Blogathon 2017…

I have been a silent reader of some blogs for many years…I am a big fan of blogging marathons in particular as it helps in reading many posts by my favorite bloggers..

Though I wished to start blogging earlier, it happened only during March 2016.. I am in love with this space as I am able to express myself here..

I read about Blogathon 2017 in R’s mom blog post  So Who is In? …I was not able to resist the voices inside my head which tempted me to participate in the same..So I went ahead and enrolled for the same in Maya’s blog and I am very much excited…

I am looking forward for January 2017 and I am sure it is going to be a very good experience..I really don’t know whether I will be able to successfully complete the marathon, but I also feel that there is no harm in trying..Isn’t it???

So, if you want to participate please comment on Maya’s blog and join in Blogathon 2017!!!

2016 – A year of Gratefulness!!!


Time flies really very fast and year 2016 is almost completed… I am looking forward for new year and new beginnings…

I have decided that I would write down various events which happened in my life in 2016 to which I am grateful to God..It is not just about my happy memories but also about certain sad moments which made me have a new perspective towards life..It pained me like hell when such bad things happened but it also made me understand the true color of people whom I trusted a lot..

I am fed up with negativity surrounding me and I really want to feel positive..So this post is all about all events in my life to which I am grateful to God..I don’t want to sound philosophical, but some times I feel there is nothing so good or so bad..Life can take a complete U turn  any time and it can change good to bad and vice versa..

Year 2016 started with me searching for a new rented house..In 2015 we were living in single bed room flat and we wanted to shift to double bedroom flat..I wished to get a flat with spacious rooms and a nice balcony..I am grateful to God for helping me to find out a perfect flat  with 2 balconies and I really enjoy living here..I love the time I spend in balcony with a cup of tea in mornings..

During February, I resigned from my full time job after 11 years of experience..I loved my job to the core, but yet I resigned as I wanted to know how the other side of life will be..My husband also thought that it was high time for me to leave the job..Being at home was a new experience to me and suddenly I had time to do everything in my life..I enrolled myself in a local library and started reading many books…

March 2016 is the month in which I started to blog..I have been reading other blogs for many years and I suddenly thought about starting a blog and penning down my thoughts…I  am  very happy as I have my own platform where I can be myself..Blogging is very exciting as it helps to rediscover my first love of my life – Writing.

April 2016 was a routine one and  in May 2016, I started planning for our small vacation which finally happened in June 2016..We had an enjoyable trip to Nainital and Corbett during June..It was a very nice experience and a good break from our routine life…

I really thank God for whatever is happening  in my life from July 2016 to  till now,december 2016..These are the months which taught me to be strong and face various hurdles in my life..Yes, I feel ashamed to accept that I trusted certain people whom I really shouldn’t have…I loved them and adjusted many things for their happiness..

I know I wasn’t selfish towards them and cared for them a lot..I thought that they also loved me but I was wrong completely..It still hurts me a lot..But I learnt a  very good lesson that believing others blindly is wrong ..There are some kind of people who will never understand true love and affection and it is good that I understood their true color at least now..It is high time that I should throw them out of my mind  so that I could live in peace..

Thank you again, my dear God, for both Good and bad that happened in my life in 2016!!!!

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Unhealable wounds…

Before some years, I came across a problem which I never thought I would face even in my dreams…

It pained like hell and it took more time to accept and acknowledge the problem..I was so devastated that I asked myself “Why me??” question several times..

Finally, I understood that I have to live with it and over time I believed that the wound had healed for ever..I was strong and never showed my true feelings out to others..

Recently I came across a situation which brought back the old pain again and I found out that the wound had never truly healed..It hurts me like hell now and I am trying my level best to come out of it and I really doubt whether I will succeed or not…

I am forced to act as if everything is normal around me..People around me expect me to feel happy for their victories..Whenever I see or think about this, I feel that I have been a loser in my life..

Others are not sensitive towards my feelings but they expect me to do so whenever they are concerned..

I understand Life is not a bed of roses, but it shouldn’t always be a bed of thorns, right???

I am expected to walk around, smile at everybody and enjoy with them even though my heart is full of grief..If I don’t do so, then I am a bad person who is not caring for others..

To be frank, I am not concerned about what others think about me now..

I am praying God to give me enough strength to cope up and I really want to believe that I will be able to fight back..

There is a saying that “Everything happens for a reason” and I feel that it is high time that God should atleast let me know the reason behind all these problems….


Cyclone Vardah …

I think I will never forget this 12th of December in my life..That was the day I witnessed the fact that  “Nature” is ultimately  superior and powerful…

Yes, I am talking about cyclone Vardah that hit Chennai before 3 days..On 11 th of December, many news channels had flash news about cyclone vardah going to strike chennai the next day..I watched the same and to be frank, I didn’t expect the cyclone to be this worse..I prepared idly dosa batter which is my regular Sunday activity.

I started preparing both Nel and Aval Pori Urundai  for Karthigai deepam on 12 th December..My full concentration was on that preparation and I was very happy  that it turned out nice…I didn’t know that I would not be celebrating karthigai deepam next day…

After finishing, I started watching news  about weather…I could sense that it is going to be critical…There was light drizzling and we had dinner…When we went to sleep, it started to rain heavily..

