Thank You GOD!!!!

My dear GOD,

I am happy to thank you for whatever happened in my life till now..

You know that I am still in shock and have not fully recovered from these recent problems and instances…Yes, I accept,I scolded and hated you earlier for whatever happened…

But now, I am slowly recovering…

I know life is not a bed of roses, but still it shouldn’t be full of thorns, right????

I don’t believe in blaming YOU for worst things happening in life, but at times I am forced to do so.

I am trying to be strong so that I could cross this phase of my life and I hope I will succeed in my efforts…

You have taught me a lesson that certain relationships are not meant to last forever in my life…You know, I have done my level best to retain them, but I couldn’t…I have decided to throw them out of my mind so that I could live in peace at least from now in my life..

I thank you again for everything and I hope that I will stay strong throughout my life with your help and overcome all hurdles in future…

Yours lovingly,


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