Book Review – Elephants In The Room – by Suraj Laxminarayanan

Elephants in the Room

I was intrigued mostly by these two factors before I started reading this book – (1) Title and cover of this book  (2) length of around 600 pages.. To be honest, I had a small doubt whether I would be able to complete reading this lengthy book .. But, Kudos to the author, this book was so interesting to read that I really didn’t mind about the number of pages..

This story is set against the backdrop of  Chennai and is mainly about a bank robbery planned by a group of friends due to their cash crunch..Nari, Vel, Assam, Ashok, Shankar and Sarathy  have their own monetary needs and they believe that all their problems would be solved by planning a bank heist..Author has explained their backgrounds in an elaborate manner and also about their fear, insecurities, love, greed and their flaws…They believe that their plan is fool proof  but everything changes all of sudden at the D-day.. They are shocked when they  finally realize that they are not the only ones who had come to rob the bank that day..

Nari and his friends meet another two groups in Bank on the day of robbery  – One is led by Dhantha and his men and another is a  group of professional terrorists who have their own demands and expectations from the government..What happens next, makes this story engaging to read..

Author has weaved all the characters in this story very well…There are many who plays an important role in this story – The three groups, the policemen who handle the negotiations and also the staff and customers of the bank..The feelings and emotions of these persons are depicted clearly in this book..Author had explained the way in which some situations force people to change their views completely..The fear to survive defeats all our other desires and  at a particular stage of life, we want just to breath and survive….Nothing else really matters…

Overall, this book is interesting, fast paced, thrilling and engaging to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

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