What do you eat???

“Are you a  pure vegetarian???”

I have faced this question ‘n’ number of times in my life till now…Yes, I don’t eat non veg but still I can’t say that I am “pure” vegetarian…

I am now reminded of my childhood days when I first heard of veg/non veg foods..I remember my grandma saying me that I shouldn’t eat any non veg foods as I belong to “Veg” family…I couldn’t accept what she said and asked  her many questions..She couldn’t answer me and asked me to shut up..

When I was in school, many of my friends used to bring non veg items in their lunch boxes..They used to ask me if I mind joining them and I always say that I don’t have any problem in having lunch along with them. I didn’t have any aversions regarding non veg food and I was sure that I shouldn’t cause any embarrassment to my friends…I stayed in hostel during my college days and I feel that this thinking of mine helped me in mingling well with my friends..An important point to mention here is that my friends also understood me and didn’t compel me to change my food habits…

I am not a ‘pure’ vegetarian as I remember having eggs when I was young..I still have cakes/chocolates which have eggs and I love them…

Many of my friends had asked me why I don’t eat non veg foods and whether I have a strong principle regarding the same..

I always reply in below manner:

“I don’t eat non veg because I haven’t faced any situation till now where I am compelled to do so/don’t have any option… Imagine this – I haven’t eaten for a whole week and I am hungry to the core…After that week, I will eat whatever I get, I don’t mind even if it is non veg..I am practical and I haven’t faced that situation  and so I didn’t have non veg food till now”

My friends usually laugh at my answer but this is my standard answer to all who question me regarding the same..

OK, jokes apart, I feel that everyone has basic freedom to choose the type of food he/she wishes to have..It is high time that we stop judging others based on their food preferences..

I feel strongly that nobody even family/friends/government can force them to change their food habits…

We can be a vegetarian or non vegetarian but let us not force our eating style on others..Each of us have our own reasons to remain so and it isn’t really necessary to explain ourselves to others…

So, What do you think???

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