How to apply for Passport online??

I still remember that day before 10 years when my father asked me to apply for a Passport. I didn’t apply as I was lazy to the core..

Last month, I suddenly got this desire to apply for a fresh passport..I knew that Passport can be applied through online and so started the process of applying the same..

I browsed through their website( and all instructions are very clearly given here..I read about the documents needed for issuance of fresh passport and other details required..

Applying through online for passport is not difficult, but still I wish to explain step by step so that it may be helpful for others..

  • First step is to register ourselves in the  New user? Register Now section in above mentioned website..Passport office has to be selected and other details like name, date of birth, mail id are to be filled..After registering successfully, we will have a new login id and password..
  • We have to enter our login id and password in Existing User? Login ..Then click on Apply for a fresh passport/reissue of passport link and start filling details..There are 2 options – We can download the soft copy of the form, fill and upload the same or We can fill the application form online..I opted for filling the application online..
  • After selecting the type of application as normal/tatkaal and type of passport booklet, Applicant details like name, surname,DOB, Place of birth, gender,marital status,educational qualification, eligibility for Non-ECR Category and other details are to be filled..It is self explanatory.
  • Then we have to enter our Family details in the online application and then we have to enter our present residential address details..There is a limit to number of characters that can be typed in the address box..So, we have to mention the address correctly and carefully..If our permanent address is different from our present address, it has to be mentioned separately.Then, we have to select the police station in our area and also fill our details like mobile/telephone number, email id, etc..We have to provide name and address of two persons as our references for passport issuance.
  • Then we have to fill Emergency contact details and self declaration details..
  • After filling the form fully, we have to submit the same and then we have to schedule appointment at Passport office for application submission..We have to select a date from available dates and then pay Rs.1500 for the same..I paid the fee through online and payment was successful..
  • We also can upload supporting documents which I think is not mandatory and is optional..However, I scanned and attached the same..
  • After completing everything, we can take printouts of Online Appointment Receipt in which appointment date and time and other details are clearly mentioned..

( Note: There is an Instructions Booklet in their website which clears many of our doubts.. Please go through the same before starting to fill the application online.. Documents required are mentioned in elaborate manner..There is also an option to Save details while filling the form online)

Overall, I feel that filling application for passport online is very easy provided we read the instructions carefully..I read about documents required and other instructions fully before starting to fill online.

After filling form online, we have to visit the passport office directly as per our scheduled appointment to submit the documents..

I would write about my experience in Passport Office in my next post.


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