Book Review – Zero Debt: Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life – by Neeraj Deginal

Name of the book: Zero Debt: Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life

Author: Neeraj Deginal

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help

No. of Pages:  112 pages

“To Err is human” – Our life is defined by the way we bounce back from the mistakes done by us!!!

In this book, Author narrates his own experiences in dealing with financial journey in his life..He speaks about how he fell in to a debt trap and what he did to rectify his mistakes…

He explains about how he grew up in a middle class family as an over protected child..He didn’t knew anything about the importance of money or how to use it effectively..He had a comfortable childhood with all his needs taken care by his parents..He moved to another city for his post graduation and it was the first time that he had to manage with money alone..He was asked by his parents to show list of expenses that he made..

He completed his studies and joined in a job..As usual, his parents took care of investments or savings with his salary..After some years, he joined in another job and relocated to new house near his office..This is when his life changed – He enjoyed his freedom and started spending his salary as per his wish..He bought mobile phones, credit cards with higher limits and really didn’t have any clue of how his money disappeared from his bank account..

He got engaged and for his marriage expenses he applied for a personal loan..After some years, he had personal loan,car loan, home loan, credit card dues and he felt stressed as he couldn’t manage everything..He was hospitalized for a major health problem and he realized how he had complicated his life due to financial issues..

He then talks about how he analysed his situation rationally and steps taken by him to stay debt-free in life..He shares about the dilemmas faced by him during execution of the same..His opinion is that being debt-free leads to total freedom,be it, financial freedom, emotional freedom or freedom from stress.

Overall, I feel that this book is interesting and good to read!!! It is not preachy – Some of us may connect with the experiences of Author..I accept with his view that parents have to teach their kids about the concept of money and how to deal with the same.

My rating for this book is 3.5/5

Disclaimer: I received a copy of book in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

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