100 Happy Days – Day 9

Happiness is:

  • Getting a call from my school friend after many years… Excited that she took efforts to find out my number and we had a very good chat!!
  • Meeting my old office colleague in a mall suddenly and hearing that they still miss me at work!!! I don’t know whether it is true or not, but still I am happy!!!
  • Watching the birds from my house balcony and listening to their music…I can stare at them for a very long time and it’s not boring!!!
  • Rising every time I fall in my life..As of now, life is very very harsh to me and I often crib about the same..But after some time,I realize that there is no use in worrying!!! So, I plan what to do next and move on…I even think philosophically that God gives me all this pain as I am capable of bearing the same..This helps me to face the next day, come what may…I am really happy for this strength of mine!!

Book Review – Beyond Secrets – by Alka Dimri Saklani

In this book Author talks about  relationships, emotions, trust, acceptance, forgiveness and so on..Childhood and parents play an important role in any person’s life and the same is explained very beautifully by the Author!!!

The Story revolves around Noel, a counsellor, who lives with his parents and a twin brother..He starts to volunteer in an orphanage and his experiences with children there helps him to  realize the fact that he has taken many things in his life for granted..He understands the pain of those children without parents..Further that orphanage seems to be a familiar place for him and he gets many memories associated with that place and is confused..When he finally knows the truth, he doesn’t know how to react to the same..What happens next forms the rest of the story!!!

He meets Nidhi, an engineering student, who has a troubled past and due to that she doesn’t mingle with others..Noel slowly becomes her friend and their relationship is depicted well by the author!!!

There are some secrets in life which we are not aware of and is very difficult to accept the same if we get to know the same..Both Noel and Nidhi face the darkest secrets of their life and they slowly bounce back to lead a happier life..

I liked the way in which Author had portrayed the character of Sam, Noel’s twin brother..It is very important to understand a person’s situation before judging them..I liked the way author explains the importance of trust in any relationship..

Overall, I feel this book is interesting and engaging to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of book in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

100 Happy Days!!! – Day 7

Have you listened to below song composed by Mr.Illaiyaraaja  and sung by Mr.Mano from the film “Chinna Kanamma”??


I love this song and the lyrics are so good…

There are some songs which are always in my memory even if I don’t listen to them often!!!

Yes, I am happy that this song is also in my favorite songs list!!!

100 Happy Days!!! – Day 6

Have you ever thought that this life is boring and monotonous??

Have you felt that why your life isn’t interesting??

Earlier I used to hate my routine life..I used to question God why am I repeating the same work again and again in my daily life???

But recently I had to go through some experiences which totally changed my routine life..For more than 20 days, I wasn’t able to do anything that I usually do!!! It was a like a roller coaster ride and I was running behind something without any break!!!

It was good at the beginning, but as the days passed, I started feeling bad!!! But I completed the same as I had to do it anyway..

But this made me realize the fact that I am taking my Life for granted..I started yearning for my old routine and I am sure I wouldn’t feel it boring in future..

I am  happy as I understood the fact that I should cherish whatever I have in my life now..Life is so so so uncertain and unpredictable!!!

100 Happy Days!!! – Day 5

I love listening to mild songs with good lyrics..One such song is “Chinna Mani Koyililey” song from the tamil film ” Vanna Vanna Pookkal”..

Music : Mr.Illaiyaraaja ..Lyrics penned by Mr.Vaali and sung  by Mr.K.J.Yesudas.

I know I am just posting my favorite songs and not doing a proper post!!!

But what to do?? Music plays an important role in making me happy!!!

Book Review – AVISHI – by Saiswaroopa Iyer

To be honest, I am not a very big fan of mythological stories..I haven’t read this Author’s previous book  “Abhaya”…. I started reading this book without much expectations..But now, I am happy as it is interesting and I enjoyed reading the same!!!

Protagonist Avishi’s father gets murdered and she is brought up in forest school of Naimisha..She travels to Ashtagini in search of her destiny..There she meets Satya, a doctor and is reminded of her past ..She had to save her people from problems created by another ruler Khela..What happens next  and whether she succeeds in her mission forms the rest of story!!!

I loved the way the Author had penned the character of  protagonist Avishi in this book..She is a strong woman who rises very quickly when she falls in her life..Her bravery, determination,leadership skills and how she fights against her own past insecurities are depicted very beautifully by the Author!!

Author tells the story in such a way that it is not boring and there is no overload of more information – I personally feel that narrations by the Author is apt and very clear..I liked the character of Satya’s mother who is penned by author as a very brave woman.

Overall, I feel this book is very much interesting and good to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of book in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

100 Happy Days!!! – Day 4

Imagine this situation:

You woke up around 8:30 in morning, prepare coffee decoction and have a strong filter coffee..Then you leisurely cook rice, paruppu urundai Moor kuzhambhu and fry appalams and have lunch around 11’o clock..

After lunch, you read blogs, watch tv and again sleep for some time..You prepare rava kesari and onion pakoda for evening snacks..You eat all these snacks along with hot cup of tea in a rainy evening..You have a hearty conversation with your husband and laugh a lot..

After a light dinner, you watch a movie which you loved a lot!!!

Won’t you be happy if all the above things happened in a day???

I experienced the same and so I am so happy!!!

100 Happy Days!!! – Day 3

Happiness is watching a film which made me think a lot!!!

I know I am very late in watching this tamil movie “JOKER” – This film is so close to reality and it talks about various social issues…It wasn’t boring and preachy..I feel that political situation in our country had been portrayed very beautifully and dialogues are really awesome!!!!

I am happy that I watched this film which has a very good story!!!

100 Happy Days!!! – Day 2

Happiness is listening to the below song :


Voice of  Mr.K.J.Yesudas is mesmerising and  music by Mr.A.R.Rahman is mindblowing!!!

I love the full song but I adore the below lines in lyrics by Mr.Vairamuthu:

Pachai Kiligal Tholodu,
Paattu Kuyilo Madiyodu,
Booloagam Aananthathin Ellai..
Intha Boomikku Kanneer Sontham Illai..

Antha Vinnil Aanantham
Intha Mannil Aanantham
Adi Boomi Panthai Mutti Vantha Pullil Aanantham
Veyilin Sutham Aanantham
Mazhaiyin Satham Aanantham
Ada Mazhaiyil Kooda Saayam Pogaa Vaanavil Aanantham
Vaazhvil Nooraanantham Vaazhvae Paeraanantham
Penne, Narai Èzhuthum Šuyasaritham
Athil Anbae Aanantham Aanantham

Un Møøchil Naan Vaazhthaal
Èn Muthumai Aanantham
Nee Innøru Piraviyil Ènnai Pettraal Innum Aanantham
Pani Køttum Maathathil Un Veppam Aanantham
Èn Kaathu Varaikkum Kambali Pøthum Karunai Aanantham
Šøntham Oaraanantham Bantham Paeraanantham
Kanne Un Vizhiyaal Pirarkkazhuthaal
Kanneerum Aanantham Aanantham

This song talks about happiness and now I am in total bliss listening to the same after many years!!!