On 12 th December morning, I could see that it had  started to rain very very heavily…We are in second floor and I watched rain from my balcony…As expected,there  was no electricity..Sky was very very dark.

The wind flow was very heavy and the sound was really deafening..I really can’t  express what I felt at that time…I have never ever have seen the wind blow at that speed all my life..From my balcony, I saw many  trees falling due to heavy wind..I was very much afraid when I saw asbestos sheet peeling off from my neighbour’s mottai madi..That asbestos sheet fell at road with huge sound…I could see many things breaking and falling down due to this and it was really worse…

I already closed all windows in my house…I was really surprised when I saw water coming inside the house through that closed Windows..I really didn’t expect that as we are in second floor..So we started moping the floor…Due to heavy wind and rain, water flow was more and so I took whatever was down and kept it in bed.

I was very much afraid when I saw glass windows breaking down in one of the houses…I stood in balcony and it was really difficult to believe what I saw..

After many hours, finally the speed of wind seemed to slow down ….But it was raining and we were sitting in dark in candle light and we hoped that rains will stop…

It is said that many electric poles are damaged heavily and so we didn’t have electricity on 12 th and 13 th December…Yesterday we had power only in evening..Due to heavy damage, I think it may take some time for restoration of power..

My internet connection got restored just an hour before and was not working for last 3 days..I heard that there was heavy damage in chennai but couldn’t watch any news as my cable connection is not working till now..

I really can’t understand why December is so unlucky for us in chennai..I still remember last year December rains  in chennai and I will not forget cyclone vardah this year..I still can’t forget the sound of wind and it is still echoing in my ears…

RIP CM Amma…

Am I a member of your Political Party ???  


Have I met you in person ???


Have I got any of the freebies from your numerous welfare schemes to people ???


Have I watched all your movies ???  

NO,I haven’t watched all, but only few movies..Your acting was really awesome..

But still, I  always love and admire you and will continue to do so..

Do I love you just because you are also a Woman like me ???

Definitely not !!!!! There are some woman leaders in this country and they haven’t attracted me the way you did…You are really totally different …..

I loved the way you came up  and proved yourself in this conservative male dominated politics and society..Everybody here knows how difficult it is to sustain and win in Politics and You did it…

I was really upset when I heard on September month that you have been admitted in Apollo Hospitals due to illness..I believed that as you are a FIGHTER, you will definitely bounce back…You also showed improvement and I thought you would be discharged soon..But, all my hopes were shaken, when I read that you had a cardiac arrest…I was shocked to core when I heard of your demise yesterday night…

I have earlier read some interviews in which you have said that your career in acting and Politics was decided by others and you didn’t choose the same…But I am really astonished in the way you accepted the fate and how you proved and succeeded in both films and Politics…I am sure that there are many people who can’t pursue their own interests due to various situations..But, there are only few people who excel even in those fields which they were forced to enter..You were one of those rare people who convert challenges to opportunities and I admire you for that!!!!

I am not a political analyst, but yet, I liked the way you presided your Political party..You were a One woman army and a sole decision maker..All your party members love you and abide by your words…No one except you knows how you had that kind of control within your party…

It is very difficult to take a tough stand in various problems and you did it with ease…You faced many criticisms but you did what you really wished..You had full control of law and order situation in state..I feel that you always have been a great administrator and best decision maker…

Like everyone, you also had lost some battle, but you raised quickly after every time you fell down..You had that fighting spirit which is very astonishing..

There is a saying that “To Err is Human”..You also made some mistakes, but you were very quick in rectifying those errors..

You had an invisible wall surrounding you and I think, that had been necessary for you to protect and sustain yourself in Politics…

People believed in you and selected you again as our CM for the consecutive second term..It is really a shock that you have left us soon…

You have created a void in Politics and nobody can replace your position…

You are always a charismatic leader and people love you for what you are..

I miss you a lot and I pray to Almighty that may your soul rest in peace..

My maid and talk shows…

At times, some casual talks with others, makes us think more deeply..

I wish to share one such talk with my maid which made me write this post..

My maid likes a talk show in Tamil which is broadcasted in a TV channel..She used to tell me that it is nice and the actress who is anchoring is good in solving the family problems of people who participate in that show…

I asked her the reason for liking the same..She said that some people do things which others usually never do due to fear for society and they even confess the same publicly in TV..

I listened to her and asked why she likes the host of that show..She replied that she is a celebrity and an expert in solving others’ problems..

I said her that the celebrity host of the show may not be an expert and only some persons are truly qualified to do such counseling for domestic problems..

I also explained her about TRP rating of the programs and why she shouldn’t believe whatever she sees in such shows..

I really don’t know whether she understood what I said but the above conversation with her made me think deeply and I have following questions on my mind now:

Why some people blindly believe others’ without even knowing that they are being exploited??

Why some people fall prey to such shows and willingly degrade their whole family in public??

Why they share their secrets in public and why can’t they understand that others’ are benefitting out of them??

Why the hosts of such shows ignore the fact that they aren’t  truly qualified to provide such conseling to others???