A lost girl…


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I saw a little girl

running through the  corridors of house..

Nothing could stop her

from laughing, enjoying & playing..

Nobody could find her

when she hides herself in the house..

She is in her own little world

of dolls, friends & comic books..

She knows only to

study, play & enjoy..

I saw her many times

and  I loved her…

I wanted to enjoy with her

and went near her..

She started running

and I followed her…

She suddenly disappeared

and I am not able to find her till now..

I am still searching for her

but I know I have lost her forever…

Aandavan Kattalai – Movie review

  We (myself & my husband)  watched the  film “Aandavan Kattalai” yesterday..

This film  which features Vijay Sethupathi and Ritika singh in the lead roles, got released on this friday..

We booked tickets for this movie earlier even before reading reviews, because of its director M.Manikandan (who earlier directed the film Kaaka Muttai)..

We both loved this movie and I feel it is really a different film with fabulous story, screenplay & direction, and very good performance by Vijay Sethupathi..

This film starts with  debt ridden hero, leaving his village along  with his friend to chennai..His aim is to go to London on tourist visa, earn well and repay all his debts..He doesn’t have passport, visa, etc and so he meets a travel agent for the same..Meeting with travel agent changes the life of hero and also his friend totally..For getting tourist visa, the unmarried hero is advised to lie that he is married and so he writes a fictitious spouse name in passport application..This one lie leads to many lies and this story  depicts how many people rely on middle men on government offices and how those middle men complicate many things..

The UK Visa interview scenes  in which hero’s visa is declined are truly hilarious..The house searching scenes for rent by the hero and a house broker, explains the real life situation in Chennai..Many dialogues in the film are very good..

There are no duet songs in the movie and heroine Ritika Singh had done her role very well..Many of the supporting actors like hero’s friends, lawyers, also had portrayed their roles efficiently…

Overall this movie is very good with right mix of story, comedy and also a nice message..Some might feel this movie to be slow as there are no action sequences and duet songs…

But I feel that this movie is very different from other films and is very entertaining to watch with good story, comedy, etc….

Mr & Mrs.X…

This post is going to be a serious rant and please read at your own risk

My dear Mr & Mrs. X,

I will not start this letter with usual question of “How are you ???”as I am  sure  that  both of you will be very much fine now..

First, Let me start by congratulating you both for succeeding in your initial phase of your so called project..There is a saying that “Well begun is half done”….So, congrats again!!!!

I am very happy to accept the fact that  as of now, you both have won in this game and I have lost..

I was so much stupid that I didn’t even realize that you both have planned this game very much earlier and have very carefully materialized it in a very organized manner…

I was so dumb and I believed you to the core and so you took advantage of the same…

I was always friendly with both of you..You could have told me directly  about your project  of establishing  yourselves and to be number one in the family…To be frank, I don’t believe and I don’t want to be in number one position in family..

But, both of you never said anything regarding the same…Instead, you chose to talk behind my back and created a huge issue out of nothing…You both have stage played a drama perfectly well and portrayed me to be such a bad person…

Do you know how much  am I hurt ??? I am not able to sleep or eat properly..I am sure that I can and I will prove that I am innocent very soon…But you both have killed my belief ..I always thought we all  are a  family, but you have proven that it is not true…

I really loved  and always will love our family and others (except both of you) also love me back …What’s wrong in it?? What made you feel  jealous???..

Please try to understand that family is all about love and adjustment and there are no shortcuts here…

I am grateful to both of you for what you have done so far …You made me  understand truely about relationships and trust factor associated with it..

I know that you have just started your game and you will not end the same unless you get what you wish..

All the best for the same and continue with your good work…

I am waiting for your further drama and action….

Thanks & regards,

…………. ………..

It’s OK to Pause…


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Many of us think that to have a successful life, we should always work hard towards whatever we do..Yes, it is true that we have to aim and achieve various goals in our life..

But, if we think deeply, we may have a question “What is this life all about??? What am I running after?? Is it money, fame or success?? “


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For many of us, the circle of Life is as follows:

We started running right from our School days..Our  first race was to secure good marks and get good ranks…Then, we selected courses which would provide us a secured future..We ran after jobs which would pay us well..We don’t have time left to spend with our families due to various commitments.. We tend to forget that Money isn’t everything..When we retire from Job, we wish to spend more time with our children, but as they are now grown up,  they become busy in their own lives!!!

Yes, I understand that studying well, getting good jobs & earning money is very important..All these are a part of our life, but they don’t complete our life..


