Are you Phasmophobic???

Imagine this situation:

You are alone in your house..You switch on TV at afternoon and when you are surfing through channels you see that “The conjuring” film is being telecasted in one channel..

You start watching the film..After some time, you become afraid and you hug your pillow in fear..Then you close your eyes and only hear the dialogues…It is followed by muting the TV and finally switching it off..

Then you start imagining the sequences in the film as if it happens in your own house..Finally at night, you wake up from sleep and scream..Your husband wakes up and scolds you for watching the film irrespective of your fear of ghosts…

If above incident has happened to you also, then I am happy to welcome you to my group…  Yes, I am not ashamed to accept that I am very much afraid of ghosts…

I think I knew about ghosts at a very young age through my friends and I started believing in it..I heard many ghost stories which I don’t remember now..Some of films in tamil like “My dear lisa” added fuel to my ghost fear..

During summer vacation, my cousins used to visit my house…We used to sleep in a  separate room in upstairs & elders were not strictly allowed inside.. During a midnight, we were talking about ghosts and were arguing whether they exist or not…Suddenly there was no power & torch we had was not working…Only my brother had a cellphone that time and he tried to on the torch in cellphone ..But he was surprised, as the cellphone suddenly got switched off (He later told us that battery charge was full)..All of us freaked out due to fear  and started running madly to downstairs..

So, to cut the long story short, my fear for ghosts also grew along with me….But I didn’t stop watching horror movies ..I am the person who shouts loudly in cinema theaters and who shuts her eye most of the times while watching horror films…

OK, now you might wonder about the title of this post..According to Wiki, “Phasmophobia” means “fear of the ghosts”..

A conversation between me and my husband:

Husband : Have you ever seen ghosts in real life ???

Me              : No, I haven’t seen..

Husband   : Then, why are you afraid and why you believe in ghosts???

Me               : I am afraid because of this reason  – Imagine that I say ghosts didn’t exist and some ghosts hear the same, get angry and come before me just to prove their existence!!! Then what will I do??? 

Husband  : Oh my God!!!  How can you think like this????

Me : Hahahahha…

So, What about you ??? Are you Phasmophobic????

6 thoughts on “Are you Phasmophobic???

  1. Lol on your response to your husband!! I have such silly thoughts too.. As far as ghost movie I always play safe and watch it in mute. Even Pizza movie I watches in movie. So now you know if I am in your club or not!!


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