in my mind now is:

“So,What next???”