Book Review 7 – “26 Favorite foods & A Little Bit Of Me” – by Mayuri Nidigallu #BlogChatterEbookCarnival

I am reviewing the following book:

“26 Favorite foods & A Little Bit Of Me” – by Ms.Mayuri Nidigallu 

About the Book:

This book is a collection of favorite foods of the Author –  She talks about her memory and moments with food in 26 chapters in alphabetical Order.

About the Author:

Ms.Mayuri Nidigallu is a tarot card reader by profession and writer by design..Since she already knows what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the present..

She blogs at

My thoughts on this book:

Author talks about her favorite foods from various states..I liked the way she correlated the food and also information about her in alphabetical order..

It was really good to read about various food items and I haven’t  even heard of many in the list..

For some of her favorite foods, author had provided a link of the recipe which takes us to her blog..I personally felt that instead of link, if recipe is copy pasted in E-book, then it would have been easier for readers..Anyway, it is my personal opinion..

I know I would try preparing some of the unique food items mentioned by her..

Gratitude and Learning Series – July 2017

Gratitude – I think it is necessary to move on in our life..Whenever I face problems and I ask the “Why me??” question, gratitude had helped me a lot to come back to normal..As we all know, both bad and good experiences teach us a good lesson and this learning will definitely help us in our future life..

I would like to start a gratitude and learning series at the end of every month – Let me start with things that I am thankful for and what I learnt in July..

July  month made me realize that I am still strong – I never thought I would bounce back  very soon after whatever personal problems which I faced in previous months – I accept it still hurts, but this month made me acknowledge that I am still strong and could face problems with a smile.

I started enjoying my routine and didn’t feel that it is boring – I realized that I don’t know what would happen in future – It is better to enjoy what we have today and small joys helps us to stay calm in somewhat troubled life..

I joined in a gym near my house last month and it has been a good experience so far and I am enjoying the same..Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and achieving even small targets gave me joy – It helps me to relax my mind too – I am happy that physically I am able to do  all exercises without much pain..

In Gym, I met few people who wanted to know why I joined gym as I am not fat – I told them that I wanted to be fit..This question became repetitive and I am annoyed – I never interfere or give opinions unless asked for and I feel it would be good if others learn the same…I am surprised to see some people who still generalize a person’s character based on caste/religion..I hate when people generalize everything – I never do this and I feel it is high time that we learn not to connect a person’s behavior to his/her caste..

I am grateful that many of my  small wishes materialized in July..I really thank God for this as it helped me to gain my confidence back..

I am a sensitive and emotional person – If I am tensed, I shout or cry…But in July, I couldn’t believe the way I behaved – Even in a big problem, I maintained my cool and spoke what I wanted to without any emotions – It is a big personal achievement – I didn’t shout but I had a mature conversation with them..I spoke in a detached way as if I am talking to a stranger .. I am happy now as I again learnt a lesson that it’s my mistake to trust unworthy people in life..

July was a mix of  both good and bad experiences for me and I learned a lot..So,What about you??

Why I feel that Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil is being Overrated???

(Disclaimer: Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and this post is about my views..If you are a hardcore Oviya fan, please don’t read this as you may not like it..If you are ready to acknowledge flaws in the person you love, then you can continue reading..)

#SaveOviya – If you are regularly watching Bigg Boss Tamil Show in Vijay Tv, then you would definitely understand the above mentioned famous hashtag in twitter..

First question which came to my mind is, Oviya has to be saved from whom??  from terrorists or aliens ???.. Ok, jokes apart, I think it is just a game show and here all the contestants wants to be the winner..Whether it is right or wrong, there will be cut throat competition here..The person who manages all this in a graceful and strong way deserves to be the winner!!!

I want to be clear in my point – I watch this show and I am neither a fan nor a hater of anyone in this.. As we know, people are different and so are the ones who participate in this show..Everyone has their plus and minus and majority of us tend to ignore the minuses in the person we like..

Ok, let me start what I think about Oviya…As of now, I am neutral in my opinion – I don’t like her the way everybody is crazy about her and I don’t hate her either..

When I started watching this show, I liked the way she was dancing for a day or two..But when it happened everyday, I felt bored (OK, may be I am differently wired)..I feel that she is not a good team player – There may be both good and bad people in a team, but it is very vital to participate in a team and its activities…In this kind of show, it is very important to mingle with others..Yes, few will try to irritate her, but she should be strong enough to manage them in an effective manner..

I feel this show became interesting when someone tries to play the victim card and they get support from people..Many of the so-called Oviya fans are criticizing other contestants in public platform in a very bad manner..I accept they are entitled to express but not in indecent way and it is now becoming more  bad personal attacks which can never be justified..

