That liberated feeling…

All these days, I tried hard to please everybody around me..

I thrived to be an epitome of loving, caring and adjusting person..

It was really difficult as I had to sacrifice both small and big things in my life..

People around me were happy as all their wishes got fulfilled..

I thought I was happy all these days, but I was not….


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My Husband and some of my friends advised me not to adjust and not to believe others so much..

But I  didn’t listen to them as I was very keen in getting so called good name ..

I believed that adjustment is necessary to build and retain relationships..

Whatever good we do, there are always some people who back bite about us..

I got tensed, cried a lot, whenever they spoke bad about me…I tried hard to prove that I am not that kind of  a person, but I failed miserably..

Finally,one fine morning, life slapped me and taught me an important lesson that certain relationships can’t be retained even if I adjusted to the core..

After many years, I  finally realized that I am being used and I can’t please everybody..


I have decided  firmly to say “No” whenever I felt and not to adjust/care about what others think..

Today, I had an argument with my close relative and I  finally spoke what I truly felt and I didn’t  use any suger coated words..

I am sure that now she has a very bad image about me…

 I really don’t care  and I am very much sure now that I am truly happy…

This is the first time that  I feel  liberated and I think I am the happiest person now!!!!

I learnt this lesson very late in my life, but I am sure that I am going to follow this for rest of my life…


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A Wordless Post…

I feel that there is no need of words in this post, as the pictures speak for themselves..

These are the photos taken during my  holidays at Munnar, Kodaikanal and Nainital..









I am not a professional photographer, but still I love these photos…

Nature is truely awesome..Isn’t it ????


It’s my Blood..What bothers you??

“Don’t go near or touch your  amma (Mother)…She is dirty

These are the words that I heard from my grandma, whenever my amma gets her periods..

My amma was not allowed to take bath for those 3 days and she was served food only after everybody in our family ate..She had a separate plate, glass and she was not allowed to enter the house..She stayed in a room outside my house..I was so young and didn’t understand why my amma is dirty for three days every month..When I asked questions, I didn’t get correct answers..

I didn’t know anything about  periods until I got the same..Even now, I scold my amma for not telling me anything about this topic..My amma  had a myth that I might get scared if she told me before about periods..I explained her that I was scared only because I was not aware…


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I still remember the day  when I got my first periods.. ..It was and it still remains the day when I was frightened to the core, not knowing what to do..

My eighth standard annual examinations was over and all my friends had already left the village for their holidays and I was planning to go to my cousin’s place the next day along with my amma..

As I was bored, I hired a bicycle for around 3 hours and was cycling around..After 2.5 hours, I had stomach ache and started feeling uneasy..So I returned the hired bicycle and came back home..I was wearing a white skirt and my amma saw that there were some red strains on the back of my skirt..When she asked me about that, I told her that I don’t know about that..My mother then explained that I had got my first periods and taught me how to use a sanitary napkin..I was told that I should stay in my house for three days and shouldn’t go outside..I felt very bad as my holiday plan to cousin’s place got cancelled..

I was in a village where people usually convert this  very personal thing to a much celebrated public function..Every tom, dick and harry in the village knew about this!!!

I was very much shocked as many people, including men started visiting me..I really couldn’t cope up with both this embarrassment and also my physical pain together.I was so angry that I was made to sit separately for those three days and wasn’t allowed to go outside..I wanted to scream loudly that I  wished to play with my friends..

After those 3 days, again a big function was conducted in my home..I was asked to sit in a chair for hours…I hated that function to the core..

Everything was new to me and everybody started advising me that I shouldn’t roam around like earlier and should start behaving like a girl hereafter…

I felt very different when I started going school after holidays…My friends’ circle which consisted of both boys and girls earlier suddenly transformed to only girls!!!!

I couldn’t really understand why some boys felt shy to talk with me and I was also advised not to talk with boys… It was  very weird and then I slowly understood that these are the changes that happened after my first periods..

After that, I slowly started protesting that I would take bath  and I need a bed to sleep during those days..My grandma couldn’t control me and I got what I needed..It was my first victory and I was clear in what I wanted in my life !!!!