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I feel our life is complete only when we have time to do what we truly love, which may be anything – Our families,hobbies, travel, etc…

Let us compare our life to  play, pause buttons in a  CD Player…Play button in CD Player refers to whatever we run after in life like education, career, etc…Pause button refers to our families, friends, hobbies,etc..

We will truly feel successful and content  in life, if we use both Press and Pause buttons, according to various situations…


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Please remember, remote control should always be in our hands!!!

Yes, It’s  OK to Pause, at times…What do you think????

What’s there in age??


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This Society gives more importance to age of an individual and maps the person’s personality to his/her age..

Who  can decide that a person is Young or Old?? I feel that only the concerned individual have the right to do so and not the people around him/her..

Why so much restrictions are imposed based on age???


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Why there is ideal age for getting married, having children, etc??It is the society which formulates the ideal age..

I know a person who is above 83 years of age and is still young in heart..She does all her routine activities without anyone’s help and keeps herself busy..I have also seen some one who is just 20 plus but feels like so old and always complains about health…

What is the big deal in age??? Whenever someone asks me my age, I tell them that I am in my mid 30’s now..Their normal reaction will be “Oh my God!!! You are above thirty??? But still you are not settled in life..I was not like you and nowadays nobody will be like you!!!”

I usually laugh at them and say ” I am not your Xerox copy!!! I am unique and I am happy now..I know what to do in my life” …

To be honest, when I first heard comments about my age, I was hurt to the core…But later, I understood that if I listened to them, I can never be happy..

I met a man, who is above 60 years of age, and he had become a relative to me only very recently…He was a stranger to me and I was meeting him only for second time in my life..He had come to my house and I offered him coffee..

He asked ” How are you, Aunty?? I heard you are above 30 & so you are AUNTY only”

I  laughed and replied ” I am perfectly fine, GRANDPA

He was taken aback and said ” How can you call me Grandpa???”

I said ” You are definitely older than me..If I am Aunty to you, then you are definitely Grandpa to me

He was embarrassed to the core and he became silent….Though I immediately  replied him back, I was feeling bad..I thought what makes this kind of people so mean..I was angry that as a stranger, he didn’t have any rights to talk to me in that way…I  really don’t like labeling people by age, but he made me talk like that…

I am proud that I am ageing and I am not worried about the same..If I am not bothered about my age , then Why others’ worry about the same???


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I feel that, age is just a number!!! What about You???


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This & That – 2

  • Last week, we celebrated my Husband’s Birthday…It was great fun and enjoyed a lot..I ordered a surprise cake for him and he also loved my other gifts…I want to wish him again and I pray  God to fulfill whatever he wishes in Life..My husband doesn’t expect gifts, but I always wish to surprise him every year..I always love to think and plan about his gifts…
  • I recently had “Burger Pizza” at Dominos…I felt it was somewhat OK & didn’t like it more..I love their Garlic bread and Choco lava cake so much!!!!!! Apart from pizza, these are my standard orders….
  •  Sometimes, I am not able to cope up with emotional Pain …I usually think ” Why this Pain is always Painful??” It struck to me one day that, when I was laughing, I didn’t even think about the reason for my happiness and I  enjoyed the feeling..So, Why shouldn’t I apply the same logic to pain also?? Why am I not able to accept the Pain???.. I am sure that If I accept that I am in Pain, then ,I will stop thinking why this happens to me alone in this world…I know very well that it is easy to say, but very difficult to practice.
  • I have read Agatha Christie’s novels earlier…Now, I have suddenly become crazy about the same and I am reading all novels non-stop and I absolutely love them..I also adore “Jack Reacher” in novels by Lee Child..
  •  It is raining in Chennai and I love it..Climate is so cool and I wish it remains the same…
  • I love to travel more and I like reading travel blogs..I feel travelling is a unique experience..

A day in Life of a Banker…

When I was working in a Bank, many of my relatives/friends/family used to say that:

  • Work pressure in Banks are less when compared to other fields..
  • You have standard timings and so you have good work life balance..
  • It is a desk job and you need not roam around in hot sun..
  • You have Job security..No risks involved..

I used to generally laugh whenever I hear one of the above myths..I know that even if  I am going to argue with them, they won’t accept the real facts that they are unaware of…

I really loved (and I still love) my earlier Jobs in Private Sector banks for last 10 years..I was in to Retail Banking and I really feel happy to have selected Banking as my Career..

