Book Review – The Runaway Bridegroom – by Sundari Venkatraman

I always liked reading this author’s books and so when I got an offer to review it, I gladly accepted. When I started reading, the story was so engaging that I finished reading it soon. There are some books that can make me to forget my daily activities and this one is definitely one of them!!!

Eight year old Chanda Maheswari gets married to thirteen year old  Veerendra singh due to custom and their families’ decision. Veerendra doesn’t like getting married at a very young age, but is forced to do so by elders. He runs away immediately after marriage and both families are deeply affected by his action..Chanda’s family shifts to Jaipur after this incident.

Fourteen years later, Chanda takes up a temporary job at a company while pursuing her studies..There she meets her boss Ranveer Singh and is totally attracted towards him..Ranveer also starts liking her.But their love story  has many hurdles – Chanda’s earlier marriage, Ranveer’s Secretary Shika and  cosmic predictions..Whether they are able to overcome all these hurdles or not makes this story an engaging read..

This story is a simple and entertaining one..Author has portrayed all the characters nicely and story telling style is very good.

Overall, this story is interesting, engaging and a light read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.


Book Review – I am M-M-Mumbai – by Rishi Vohra

I am M-M-Mumbai

This story is about Rudra, a young man, who dreams to act in movies, but doesn’t pursue the same due to his low self esteem..He stammers a lot and  faces a lot of criticism,teasing and humiliation from his childhood days..Due to his low self confidence, he works as an assistant director despite his passion for acting.

His father doesn’t approve his choice of career though his mother supports him..His neighbour Shibani and friend Ankur support and motivate him a lot..His life changes when he meets Richa and falls in love…When life takes a U turn, Rudra is depressed and fears a lot..He has to overcome all his insecurities in order to succeed in his life..Whether he is able to overcome his weakness and achieve his dream or not makes this story an engaging read!!!

Author has weaved the story very beautifully and all the characters have been portrayed really well..Childhood plays an important role in all our lives and the way Rudra gets affected due to his stammering and how it influences his future is depicted clearly by the author…The struggles faced by him in Bollywood is also explained in detail..The way Rudra falls in to depression due to constant failures and how he fights to come out of it is inspiring to read..Romantic portion in the book is  handled well by the author..

Overall, this book is a light, interesting and an engaging  read…Though the story may seem to be simple, narration style of the author is superb and it makes this book a good read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Book Review – Elephants In The Room – by Suraj Laxminarayanan

Elephants in the Room

I was intrigued mostly by these two factors before I started reading this book – (1) Title and cover of this book  (2) length of around 600 pages.. To be honest, I had a small doubt whether I would be able to complete reading this lengthy book .. But, Kudos to the author, this book was so interesting to read that I really didn’t mind about the number of pages..

This story is set against the backdrop of  Chennai and is mainly about a bank robbery planned by a group of friends due to their cash crunch..Nari, Vel, Assam, Ashok, Shankar and Sarathy  have their own monetary needs and they believe that all their problems would be solved by planning a bank heist..Author has explained their backgrounds in an elaborate manner and also about their fear, insecurities, love, greed and their flaws…They believe that their plan is fool proof  but everything changes all of sudden at the D-day.. They are shocked when they  finally realize that they are not the only ones who had come to rob the bank that day..

Nari and his friends meet another two groups in Bank on the day of robbery  – One is led by Dhantha and his men and another is a  group of professional terrorists who have their own demands and expectations from the government..What happens next, makes this story engaging to read..

Author has weaved all the characters in this story very well…There are many who plays an important role in this story – The three groups, the policemen who handle the negotiations and also the staff and customers of the bank..The feelings and emotions of these persons are depicted clearly in this book..Author had explained the way in which some situations force people to change their views completely..The fear to survive defeats all our other desires and  at a particular stage of life, we want just to breath and survive….Nothing else really matters…

Overall, this book is interesting, fast paced, thrilling and engaging to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Back again…

I haven’t written anything here for more than five months..

So, What happened??? I was busy handling some personal matters and didn’t get time to blog…hmmm.. Life is full of sudden changes and surprises…I don’t want to sound philosophical, but, I have understood that best way to enjoy life is to live it fully and be grateful to God always..

As I have already mentioned, I love reading books and I have got many books to read…I hope I would be able to complete reading those soon!!!!

I love my blog and I hope I will start writing frequently here.

