Day 34 – A dream…

I still remember the way in which some of my school friends explained about the dreams they got while they sleep..I listened a lot about their fun, sad and horror dreams..While I was young, I used to feel bad that I didn’t get any dreams…

After many years, I had this beautiful dream recently:

I was sitting alone in a beach watching the sea..It started raining but I didn’t move away..I felt peace,happiness and was mesmerized at what I saw…It was a feeling which could never be expressed in words..

When I finally woke up, I couldn’t believe that it was a dream..I am happy that I had this dream and I hope that it would come true soon..

But, this made me think more about myself..I always liked to be alone from my childhood days..I had friends, but I enjoyed being alone and reading books..I never felt bored and didn’t feel like talking to others just for the sake of starting a conversation..

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family but I also make sure that I have time to be alone!!! It definitely makes me more happier.

Day 33 – This Song…

There are some days in which I think as if  I am the only person in this world facing many unsolvable problems!!! I know I am wrong and I listen to the below song whenever I feel bad..The lyrics, music and visuals are so philosophical..

There is a strange peace which I feel while I am listening to this..I have to be grateful for what I have as there are many who even don’t have basic necessities in life..

The lyrics are so meaningful..Some of us like me really don’t know what are we chasing in this life..

Happiness is realizing and being grateful for what I have now instead of worrying for what I lack in my life..I adore this song and it keeps me calm.


Day 32 – When your plans go haywire…

There are some days in which you realize that this life is so uncertain..Me and my husband are facing the same for last three days..We had a plan to go to some places and our tickets are booked already..But now, all of a sudden, things seem to be out of our control..We are confused and don’t know how to proceed..This has been our topic of discussion all these days as we didn’t expect this hindrance..

I was a bit worried for last two days..But today I realized that I couldn’t do anything now..We have to just wait and watch..

I am happy that I am able to accept some uncertainties in life..I can only plan, but whether it happens or not, is not in my control..But still I have a small hope..Life moves on with these kind of small hopes, Isn’t it??

Day 31 – Shopping!!!

I have questioned myself  many times regarding my shopping patterns and could never get convincing answers..I have been a selective miser in my life till now..I never see price tags when I am getting anything for my family or close friends..But if it is for me, I really don’t know what happens, I couldn’t get anything above my decided price range (which is quite low)..I am not comfortable exceeding my price range.

Irrespective of whether I work or not, this has been the same scenario in my life..I am not interested in getting fancy dresses or jewels or make up items..My interest is on books,toys and other artistic items like wall hangings, small showcase items etc ( all within my price range only).

I really feel bored when I go for shopping in malls..I would visit only their book shops and toy shops..hahaha..I have accepted the fact that I couldn’t change myself and I have to live with it. Yes, I am happy being a selective miser..


Day 30 – I am happy for..

  • Completing 30 days of writing happy posts..When I joined this, I wasn’t sure whether I could do this..I hope that I would be able to write for 100 days..Fingers crossed..
  • Watching “The Good wife” in amazon prime..It is very interesting and I am loving it..I watched around 15 episodes in season one in last two days..I realized that I have missed watching many good serials in english..I loved “This is Us” and I hope I start seeing other good ones too!!!
  • Reading books…While I was working, I couldn’t read more books but now I am enjoying my free time with reading..Books are my best friends.

Day 29 – Surprise gifts

I love to gift my loved ones when they least expect from me..I am known for my surprise gifts in my close circle of family and friends..I listen to their routine talks and get what they like a lot..

After marriage, I bought many surprise gifts for my husband ..He is totally opposite and he doesn’t believe in surprise gifts..He usually takes me to shops and asks me to select whatever I like.. Initially, I was bit upset, but slowly realized that it doesn’t matter..

I know that he cares for me and loves me a lot..I still give him surprise gifts and he still asks me what I want…But, I am ok with it..

I was taken aback when he gifted me with a very cute teddy bear last week..He had ordered it online and when I received it, I was so happy..He knew about my love for teddy bears and I loved his  surprise gift a lot..

Happiness is receiving a cute teddy bear and I am crazy about it.

Day 28 – Decluttering

I know relationships are more complex..Imagine this – You believe a person fully and love, respect them to the core..You don’t want to hurt them even in a small issue and adjust a lot..But in the end, they betray you..

What will you do??? When I faced these kind of people in my life , I was upset and hurt..It was very hard for me  as I am a  sensitive person..But after some days, I realized that I have expected more from them and they aren’t worth it..Yes,I know I was foolish enough to trust them earlier..

But, now I am happy that I have understood that this is how life is..I can’t change my basic character of trusting others due to some persons’ wrong behavior..For me trust comes first in any relationship..

I feel happy that I have started decluttering my mind now..I have thrown away (at least mentally) those people who took me for a ride!!! Yes, it is difficult, but I think it’s still possible.

Day 27 – The one without title…

Happiness is:

  • Realizing that you didn’t forget anything about your profession even after break of some years…I visited my ex workplace and I was told about some serious issue and asked how to handle the same..I gave them a solution which they found to be very perfect..I am happy as I am able to remember things even now and help them..As usual, they asked why am I not going to job again and I didn’t answer them..I love my profession but this isn’t right time to work full time again..
  • Aadhaar – This kept me busy for full day!! I visited various Banks to update aadhaar in my account..I went to pay premium for my LIC policy..I was informed that I have to update aadhaar number with my policy.. Further, I am getting messages that it has to be linked with mobile number also..I really feel like this – Is there anything really  left out to link it with aadhaar???
  • After many days, I had my lunch at cafe coffee day..I had spinach corn sandwich, garlic bread and cold coffee..I enjoyed and it was yummy.

(Note: I am too lazy now to think of a title for this post..But I feel” The one without title” is good.. Isn’t it???).


Day 26 – Am I really happy???

When I was young, I loved reading this last line in many stories – “And they lived happily ever after”… But after many years, I understood that it’s not practically possible.. All of us have both ups and downs in life and staying happy depends on how we perceive problems in life..

I joined in this 100 happy days blogathon primarily because I want to feel happiness around me..I needed to reassure myself that I am ok even with all the personal problems in my life..I want to be positive and continue being  grateful now..

 I am now searching and realizing small things which makes me feel happy..I have a question in my mind – Am I really happy?? My honest answer is “no” as of now but I am trying hard to “stay happy”..I am perceiving and believing that I am happy and I really hope that my belief will help me achieve happiness in life..

I know this post is more like a confusing rant and a bit philosophical, but I wrote this to reassure myself that I can stay happy irrespective of lot of problems in my life as of now..

To end this with a happy note, I am grateful to God that I always have my Husband with me who is really patient, mature and supportive in whatever I do..He is really great and I am happy and blessed to have him in my life.