Let me first start with timings of a bank..

Many of Pvt sector banks have customer service timings from morning 9:30 to 5..Many Banks ask their staff to be present at office at least 45 minutes before the commencement of business hours…

I used to start early from home so that I reach my Branch in time and start with Beginning of the day (BOD) activities so that all counters are ready for customer service..All staff are expected to be on time strictly..After all day to day activities, customer queries & transactions etc, banks usually close around 5 PM for customers and for us, EOD work begins.. Cash tallying and other EOD activities like various reports etc, have to be checked daily..If everything is OK, then  after completion of all operations related work, staff have to contact  customers and talk to them about their requirements from us ..So, generally staff leave the Branch after all these activities ..This is the scenario when everything  is perfect..

On some days, Cash might not get tallied by the Cashiers..During those situations, it will become very late to start after completing necessary formalities..We have to be present in the same time in mornings, but time to leave is not in our hands !!!! In Banking, not only us, but also people working with/under us have to complete their work correctly every single day, as everything is inter related…There are no standard timings and we also do not have a good work life balance..

Regarding Work Pressure, I feel that every industry has the same..Banking is not an exception…Starting from a Cashier to Manager, each have their own work pressures according to their positions!!!

Nowadays, both Operations and Sales in a Bank are interlinked..Staff who are in a counter are also expected to sell products to customers…So we do not simply do desk jobs, we also roam around in hot sun…

There are many risks involved in our Jobs..Starting from areas like cash, account opening, etc we have to be very  very careful in our jobs and even a small mistake can cost us a fortune…

Like any other Industry, Customers are our King !!! We are expected to be good to them and any customer escalation will affect the Branch as a whole..There are many Service Quality Parameters, audit requirements etc, which we have to strictly adhere to..

Banking is an Ocean..I have mentioned just a small part of it here..

I just thought of sharing my  experiences in Retail Liabilities sector of Banking and I wish to empathize that like every other Job, Bankers also have work pressure, risks involved and also long working hours..

 All my views here are based on my experiences on working in Private sector banks only..

I enjoyed my career with Banking to the core and my experiences are always unforgettable..


50 & Not out (yet)!!!

I just realized that I have completed 49 posts and this one is my 50 th one!!

To be frank, I can’t believe it..I started this blog before 6 months as I love to write…My first Post was:

My First step…

I usually write about topics which I usually think of…As of now, I am not comfortable in sharing anything personal in this blog..So I don’t write about my family, friends, etc..I have already mentioned it in one of my posts:

Personal ???

I feel that writing about topics other than family,friends, is somewhat difficult..I  get writer’s block (Am I a writer??? hahaha..Can’t think of any other word) often and I am trying my level best to write about other things..

I love to blog because:

15 reasons on Why I love blogging…

As it is my 50 th Post, I am attempting  to answer 50 Questions about myself and  I found those questions from internet..

Ok, Let me start…

Are you named after anyone?   Yes, after my Grandmother.. I have 2 names -In my horoscope, I was named after my Grandma…My official name which I am normally called, was also selected by my Grandma…

Where were you born?   I was born in Chennai..My mother used to tell me that there was heavy rain during that day and it was very difficult to reach the hospital..Finally she reached and I was born!!!!

Zodiac sign? Gemini..

What was favorite subject at school? English was always my first favorite subject & after that Biology..I wanted to study English Literature, but couldn’t..I have elaborated the same on my post  I always wanted to…

What is your favorite drink? I like both  hot Tea and Coffee – Usually,I have tea on weekday mornings and coffee on weekend mornings.. I prefer to have Pepsi/Coke only when I eat Pizza.. I like to have cold water all the times..

What is your favorite song ? I usually like only mild songs of music directors – Illaiyaraja and A.R.Rahman – My favorite songs are many – It is very difficult to mention as the list will be very big.

What is your favorite food? I Prefer tiffen items more when compared to rice..I love to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner..I really don’t know why I don’t like rice!!!  I like north indian chat items more..Sometimes I wonder whether I was a north Indian during my previous birth…hahahaha..

What is your eye colour? Black..

How tall are you?  5.4..

Favorite book authors? I love reading books.. I have mentioned already in my post  Books...My favorite authors in English are Sidney Shelton, Jeffrey Archer, Cecelia ahern, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Ravi Subramanian, Chetan Bhagat, Amish, Ashwin Sanghi and bloggers who turned to authors like Yashodhara Lal, Preethi Shenoy…In Tamil I like Sujatha, Balakumaran, Jeyakanthan, Indira Soundarrajan, Ramani Chandran, Sivasankari,and the list is endless..