I still feel ashamed that I didn’t know anything about menstruation earlier and changes that happen in my body due to that..

I strongly feel that it is duty of every mother to tell her daughter  earlier about chums so that the girl understands the changes happening in her body and is not afraid…It is also important that sons also should be taught about menstruation, so that he understands the situation of his mother,sisters, and also every other woman during periods…

There are some women who say and feel that their mother in laws’ didn’t treat them well during their periods – But these women do the same  now to their daughter-in-laws or daughters..They still follow and believe the age old myths regarding periods..It is very surprising to see them behave in this manner…

I know that even now there are some people (both men and women) who practice this  untouchability during periods...Unless there is a change in their mindsets, it is very difficult to transform them…

My question to those people who still consider periods as a taboo is:

 “I am proud about menstruating..It’s my blood…What bothers you???


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Being highly sensitive…

I can’t hide my emotions…I usually cry or get angry easily in various situations…

When I was young, I  really didn’t mind being like this..

But after some years, I was and still I am usually asked the below question:

“Why are you highly sensitive?? Why can’t you take things easily??”

Yes, I know that I am highly sensitive in nature…

I easily get affected by  words and behavior of others.. I take things personally and feel very much deeper in both happier and sad situations..

I often don’t reveal my feelings  even to my loved ones because I think that they may feel that I am complaining or exaggerating small issues..

It takes more time for me to make both small and big decisions and I fear more about effects of my decision..

I am a perfectionist and problem arises as I expect others also to be perfect..

I  am afraid of criticism and I don’t want to hurt others..So, I feel it is very difficult to say “No” to them..

Earlier, I used to feel bad that I am highly sensitive in nature…I envied at people who take things easily..

But when I thought deeply, I felt that there also might be some advantages  in being highly sensitive..

I started reading and browsing about this and I found out that, when compared to others, highly sensitive people are more:

  • Caring and empathetic 
  • Intuitive 
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Unselfish
  • Passionate 

I feel that there is nothing wrong in being highly sensitive and there are many people like me…

So,what do you think? Are you highly sensitive??

Sathuragiri hills..

I recently went to Sathuragiri hills (situated near Watrap) after three years..Lord Shiva is the  diety there and I had earlier visited there two times…I really love that temple and I feel that there is a very good vibration..

This temple is situated above the hills and we have to climb to reach there..The scenaries on the way is really beautiful..

Earlier we can visit the temple during any day, but recently they are allowing only during Amavasai (New moon) and Pournami (Full moon) …Further if there are heavy rains, public are not allowed there as it is very risky to climb in the hills..So, it is  important that we have to get  latest information before starting  to Sathuragiri…We have to understand that our trip may get cancelled as it is very much difficult to predict rains..

When I visited before three years, there was not much crowd and I felt that the forest area was clean…But now, I can see many plastic wastes and many other junk wastes thrown on the way..

I was very much upset…We don’t have power to create nature, but can’t we maintain it neatly?? Do we throw wastes inside our house?? Why some of us are not responsible and self disciplined???

Some people even smoke and drink liquor there in the hills..I was very much angry and thought that if they want to drink or smoke, they can do it in their houses ..Why are they polluting the  sacred hills??

Some consider this temple just  as a tourist place and not as holy trip..I accept that any person has rights to believe or not believe in God…But they do not have any rights to pollute this holy place…

There are another kind of people who come to this place just to research…They want to explore this forest in search of many materialistic things, which is very bad..They don’t understand that the God here is more powerful and so they get punished for their sins..

I personally feel that this place is good only for people who come  to worship the God and not for other reasons…

Nowadays, public are allowed only on particular days of month..I feel that it is very good because we really don’t know how to keep a holy place neat and clean..This place has become so much commercialized now …

Many people are interested in seeing Siddhars on this hills…They don’t understand that we don’t have any power to search for them … Siddhars will be visible only if they want to see us..They are not a subject matter of research..There are many things which we don’t understand and which are above our knowledge..So it is better not to interfere and do unnecessary research…

I really love this hills and I sincerely wish that the people who visit this holy place should not treat this just as another tourist place..We should not destroy the beautiful forest and should try to keep the place neat and clean..

