Judging others & being judged…

Why do some of us judge others???? 

Because we feel that it is the easiest thing to do..We think that our perception is right and we easily form opinions..We don’t accept the fact that we may be wrong in our judgements…

OK, let me start how I wrongly judged a person..When I was young, I grew up in a joint family and I have an aunt (My dad’s elder brother’s wife)who lived separately from us..She was usually silent and didn’t talk more with my grand mother..She took care of her husband and son very well but she maintained a safe distance from my grandma…My grandma used to say that she is very selfish and she is not of adjustable type…

I really don’t know what made me judge that my aunt is bad…For many years I didn’t change my opinion..I  finally got married and understood that some relationships are very complex.. Some people show their anger by shouting at others whereas some are wounded so deeply that they move away from persons who hurt them badly..I don’t know regarding the problems between my grandma and aunt..

I understood that either of them may be right or wrong and I shouldn’t have judged badly about my aunt..I learnt a lesson that it is very easy to judge others and we can’t understand their situation unless we go through the same..I realized my mistake and apologized to my aunt..My aunt laughed and said that as I was young earlier, I misunderstood her…

There are some persons who judge about me also.. Earlier I used to feel bad and  even tried to prove  them that they are wrong..But after some attempts, I realized that I couldn’t change others..They will not stop judging me unless they understand/experience what I am going through in my life…It is a very difficult task to make others’ to understand about our situations..

I feel that it is good to ignore others’ judgements..I need not prove to every other person that I am good..I am answerable only to my conscience and not to others..

So, what do you think about judging others and being judged???

6 thoughts on “Judging others & being judged…

  1. This world has a lot of judgmental people. I don’t know how they gather up the extra energy spent at judging others. Perhaps it comes naturally to some. Who am I to judge them 😊

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  2. Well said, Sadhuvi. Salute your mature thoughts. You’re are absolutely right in saying that we can’t stop others from judging us but we can remain unaffected by their judgments. Bless you! 🙂

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