Favorite Color?: Black is my first favorite color followed by very light blue..I hate dark orange, dark pink, etc.

Favorite Perfume? I cannot bear any strong smell and I have never used any perfume..I use only  that deodorant which do not have any odour..I hate flowers like jasmine and I get headache when I wear them..I am allergic to strong smell..

Favorite Movie directors? I like Director Balachander, Maniratnam, Shankar…

Favorite TV serials? I do not watch  TV serials nowadays..When I was young, I watched Marma Desam serial which was telecasted in Raj Tv…Now I usually watch News channels and music channels..

Favourite number? My favorite number is always 4 …When I am travelling, I usually watch the number plates of various vehicles and add up the various digits and I am happy if those digits add up to 4 !!! I don’t know why and how I got this habit!!!

Favorite Quotes? “There are only two ways to live your life – One is as though nothing is a miracle..The other is as though everything is a miracle” – Quote by Albert Einstein.                “Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary” – Quote by Oscar Wilde.

Favorite sweet? I like sweets made of sugar more when compared to that of Jaggery..My favorites are Jelabi, Kulab Jamun,Soan Papdi, etc…

Favorite piece of jewelry? I like rings very much..I prefer only light jewelry…

What is the last thing you bought?: I bought a black leggings from Lifestyle..I was searching for a black  cotton salwar pant from Max..But there was no stock available at that time..As I was in urgent need, I ended up buying black leggings!!!

Do you have any pets?: No, but I love dogs!!! When I was young, I asked my mother…She said that as she is already managing 2 pets (Myself & my younger brother, hahahha..) there is no need for pets!!! My husband doesn’t like pets…So, no chance of getting them now!!!

Are you married?: Yes,Yes,Yes…

 Do you speak any other language?: Apart from my mother tongue Tamil, I speak English and Hindi..

How many siblings do you have?: I have one younger brother…

When was the last time you cried?: I cried a  week ago..

What phone do you have? I have Nokia XL..I bought it before 2 years…

Can you cook? Yes, after marriage, I cook…I have mentioned about it on  My Cooking Stories…  and My Stress buster!!! ..

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Yes, I would be…

Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes, I am bit sarcastic only to the people who don’t generally mind their own business!!! If others are good to me, I also would be nice to them..If not, then I become very bad…

What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their face and eyes..I would like to have eye contact with them when they talk with me..

What are your hobbies? Reading books, Writing, Cooking and listening to mild music..

Scary movie or comedy movie? I like only comedy movies..I am very much scared about ghosts..Whenever I watch any scary movie, I close my eyes all the time..Even after watching that movie, I think of the same and get scared again & again!!!

Something you miss? My Grandma and my childhood days…

Loud music or soft? Only soft music..I hate noise…

Where do you go when you’re sad? I prefer being alone in my room…

How long does it take you to shower? 10 to 15 minutes for normal bath and half an hour for head bath…

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?  Totally Half an hour – 10 minutes for bath, remaining 20 minutes for getting ready …

Ever been in a physical fight? Yes, When I was young, with my brother…We used to fight a lot..He watched boxing a lot and used me like a punching bag…hahahha…

 Fears? Ghosts and Snakes –Are you Ophidiophobic?? 

Last book you read? “The Sialkot Saga” – by Ashwin Sanghi.

The book you’re currently reading? “Personal” – A Jack Reacher thriller – Written by Lee Child

Place you want to visit? Manali & Kashmir

Last place you were? Rameswaram & Tirupathi

Last time you were insulted? Before a fortnight…It made me realize true color of persons who are close to me ..It still hurts and my belief was fully shaken…Can never forgive and forget the same…

What instruments do you play?? Nothing..I don’t know..

Last time you said you loved someone? Yesterday..

Last sport you played? Nothing recently..While I was in college, I used to play Volley ball and I was also an athlete..

Last song you sang? I am not a good singer ..Today morning I was humming “Evano oruvan vasikkiran ” song from Tamil film “Alaipayuthey”

Turn on? Books and Music

Turn off? Persons who kill my belief, who are not sincere, who don’t mind their own business..

Who should answer these questions next? I am not tagging anyone in particular..Anybody who likes it can answer these questions..Inviting all to participate!!!!

My Blog is 50 and not out (yet) !!!!!