Book Review – Beyond Scars – by Alka Dimri Saklani

I have read and reviewed the Author’s previous book “Beyond Secrets” and I loved it…So, when I got opportunity to review this book, I was happy.. This book is so engaging to read that I completed reading it very soon…

I strongly believe that childhood plays an important role in our life..The way we grow up and the experiences we face at that time, whether it’s good or bad, affects our future life.

In this book Author talks about the lives of Avni, Vivaan and Avinash and the scars created in their lives due to bitter childhood days..Avni and Avinash are twins who deeply care for each other and Vivaan aka appu is a college going student and a painter..Author had penned appu character as a continution from her previous book “Beyond Secrets”.

Vivaan couldn’t come out from dark younger phase of his life though his adoptive parents love him a lot..He feels that he doesn’t have the capacity to connect with others..His raw emotions are reflected in his drawings and his search for missing part in life makes him unhappy and gloomy..

Avni and Avinash are inseparable twins who study in same college..They face severe problems in home due to their abusive father..Avni is very deeply affected due to an incident in her younger days which badly affects her present life..Avinash is over protective and over possessive towards his sister..

Avni meets Vivaan in his painting exhibition and he feels strongly attracted towards her..She admires his paintings and is able to understand the hidden meaning in all his drawings..

Avni also feels attracted towards Vivaan but he tries to avoid her due to his dark past..Whether their love succeeds against all odds or not makes this story an interesting read…

Relationship between Avni and Avinash is beautifully portrayed by the author..Their affection,fights and joyful moments together is refreshing to read..

Vivaan’s love and affection towards Avni and his reaction towards sudden and difficult situations makes the reader glued to the story..

Author talks about scars in our life and how we have to look beyond scars to live peacefully..The twists and turns in this story makes it an engaging read..

Author has explained various emotions like love, friendship, relationship, guilt and revenge faced by all these characters in detail.

I loved reading this book and my rating is 4.5/5.

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