I am sick of being good!!!

Last year had been very hard on me when certain close relationships were concerned..But I also learnt very good lesson on how to deal with some people..There were times when I was afraid even to talk with them on mobile phones..Yes, even though they were miles apart, they still had the power to hurt me…I let them talk rubbish to me and was feeling bad due to it…I hated myself for being weak..

During last week of December, I started introspecting myself..I found out that my love, caring attitude and adjustment towards them is the main reason for all problems..I felt bad as they were not honest with me and they didn’t care for us as we did…I decided that it is high time to throw such kind of people away from my mind for us to live in peace…

So, What I did in last 15 days??  Whenever they telephoned me, I didn’t avoid their calls for the fear of they hurting me..Instead I took all their calls and talked as if I am talking to a stranger...I was not telling them anything about me or my husband..I just answered in a word or two and  wasn’t interested  in having any lengthy conversations with them..

As they are said to be very close relatives to us, I know I can’t avoid them completely in life..But still I can treat them as strangers in my mind and let them not affect me or my husband in any way…I am aware that I would be labelled as not a good person very soon by them..But I really don’t care and I am now more concerned about my husband and myself and not about others…I know that I had loved and cared for them honestly all these years…Time had proven that they don’t deserve us anymore….

I am completely in love with this year 2017..It may be too early to say this as just 3 days had been over now..But still, I like this positive feeling and I believe that I would continue  to feel happy…

I pray God to give strength to me and to my husband to face the problems with a smile and also accept and enjoy our life as it is!!!!!

6 thoughts on “I am sick of being good!!!

  1. ‘Every year you make a resolution to change yourself, Make a resolution this year to be yourself’. I got this quote for new year on my phone. It is applicable to all of us. Stay positive.


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