Book review 3 -“Life and times of a twenty something” by Reema D’souza #BlogchatterEbookCarnival

I am reviewing the following book:


About the Book:

There are some stories which makes us to think how our life was before some years..There may be or may not be any similarities with a particular story and our life as such, but still it makes us to have some rewind thoughts in our mind..I feel that this book belongs to this category..

This book is about the life of Alana, an ordinary twenty something girl who has some dreams and hopes to live an extraordinary life.

About the Author:

Ms.Reema D’souza is a twenty something girl who loves writing a lot..She keeps spinning stories in her head and she doesn’t want them to remain just in her head and so she writes a lot..

She blogs at

My thoughts on this book:

In this book, the author tells about life of Alana in her 20’s..Alana had completed her studies and joins her first job away from her home..She is both excited and stressed..Author explains about Alana’s feelings on her first salary ,staying away from home, getting bored on job and intrusion by relatives regarding her future life..Like many of us, Alana too loves friday a lot and she loves to enjoy during weekends..She wants to say “NO” to people which she can’t do so..She dreams to become a writer and achieves it..Finally she realizes that she is her own hero as she chose to follow her dreams..

Overall, this book is a light and good read and  I feel that persons who had crossed 20’s would be reminded of past events in their life.

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