Day 22 – My Gardening Attempts!!!

Happiness is:

  • Seeing your Tulsi plant grow bigger in size..I bought the same months ago as a very very small one and now it’s growing nicely..touch wood..
  • My neighbor even asked me what I did for it’s growth..I replied that I used to talk with it while watering!!! I can’t forget the way she looked at me..I am sure she thinks that I am weird!!
  • I bought tomato seeds recently and I hope it grows well.. Fingers crossed..The same neighbour asked me why I got it and added that she had bought it earlier and it didn’t grow well for her..I replied that I liked it and it’s too early to comment about fate of  a new tomato plant.. Anyway, I am optimistic and have to wait for the results..Hope it grows well!!!
  • I am happy that I started buying plants..I am enjoying this phase as it teaches me to be patient and I really hope that these small attempts at gardening will encourage me to buy more plants in future!!!

Day 21 – Watching TV

A small change in my routine life has made me watch Tv more..Yes, we got a new smart Tv and DTH connection.. I am happy that I subscribed to all my favourite channels..

I have heard about Friends series and after watching some episodes in season 6, I am getting addicted to it..I want to watch it from first season and I hope I do so..

I am now watching “This is us” from season one in Amazon prime and I am loving it..Finished watching 6 episodes in a single day!!!

I don’t know why, but I also like “Young Sheldon” and that little boy is cute..I am also thinking of watching “Mum” from season one..

Actually, I am not much of a Tv person, but I feel that I have changed a lot..I am happy for that as I don’t feel bored.




Day 19 – Family time!!!

Recently my brother visited my place and we had great fun.. It’s good to meet our loved ones after many days..We enjoyed a lot and talked non-stop..

We watched back to back films and as usual teased each other while watching horror films..

I cooked the below items in the two days he stayed with us:

  • Beans paruppu usili
  • Vatha kuzhambu
  • Pineapple rasam
  • Potato roast
  • Chapathi
  • Paneer butter masala
  • Beetroot halwa
  • Potato bonda
  • Fried rice
  • Peas masala gravy

Overall, I am happy and I had a nice family time.

Day 18 – Sleepy!!!

To start with, I am not a morning person.. I usually wake up at 6:30 AM..But this whole week, due to some project work, my husband is leaving for work at 6:00 itself..So, I am waking up at 5’o clock and finish preparing his breakfast and lunch..He told that he will eat outside, but I don’t want him to do so..My problem is that I can’t sleep during day time and all my efforts to do so have failed till now in my life..

Anyway, I am happy for this small routine change as it helps me to do many pending tasks..Today I did a full fledged cleaning in my kitchen and now it looks so good..I am so active after I complete cooking and so for last five days my mornings have been so productive..

But due to waking up early, I feel sleepy during afternoons, but as usual can’t sleep..So, here I am typing this post and boring you all..hahahaha..

My laptop didn’t connect with wifi yesterday..I tried many times, but it failed..So, I browsed from my mobile..But when I checked today, it got connected and is working good..I am happy now as I escaped from calling up customer care for this!!! I don’t have patience to wait as they always put call on hold.

Day 17 – Ek Gaon Mein Ek Kisan Raghuthatha!!!

Have you listened to the below song??

I love this song…After many years, I just heard this again…I am reminded of those days in which I translated these lyrics to my friend who didn’t know hindi…Well, I am not a hindi scholar, but I passed some hindi exams which helped me a lot…Added advantage of learning hindi was that I could watch Shahrukh khan’s films!!! I still remember many hindi films which I watched along with my cousins…

I am happy that I studied a little bit of hindi..It helped a lot while I visited Nainital..I was official translator to my husband who doesn’t know hindi..

Happiness is teasing my husband and brother who doesn’t know hindi..I would tell them that they know only this dialogue “Ek Gaon Mein Ek Kisan Raghuthatha!!” in hindi from tamil film “Indru Poi Naalai vaa”..

Yes, I know I am bad..Hahahahha!!!

