My Experience at Passport Seva Kendra, Tambaram, Chennai…

This post is about my experience at PSK Tambaram..I have already blogged about process for applying passport online here..

This PSK office is at ground floor and first floor..In second floor, A/c waiting room for hourly charges, toilets, and a small canteen is available (I think it is owned by some private parties)..They charge Rs.5 for toilets and Rs.30 or Rs.40 as one hour charge for A/c waiting room..

I reached at PSK half an hour before my scheduled time..I was allowed inside at my particular time slot and I was asked to provide my online appointment receipt and original and xerox copies of documents for my name and address proof and matriculation mark sheet..After checking, original copies were returned back to me and I was sent to another counter for getting a token number..I got a token there and was asked to go to first floor for further process..

In first floor, there are A, B and C counters..Counter A is manned by TCS ( outsourced by government for passport issuance) employees and Counters B & C are manned by government officials..There are display screens in which token numbers and counter numbers are displayed..

Counter A:

I showed my original documents and xerox copies of the same to lady in the counter..She scanned all those documents and photograph and finger prints are also taken at the same counter..After that, She showed me the screen and asked me to check my details again…I paid Rs.45 in the same counter for knowing the status  of passport application  through SMS..

Then I was told that I have to go to  counter B for further verification.

Counter B:

Token number was the same and after some time, I was called at counter B..

Here my experience was different with many twists..Let me explain the same with bullet points for better understanding..

  • All my documents were cross checked with originals  by the Officer X (I don’t know the name and so let me call as “Officer X”)
  • I was asked for an additional self declaration for a minor name change..I asked the need for the same as I had already provided necessary documents for change of name and told that it is not mentioned in website..I got a reply that everything is not mentioned in the website..
  • Anyway as it is self declaration, I got the format  at ground floor, filled the same and went to the same counter.The Officer X checked the same and I was told to visit Counter A  again for scanning..
  • At Counter A, I was informed by the staff that self declaration is not needed now (It seems that earlier it was necessary and now process had changed)..Finally they scanned the same as that Officer X had asked for the same.
  • I went back to counter B and now that Officer X told me some corrections in that declaration and asked me to re scan the same ( I really can’t understand why the same wasn’t mentioned when it was earlier checked by the same officer)
  • I visited counter A again and re scanned the same document again.
  • I came to same Officer X in counter B and now I was told that it was lunch time and I have to wait for my token number after lunch..
  • I waited and finally I was called at another counter by another Officer..Again documents were checked and I was informed that there is no need of that extra declaration anyway..I told that I was asked for the same by Officer X previously..
  • I was then asked to go to “C” counter where final decision is taken regarding the issuance of passport..

I feel that Officer X didn’t like the question I asked about self declaration not mentioned in their website..I am sure I didn’t ask anything wrong – Making me run from pillar to post for an extra unnecessary document is not fair..Anyway, I was patient as my work had to be completed..

Counter C:

After some time, I was called at “C” counter and my original documents were checked again and finally passport was granted..I was given acknowledgement letter and was told that I would get my passport after police verification..Initially I thought that it would take more time, but was surprised that everything got completed within three hours..

Police verification is over and finally I received my passport !!!

Overall I feel that I had a good experience at PSK Tambaram despite of minor issues..I know, things like this happen and everything else was good and organised well at PSK Tambaram.


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