Book Review – 8 Hours – by Upendra Namburi

8 Hours (Numbers)

Aratrika Reddy, CEO of Arya Holdings Ltd, has only eight hours to save her company from bankruptcy and a hostile takeover.. In this book, Author talks about the hurdles  faced by her to save her company from disaster in a very limited time..This fight by Aratrika makes this story an interesting and a thrilling read..

Aratrika had a very difficult childhood and she despises her father liquor baron Madhusudhan Reddy, founder of Arya Holdings…She couldn’t forget  her traumatic past and the way her father had badly treated her mother and her brothers..She starts working at ARYA due to some unavoidable circumstances..She expands her father’s business and is happy when good results started showing up due to her hard work..But all of a sudden, things start to fell apart and the company faces many hurdles..Her father’s rival Harshavardhan Rathore and his son Rajyavardhan starts destroying her company to settle their own old scores..Further Aratrika also has to handle her estranged husband Siddhartha who also tries to take over the company..

Author had described the events that happen in a timeline in this book…Aratrika finds out that some persons who she had believed fully, also had cheated her..She tries hard to cope up with mental stress and tries hard to achieve her dream..Her childhood pains and dark secrets makes the reader to sympathize with her..Her innocence is killed due to her past and she is forced to do many things that she doesn’t really wish to do…She is portrayed as a person who tries hard to fight against uncertainties..

Though the story revolves around Aratrika, the author depicts the other characters’ also in a very detailed manner..Her relationship with her mother, brothers, her uncle Jagannath and her old friend Peter is explained well by the Author..

Overall, I feel that this book is good, thrilling, fast-paced, interesting and engaging to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Book Review – Zero Debt: Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life – by Neeraj Deginal

Name of the book: Zero Debt: Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life

Author: Neeraj Deginal

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help

No. of Pages:  112 pages

“To Err is human” – Our life is defined by the way we bounce back from the mistakes done by us!!!

In this book, Author narrates his own experiences in dealing with financial journey in his life..He speaks about how he fell in to a debt trap and what he did to rectify his mistakes…

He explains about how he grew up in a middle class family as an over protected child..He didn’t knew anything about the importance of money or how to use it effectively..He had a comfortable childhood with all his needs taken care by his parents..He moved to another city for his post graduation and it was the first time that he had to manage with money alone..He was asked by his parents to show list of expenses that he made..

He completed his studies and joined in a job..As usual, his parents took care of investments or savings with his salary..After some years, he joined in another job and relocated to new house near his office..This is when his life changed – He enjoyed his freedom and started spending his salary as per his wish..He bought mobile phones, credit cards with higher limits and really didn’t have any clue of how his money disappeared from his bank account..

He got engaged and for his marriage expenses he applied for a personal loan..After some years, he had personal loan,car loan, home loan, credit card dues and he felt stressed as he couldn’t manage everything..He was hospitalized for a major health problem and he realized how he had complicated his life due to financial issues..

He then talks about how he analysed his situation rationally and steps taken by him to stay debt-free in life..He shares about the dilemmas faced by him during execution of the same..His opinion is that being debt-free leads to total freedom,be it, financial freedom, emotional freedom or freedom from stress.

Overall, I feel that this book is interesting and good to read!!! It is not preachy – Some of us may connect with the experiences of Author..I accept with his view that parents have to teach their kids about the concept of money and how to deal with the same.

My rating for this book is 3.5/5

Disclaimer: I received a copy of book in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

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My First Love!!!

Are you a kid?? Why are you doing like this?? 

When will you grow up??

Why are you spending unnecessarily ???

Don’t you get bored??

Are you crazy???

Whenever some of my family members, friends, guests, visit my house, they ask the above mentioned questions without fail!!!

Yes, I am talking about my collection of Teddy bears!!!

Teddy bears are my first love and I adore them a lot!!! I don’t know why am I so much attracted towards it..I have many of it in my home..I couldn’t and wouldn’t come out of this love!!!

I really don’t understand why people connect my age and my love for teddy bear!!

Yes, I know, I am now in my 30’s…Is there any rule that toys are restricted to age of a person???

I usually reply them back that I would never get bored and I never mind spending my money on buying what I love…

There are some guests who tell their children “Aunty has many toys..She is now grown up and she doesn’t play with this..You can ask her and take some of her toys”

I don’t play with  toys – But that doesn’t mean that I have to give it to others… I love collecting them and arranging them in the way I like..I tell those kids that I need those toys and I buy and gift them some new ones!!

I don’t really understand why some people are like this?? Why they feel that a person is immature if he/she loves toys?? Every one have different interests and I have my own!!

I love buying teddy bears and books since my childhood days and I wouldn’t change  myself… I would stop collecting toys when I feel like doing the same and not due to others’ comment!!!