Book Review – SIMHA INTERNATIONAL (The Bansal Legacy #1) – by Sundari Venkatraman

In this book, Author narrates about the life of Rohit Bansal, Managing director of Hotel Simha International and Tasha Sawant, who works in the same hotel..Their relationship is beautifully penned by the author..

To start with, Rohit is a successful businessman who is envied by many for his excellent skills and growth in hotel industry..He is worried when he finds out that some theft is happening in his hotel which may seriously damage his hotel’s reputation..He appoints a private detective to find out the thief and finally he is surprised when the secret about thief is revealed..

Both Rohit and Tasha have some bad experiences with their past relationships..But when they meet, they are attracted to each other..Whether they are able to love and trust each other forms the rest of the story..

The description about hotel industry by the author is good..The way in which Tasha’s younger brother changes is realistic..Rohit’s relationship with his parents and family is so interesting..Both Rohit and Tasha are depicted as strong individuals who rise easily after everytime they fall..

Overall, I feel this book is interesting, engaging and a light read!!!

My rating for this book is 3.5/5.

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of book in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

Day 16 – Decisions!!!

I am now in a totally confused state..I have to choose between two options and I am unable to do so..

 This situation is unique to me as I feel that I am always fast in making decisions..I have done so earlier and it had been easy..But this time, I am totally clueless..

Yes, I know the pros and cons of both options..Both my husband and myself have been discussing, but unable to decide..

We understood that there is no use in discussing further and so have decided to give it some time..It is a life changing decision and so it’s better if we don’t take any hasty decisions… I am now believing that we would be able to take a right decision at right time..

Everything happens for a reason and I am happy that I am patient now…Yes, I have changed a lot from a person who always take fast decisions without worrying about the results..But now, I am more responsible and matured (I think so 😀) and certain experiences in life change us a lot..

Thanks to God for whatever is happening now and I am happy that I am facing problems in a different way..This thrill and uncertainties definitely makes our life more interesting!!

Day 15 – Theeran Adhigaram Ondru – Movie Review

To start with, this movie is not a regular police story in which Police officers are shown as Super heroes..This is so realistic with truths about a common police man and how he manages his profession..

Hats off to Director Vinoth for a very brilliant screen play and a very good story..After a long time, I enjoyed watching a movie which is believable, thrilling and has a hard and bitter truth!!!

This story is based on real life incidents about a crime cracked down by Tamilnadu police..It narrates efforts taken by police officers to find out ruthless theives who steal from houses in national highways..These thieves kill everyone without any mercy and it is very hard to trace them!!

Actor Karthi ( Theeran) is a police officer who is on a mission to find those thieves and how he manages to do the same forms the rest of story..This story line might appear to be common, but the director shows it in such a realistic way that we get involved more in the film..This hero is portrayed as a common man who also does mistakes..There are times where he feels vexed and broken and viewers can relate with the same.It is not an one man show and the efforts of other police officers in his team are also shown beautifully by the director..

Rakul preet Singh plays the character of Priya, wife of Theeran and she does whatever normal Tamil heroines do..All other supporting actors have also done well..

Actor Karthi has also done well in this movie..I personally feel that story is real hero of this film..Director had done full research on these real life incidents and his efforts are really commendable!!! Violence is there in the way those thieves kill common people and it makes the film more realistic..

There are honest police men around us and the way they do their duty without any expectations makes them really special..Further, the way the police department rewards them for their honesty at the end is the hard and bitter truth that many of us are not aware of and it’s really painful..

Overall, this movie is awesome..I personally feel it is thrilling and a really different Police Story and I loved watching it.

100 Happy Days!!! – Day 14

Today had been really a good day for me..I laughed and enjoyed a lot with my husband!!!

After many years, I watched 2 movies in theatre in a single day…First one was a early morning show – “Theeran adhigaram ondru”…This movie is a great one with a very good story line..I hope I would review it in another post..

We had a good lunch and just checked out if we had tickets for another film in next show..We got for “Mersal” movie and watched it!!!

We also did some shopping and overall today I am happy!!!