This & That – 3

  • Recently I watched Prabhudeva, Tamannah starring film “Devi” directed by Vijay…As usual, Prabhudeva’s dance and his acting in comedy scenes is really awesome…Tamannah’s acting and dance is also brilliant…I think that the film is more of comedy than horror…Overall, I felt the movie to be O.K…
  • I am sure that staying in mother’s house after marriage is truly blissful…Taking complete rest without any responsibilities is really great..I loved to break my routine and I woke up at any time and ate whatever I wished …I am really sad that my sweet vacation is going to end soon..
  • I was going to a shop with my cousin in her Scooty pep…Suddenly I had a desire of riding the same..I asked her to teach me to ride and she also did the same..I started riding and it was really good ..My cousin admired me that I have learned quickly..I was happy and started riding fast..She was afraid and she asked me to slow down, which I didn’t do…I  suddenly fell down along with bike and my cousin..I was shocked first but was relieved that my cousin didn’t have any injuries..I got small  injuries in my hands and legs…It was paining and when we reached home, everybody scolded us…I decided to celebrate the incident and so had ice creams at Ibaco  along with family … I felt that it was really good experience riding  two wheeler and  now I badly want to learn the same soon..

Me and my BFF…

My Dearest  ……….,

I think I was around 7 years old when I first met you…

I was standing outside my house and  crying loudly…

You came near me, wiped my tears and asked, “Why are you crying?”

I don’t remember what I replied, but you talked with me  for some time and made me to laugh…

I came to know that you have shifted to the house near my house the day before…

Later, you became my school mate and also my last bench mate in class..I still remember the way we ate snacks in between the classes without getting caught by the teachers..

The cycle rides which we had when going to school was truly hilarious…We always liked to go to school only on time and not earlier…So, there was always rush and persons in the road used to shout on us for our rash cycling…


(Image courtesy:  Best friend drawing – Pinterest)

You asked me to teach Tamil to you as you were from North India…You learnt tamil from me and I learned hindi from you..I started liking north indian tiffin items and you loved Idli and dosa…We always used to exchange our lunch boxes in school..I know you are the reason behind my love for north indian chat items!!!!  You watched Rajinikanth, Kamalhassan  films with me and I watched Amitabh  Bachchan, Sharukh Khan’s films with you…

We used to wait for school holidays and the way we enjoyed was really awesome…As we lived in a small town, there was only one playground and it was always crowded..So, we started playing in open terrace of our houses..I still remember the way those open terraces were connected and how we jumped on them..We were not bored of anything and enjoyed as if there is no tomorrow..

I  really don’t want to think about the day when I saw you crying for the first time…When I asked you the reason, you told me that your father had got transferred and you have to go to another town after one month…I was shocked to the core and really didn’t know how to react..I ran away from you and you came behind me and we again started crying..We made promises that we will write letters and always be in touch…

I missed you like anything as I was always with you for around 6 years..But, you made me to understand and accept the fact that we can not be together due to situations..

I got the habit of writing long letters only from you..I still remember the way you narrated everything so nicely in your letters and how I loved them..We had a habit of writing those long letters once in a week…We also talked with each other once in a month through landline phones..

We completed our Under graduation at different cities and we decided that we have to study our Post graduation in same city..We were so much happy when we got admitted in same college and  we studied different courses…Those days were really good  and I can never forget them..

I still remember the midnight birthday parties and new year celebrations, time we spent  together in canteen, the long walks we had in college campus,our shopping trips during weekends,the way we told stories about ghosts and frightened others and our study holidays..These memories are still fresh  in my mind and I always love to think about those days…

After our Post graduation, I started searching jobs and your father wanted you to get married and started seeing proposals for you…Your marriage got finalized on the day I cleared my interview..I stayed for around  a week with you during your marriage… I was happy for you and I enjoyed a lot…

You started living in a different city along with your husband…I worked in another city and we were always in touch…

After some years, I got married and you couldn’t come for that as you were in US along with your husband..I missed you a lot, but I was sure that you missed me more than anything..I can never forget the many phone calls you made and the way you cried over phone for not being with me during my marriage..