So, What do you think?? Do you think love for toys is related to your age??

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How to curb Indoor Air Pollution?? Royale Atmos – #CleanAirBeautifulHomes

There is a wrong perception among many of us that we are affected by air pollution only when we are outside our homes.. Hard bitter truth is that indoor air pollution also exists!!!

Indoor air pollution is  very real and more dangerous, as it is far more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air..But we can always try to reduce indoor pollution by ourselves unlike the outdoor one where we have to depend on government and other agencies for cleanup..

Indoor pollutants:

Some of the indoor pollutants which we usually overlook  in our house are:

  • Formaldehyde: This is an invisible dangerous indoor pollutant with a pungent smell and it causes Cancer..It is an organic compound that exists as a gas at room temperature..Formaldehyde sources in indoor environments include furniture and wooden products containing formaldehyde-based resins such as plywood and also glues, adhesives,etc.
  • Dust, smoke and Volatile Organic Compounds released both by natural and man-made materials.
  • Cooking habits: Few people in our country still use wood or gobar as fuel to cook food in their homes and it pollutes the air..Exposure to cooking fumes causes respiratory diseases and lung infections..
  • Inadequate ventilation: Some of the houses don’t have adequate windows for ventilation and it results in stale indoor air!!!
  • Some Paints,Varnishes also causes indoor pollution..It is our responsibility that we have to select good quality paint to avoid the same!!!
  • Pet dander and hair and dust from shoes, carpet, etc also causes pollution..
  • Household products that we use like Pesticides, Synthetic fragrances and beauty and spray on products like deodorants, perfumes, etc also act as indoor pollutants!!!

Six steps to reduce indoor air pollution and ensure clean air:

1.Use Best Quality Paint:  

I strongly feel that to breathe Clean air at my home, I have to start with Paint like Royale Atmos by Asian Paints.. This paint not only looks good but  also helps in purifying air and improves air quality inside house..

I am attracted towards the idea of using Royale Atmos because:

  •  It’s Activated Carbon technology reduces harmful pollutant Formaldehyde and makes air cleaner..It is tested and proved by third party lab that Royale Atmos can reduce formaldehyde levels by 80-85% in 24 hours under standard test conditions.. Further it will continue to reduce formaldehyde for up to 2 years post application!!!
  •  It makes air fresher by absorbing malodours and foul smell..
  • It gives smooth matt finish to walls and has a fragrance, instead of normal chemical smell..
  • It comes with Green Assure Seal which means that it is VOC safer and environmentally friendlier.
  • It is equipped with Teflon which imparts excellent stain and scrub resistance.

(Please visit for more details)

2.Grow Indoor Plants:

We can have a healthier “breathing area” in our house by growing some house plants like Aloe Vera, Areca palm, Snake Plant,bamboo palm,English Ivy, etc..

These plants helps to reduce the effect of pollutants and manufactures clean air inside our house..They are natural air purifiers!!!

3. Adequate Ventilation:

Ventilation is very important to reduce indoor pollution..We have to open windows early in morning to let in fresh air and it is good for our health..Please open windows in kitchen while cooking  or use chimneys/exhaust fans!!

4. Regular Cleaning:

This is very important to minimise indoor pollution..Carpets, beds, furnitures etc have to be cleaned regularly so that dust is not accumulated..

Air conditioning ducts have to be cleaned periodically..

5.Avoid smoking indoors:

Smoking is a big health hazard and it can also pollute air inside our house… So it’s best to avoid smoking indoors!!!

6.Avoid moisture:

We have to prevent moisture as dust and mites strive on moisture…High moisture also leads to mold growth!! So, we have to make sure that there are no leaky plumbing issues in our houses..

These are the tips that I believe will help in reducing Indoor pollution and help us to breathe clean and fresh air!!!

My Five Easy Ways To Have A Healthy Life…#ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Our body is our most priceless possession and it’s our duty to always stay healthy…Ways for being healthy differs among various individuals..

We usually compare ourselves with others and try to follow their fitness routine and dietary habits..I personally feel that it is a mistake that we often do while trying to stay healthy!!! If we want to lead a healthy and fit life, we have to figure out our own ways to stay healthy and should follow the same regularly!!!

Given below are my own ways of being healthy in my life:

Feeling good about myself:

I should have a positive body image –  I should love myself and be confident irrespective of  whether I am thin or fat…I shouldn’t hate myself  based on my physical appearance!!

This self-love  is the first step which will  definitely motivate me to stay fit and healthy in my life!!!

