Who is the real killer???

Before twenty five years:

Incident 1:

There was a maid working in our house when I was young..She wasn’t educated, had one daughter and her husband didn’t have regular income..She was hard working and managed all her family problems single handedly..She conceived for the second time ..She was telling my mother that she wanted to have a healthy baby and wasn’t concerned about whether a girl or boy baby..After some months, her husband visited our home and happily announced that they had a new baby girl and gave us sweets..

Incident 2:

My classmate’s house was near my house and we used to go to school together..Both her parents were educated..Her mother was expecting and she had told her daughter that she is going to have a younger brother.. My classmate replied that she wanted a younger sister and got scolded by her parents.. Finally she had younger sister and she told me that her parents and grandparents were worried due to birth of girl baby..

Both these incidents occurred while I was young.. I was angry on my classmate’s parents…That day I felt that education doesn’t change people’s thinking..

Situation on 2017: 

Recently I read a news which says about a mother who had killed her  newly born twin girls as she already had an elder girl..

I was shocked to the core on reading this..This mother expected a boy as she already had a girl…It is said that her husband and in-laws also expected a baby boy as everyone had girl babies in their family..Her husband hadn’t visited her after she gave birth to twins..She got worried and  was afraid that her husband would get separated from her and so she had killed those twin girls..

I couldn’t believe after reading this…I was reminded of the incidents which took place before 25 years..

Why this society haven’t changed?? Why there is still difference between girls and boys??? Are we moving backwards??? I don’t want to generalize but still couldn’t come out of this incident..

Many of us would feel that the mother is heartless and merciless..I agree hundred percent that she had committed a crime – she doesn’t know  the importance of a child – There are many  people who are trying hard for a baby and are worried that they couldn’t have even one baby..But she is said to have killed two innocent souls..

Another important question in my mind now is – Whether she alone is responsible for this crime??? Definitely not..Her husband and his family are also reason for this..If they hadn’t forced their wish about baby boy on her during her pregnancy, she might not have done this now..

I feel that the woman, her husband, family and also this society had killed those twin girls..

I am now reminded of my maid whom I mentioned in beginning of this post..She raised her daughters in a commendable way and was mentally strong even before 25 years..

Though I don’t wish to blame this mother fully, still I feel that she should have been  strong and raised those twin girls..

My heart goes out for those tiny little souls who had left this world…

I am dreaming of a society where both men and women are treated equally..It is high time  we understand that no one is superior or inferior in this society and all are equal..I don’t know whether my dream will come true or not..

So, what do you think???


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