Though we are always in touch with each other till now, I miss you a lot, my dear friend..You taught me the meaning of unconditional love and you always understand me..You are sure about my mood on hearing my voice and I accept I can never fool you..You are my punching bag and you care about me a lot and I am really crazy about you…


 (Image courtesy:  Best friend drawing – Pinterest)

Yours lovingly,


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How Can We help our Country??

I am sure that many of us love our country and feel proud to be an Indian..

But still, some of us might think ” Why my country is like this?? I don’t have many facilities which are available at other countries”

But we usually tend to  forget that we live here and it is our duty to try to rectify things which we might not like..Development of our country depends on us and a change in our mindsets will surely help our country a lot…

I strongly feel that if, we try to follow the below, we can  make our country more powerful..

Don’t pay and don’t accept bribe:

Corruption – We always talk that our country is corrupted and it is very bad,etc etc… But if we really think hardly, we will realize that only we are responsible for this..

Some us like to have shortcuts in life  and we are not ready to wait for anything – Starting from driving license and many other government proofs, we don’t want to wait and we need everything urgently..

We are ready to pay bribe to get what we want…I am sure that not only accepting bribe, but also paying bribe is very much wrong..

We might think that if I stop giving or accepting bribe, how can corruption be eradicated???  The answer to this question is simple – Yes, we can!!!! If each of us truly follow this, over a course of time, slowly, there will be no corruption in our country…Change within us will definitely help our country…

Be a responsible citizen:

We should always try to be responsible – pay our taxes correctly, obey traffic rules, etc…We should not compare ourselves with others who are not responsible..

Children tend to learn more from their parents…If we are good, then our children will follow us as their role models..Not only education, but also good moral values and patriotic feeling should be taught to children as they grow..We should teach our kids that both men and women are equal and there should be no discrimination…

Using our voting power carefully:

We have to vote in elections compulsorily and we should  be very careful in selecting the politicians…It is very easy to complain that politicians are corrupt and because of them only our country is not improving…

But, we conveniently forget that it is we who voted and selected them…So, before casting our votes, we have to analyze carefully and we shouldn’t fall prey to various marketing techniques used by Politicians…We have to think carefully and vote compulsorily…

Try to help others:

We shouldn’t always mind our own business – We should try to help others…Humanity is very important…

If we see anybody injured in accident, we should help them in any  possible way…If we see any girl getting teased in public, we should fight for her..We should  always remember that a small timely help, means a lot to persons who are affected…

Keep our Country Clean:

Cleanliness plays a vital role …We have to stop littering in roads and have to throw wastes only in garbage bins…Scribbling in public walls, throwing wastes everywhere, creates a bad impression about our country…

Self discipline is very important in keeping our country clean…

So, What do you think ????

Can’t We, the common Public, help our Country???


A Soldier’s answer…

He knew he is going to  have a deep undisturbed sleep soon..

He is so passionate about his profession and  it is more than a job for him..

He is happy  and content with his life and has no regrets, but now,he misses his parents, wife and a new born little  daughter whom he hasn’t seen till now..

He thought of his previous holidays which he enjoyed with his family and friends…

He suddenly remembers that he hasn’t answered the  following question asked by his neighbor to him during his previous holidays..

“Why  you joined  the Indian army ?”

He  knew that  if he is given a chance to answer this question now, he will answer his neighbor  as below:

“Hi, I  joined  Indian army so that you and others in our country can live a peaceful life, can enjoy with your family, friends and always be with them..

We soldiers can always elaborate on what we do to keep you and others safe..But we  really don’t want to boast …We  always love to serve the nation  irrespective of what you think of us”

But he can’t answer as he is dying now and his mouth finally uttered “Jai Hind”..

P.S : This post is dedicated to our Indian army and their selfless sacrifices…