Majority of us tell lies, get angry and even gossip about others in our life – Will we accept that we belong to worst kind of human beings ?? Never ..But we expect those contestants to be perfect epitome of humanity and we criticize them badly if they don’t meet our expectations..

Consider this situation – In our life, we may blindly like or love a particular person in our family or a friend..We don’t mind their flaws/mistakes and continue liking them..I think this is what happening in Oviya’s case..

I feel she is OK but not THE BEST, as majority of people think…She is more interested about herself and she stays aloof  and is not a team player..I like that she doesn’t gossips about others as of now and I appreciate her for this – But we have to accept the fact that as it is a competitive show, others would definitely trigger her and she has to manage to survive and win – I am not justifying others’ behavior, but we all know that it is tend to happen..

Using bad words or trying to hit others can never be justified or glorified in any situation – According to me, Whoever does this, including Oviya, they are wrong and  nobody can escape saying that I got angry as the other person triggered me and so I uttered bad words or tried to hit..

Majority of us have this bad habit  – We perceive some people to be very bad and if they make mistakes, then we consider it as a SIN and portray them as very bad villains..But if the same mistake is done by people we like, we consider their act to be heroic and brave and even congratulate them...I still wonder how a previous blunder can suddenly become right!!!

I wish to reiterate that I don’t hate Oviya, but till now, I feel that She is being Overrated by people and I am not sure whether She deserves it!!!

I know my opinion may differ from others, but this is what I feel and  Whether I am  right or wrong ??? I think it is too early to answer and we have to wait and watch!!!

Indu, Please come back!!! #defeatingdeathforaday

When I was browsing  through Indiblogger website, I saw  the below topic for Indispire this week:

If you could bring back someone from the other side of the rainbow bridge for just one day, would you do that?#defeatingdeathforaday

First person who came to my mind is the one whom I have never met in my life..

I haven’t seen her, spoken with her and she is not my  friend or relative..But still she was the one who made me cry a lot on hearing the news of her sudden death due to bursting of gas cylinder before sixteen years..

Her name is Indumathi*** and she was around 22 years old when she left this world..

I  met Uma***, younger sister of Indumathi, on the first day of my college life in my hostel room..I still remember Uma crying a lot as it was the first time she was away from her family – Her father was working in a small company, her mother a house wife and her elder sister who had got married before eight months…

We both became friends and she used to share a lot with me about her family and particularly about her sister Indu..I learnt from her that Indu was a caring, intelligent and a very good person who always used to help others..Uma said that Indu was living in another city along with her husband and In-laws..

After first semester holidays, when I met Uma in our hostel room, she was crying..I thought it was due to home-sickness and consoled her – But she said that she was very much worried about Indu as she was not happy in her married life – Her husband and inlaws tortured her daily for more dowry..Uma said that as her father was already in huge debt due to Indu’s marraige, it was not possible to provide more..

During our holidays, Indu had come to her home and met her parents and uma..She was crying a lot that she couldn’t live in her husband’s house as she was facing both physical and mental abuse from them..She told them that she will never go to their house – Her parents were shocked and had advised her that she has to adjust in her life and be patient..Her father pleaded with her that he is having another younger daughter and her life would be spoiled if Indu gets separated from her husband..Uma got angry and she had told her father that Indu need not go back to the place where she was not respected..But her father scolded her back and asked her to be quiet..Indu had no option and finally left to her husband’s home accompanied by her father..As expected, her father was treated badly by her in-laws and  Indu cried a lot and her father advised her to adjust and returned to his home..Uma was sad that Indu’s life was not good and I consoled her..

I still remember that ill-fated day when Uma was called during a middle of a class to Principal’s room – Her  parents had informed Principal that Indu had died due to gas cylinder burst and  Uma’s distant brother had come to pick her up from hostel..Uma was inconsolable beyond words and left ..

Uma came back to college after a month and I could feel her pain..Her parents were grief stricken and were guilty that they had killed their own daughter..Her father had complained to Police that it was not an accident ..Uma said that Case had been filed and investigation was going on..But she was doubtful about the outcome, as Indu’s husband’s family had many influential contacts and they were involved in the case.. We both completed our under graduation and were writing letters to each other for one or two years..But after that, we lost touch…

After many years, I recently got a message from Uma..I was surprised and called her and talked a lot..She is working now and said that her husband is a very nice person..She told that her parents live along with her and she invited me to her house..I went and met her and we had a good time..Her parents remembered me and we started talking about Indu..Her father told me that he had committed a big blunder and he felt that he had killed his own daughter..They started crying and was inconsolable…Uma told me that all of them couldn’t come out of that sad incident even after many years..Their guiltyness was killing them and they still feel bad for sending Indu back to her husband earlier..I started from her home with a heavy heart..

I could understand their pain and their guilty feeling..Her father was afraid to go against the society and her mother asked her to adjust..But they finally lost their dear daugher..

