Book Review – Mango People in Banana Republic – by Vishak Shakti

Before I started reading this book, I was intrigued by it’s title and also cover.. When I finished reading, I felt that Author’s narration of story and characterization has made this book a very interesting and a good read!!!

Ravi Bhalerao works as a Strategy Consultant in one of the bigger firms and  he feels that his life is purposeless and boring..He realizes that he misses something vital in life and he also suffers from severe physical pain due to anal fistula..His physical pain and office politics makes him fully depressed and he quits his job..He travels to new places seeking answers to numerous questions..He is worried on seeing the poor status of farmers in his village and he tries hard to help them..This leads him to cross paths with activists, political parties, maoists, communists and spiritualists..Whether he finally gets answers and the way he gets transformed in the end makes this book an engaging read..

Anand Reddy, a former NASA scientist, comes to India on a spiritual quest..He visits various ashrams in search of true realization and liberation..He finally realizes that everything is within an individual and it requires greater sacrifice to achieve his wishes.. Author had told this story through  Ravi and Anand..The way both these characters meet is interesting..

Author explains about various problems faced by farmers and also politics in our country..Many politicians, activists have their own understanding of core issues and they believe that only they can provide solutions!!!! But in the end, problems are not solved and it becomes complicated..

This story revolves around lives of Ravi, Anand and Author talks about important issues in our country with humour, sattire and  also about role of spirituality and self realization in life..

Overall, I feel that this book is a good, interesting and an engaging read and  I enjoyed reading it!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

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