Physical activities:

Some of us go to gym and do cardios and other exercises daily to stay fit – But, many don’t have time to join in a gym…I feel that we can always be fit if we do any physical activities like walking, running, cycling, sports, dancing, yoga  for at least half an hour a day!!!

I always walk to near by shops from my home to buy anything needed and if it is far away, I prefer cycling to that place..I don’t use lifts often and climb up the stairs so that some of my calories are burnt!!!

Don’t stay hungry and eat healthy:

I often have my food in time and avoid staying hungry..I try to have a well-balanced diet with lot of vegetables, grains and also fruits..I would always stay hydrated and drink more water and fresh juices..I prefer knowing what I eat..Oil is most important in Indian cooking and so I select my brand very carefully!!!

We tend to eat many unhealthy snacks mainly due to our laziness ..I usually cut different varieties of fruits and store it in refrigerator..Whenever I am hungry, I have those healthy fruits..I don’t buy those snacks which I feel is not good for my health..So, I am not tempted to eat them!!!

Doing household tasks :

I have a maid who usually do sweeping, mopping, and washes dishes in my home..Whenever she is on leave, I do all the above mentioned works..Sweeping and mopping is a great upper and lower body workout..Cleaning dishes is a good exercise for our hands!!!

I usually bend and do some work in my house – It is equal to “Squats” that we do in gym..If I am taking something from bottom drawer of my kitchen cabinet/ wardrobe, I hold myself in this squatting pose for few seconds, before standing up straight!!!

I  also do”Counter top push ups”  when I am cooking and waiting for my dish to get fully cooked.. For this, kitchen counter top should be dry first –  I move my feet slightly away from the counter while my hands are firmly placed on its edges for support. I lower my chest slowly towards the counter in a push-up motion and push back in slow regular rhythms!!

There are some objects which can be used by us in our homes as dumbbells ( which are used in gym) like canned goods, plastic bottles, books, etc!!!

Have a good sleep:

Having a good sleep is vital to stay healthy and sleep deficiency causes many diseases and also increases the risk of obesity!!!

These are the ways that I incorporate in my life to strive to be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy


I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

How do I deal with Betrayal???

I feel that Trust is the most vital ingredient in any relationship and for me, even love comes only after trust!!! I really can’t love a person if I don’t trust her/him..I always take time to trust someone but if I do so, I believe them fully and will love them to the core!!!

I know that I am sensitive and if any person breaks my trust and betrays me, I couldn’t deal with that very easily…I never shout/argue with them but ignore them totally – For me that relationship is over that second when my trust is broken – I can never forgive them nor forget the incident..

Betrayal is one of the most painful human experiences… It comes in many forms and it is not only about “affair”!!! We may face betrayal from our co-workers, friends and even close family members!!!

It took me many years to realize that I am punishing myself for others’ fault!!! I think that ignoring people who betrayed me is correct, but I shouldn’t  always worry about what they did to me!!!

My self-analysis taught me the fact that I have to deal with betrayal in a better way so that I could live happily.. To achieve mental peace, I believe that, I have to practice the below:

  1. Realize : I have to realize the truth that I am not the only person who is betrayed!! Everyone of us gets betrayed at any stage of life and it is not uncommon..
  2. Acceptance of Betrayal : It is important to accept that I have been foolish enough to let others betray me and my innocence is shattered totally  – Believe me, I feel this is the most difficult step, as I have to throw my ego out and accept my stupidity!!!
  3. Expression : We would definitely be angry at them for their betrayal – If you like to shout at them, you can do that… But if you are like me, then please ignore them and it is my way of showing my anger!!! I usually express my feelings in a diary or in my blog and it definitely helps me a lot..It is important that we shouldn’t suppress our feelings as it may lead to health problems for us..
  4. Learning : Betrayal  teaches us a good lesson not only about others, but also about us.. I shouldn’t take the betrayal personally and I should free myself  from blame. I have to  live my life happily and move on with positive thoughts..
  5. Removing myself : I should detach myself from them both socially and emotionally – It is difficult to practice, but I have to treat them as strangers!!! I am practicing this and it helps me a lot!!

I  haven’t mentioned about forgiveness purposefully here – To be honest, I know I would be never able to forgive them in my life!!!

I am aware that everyone, including me, do many mistakes in our life and no one is perfect –  I can forgive “n” number of mistakes done by others, but I really couldn’t forgive or forget when there is even a minor breach of my trust!!!

So, What do you think?? How do you deal with Betrayal??

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