If I could bring back someone alive for just one day, I would definitely bring back Indumathi…Her Parents would tell her how much they miss her and love her..They would ask her to forgive them and how much pain they are facing due to the blunder they committed..Uma would hug her loving and caring sister and cry a lot..

I would be really happy if I could defeat death for a day and bring back Indumathi to her family… It is never ever possible..But, I am sure Indumathi lives in their heart forever…

(***Note: It is a real incident but I have changed names to protect identity)

The day I left my Native Place…


It was my last day in the city where I grew up and I still can’t believe that I am leaving this place which is very close to my heart..

I have completed my MBA and was in my hometown for last 10 days..But when time came to leave for Chennai in search of a job, I felt numb..I had been in hostel for many years, but I usually visit my place twice in a month..I wasn’t sure whether frequent visits are possible in future..

I had a weird feeling which can’t be described very easily..I know my future life will be based out of Chennai as my small town didn’t have many job opportunities for me..I was excited when I think of my future but sad when I thought of leaving my hometown..

I enjoyed a lot in those ten days before leaving my place..I visited nook and corner of my town – Each place had many sweet memories for me and it was like revisiting my past..I woke up early and went to water falls near my town and as usual, I was mesmerized by its beauty.. I took my old bicycle and visited many of my friends’ houses and most of the time I wasn’t in my home..Many of our houses had interconnecting terraces and so it was fun jumping from one terrace to other and shouting a lot..I knew many people there and I was visiting their houses to bid goodbye and it was a really good feeling when you realize that they care for you a lot and they don’t expect anything from you in return..

I didn’t think more about my future job in those 10 days and all I thought was how to enjoy to the core..I knew that these sweet memories will be in my mind forever…

Finally, it was last day in my city, and I had a train to catch that night..My family and close friends came along with me to railway station and I started to Chennai..I didn’t cry as I didn’t want to make them upset but I didn’t sleep well in train that night..I was both excited and sad and worried when I thought of my future life..

I got selected in my first interview in Chennai and my life moved on…Yes, initially I found it to be somewhat difficult but I adapted myself to live here..I still can’t believe that it is more than 12 years that I left my home town..I visit my native place once in a year and I always enjoy my peaceful stay there a lot..My hometown had changed a lot but still I feel it hasn’t lost its charm and it will always remain beautiful in my eyes!!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

How to apply for Passport online??

I still remember that day before 10 years when my father asked me to apply for a Passport. I didn’t apply as I was lazy to the core..

Last month, I suddenly got this desire to apply for a fresh passport..I knew that Passport can be applied through online and so started the process of applying the same..

I browsed through their website( and all instructions are very clearly given here..I read about the documents needed for issuance of fresh passport and other details required..

Applying through online for passport is not difficult, but still I wish to explain step by step so that it may be helpful for others..

  • First step is to register ourselves in the  New user? Register Now section in above mentioned website..Passport office has to be selected and other details like name, date of birth, mail id are to be filled..After registering successfully, we will have a new login id and password..
  • We have to enter our login id and password in Existing User? Login ..Then click on Apply for a fresh passport/reissue of passport link and start filling details..There are 2 options – We can download the soft copy of the form, fill and upload the same or We can fill the application form online..I opted for filling the application online..
  • After selecting the type of application as normal/tatkaal and type of passport booklet, Applicant details like name, surname,DOB, Place of birth, gender,marital status,educational qualification, eligibility for Non-ECR Category and other details are to be filled..It is self explanatory.
  • Then we have to enter our Family details in the online application and then we have to enter our present residential address details..There is a limit to number of characters that can be typed in the address box..So, we have to mention the address correctly and carefully..If our permanent address is different from our present address, it has to be mentioned separately.Then, we have to select the police station in our area and also fill our details like mobile/telephone number, email id, etc..We have to provide name and address of two persons as our references for passport issuance.
  • Then we have to fill Emergency contact details and self declaration details..
  • After filling the form fully, we have to submit the same and then we have to schedule appointment at Passport office for application submission..We have to select a date from available dates and then pay Rs.1500 for the same..I paid the fee through online and payment was successful..
  • We also can upload supporting documents which I think is not mandatory and is optional..However, I scanned and attached the same..
  • After completing everything, we can take printouts of Online Appointment Receipt in which appointment date and time and other details are clearly mentioned..

( Note: There is an Instructions Booklet in their website which clears many of our doubts.. Please go through the same before starting to fill the application online.. Documents required are mentioned in elaborate manner..There is also an option to Save details while filling the form online)

Overall, I feel that filling application for passport online is very easy provided we read the instructions carefully..I read about documents required and other instructions fully before starting to fill online.

After filling form online, we have to visit the passport office directly as per our scheduled appointment to submit the documents..

I would write about my experience in Passport Office in my next post.