Book Review – The Game Of Secrets – by Saurish Hegde

In this book, Author talks about the life of a young oncologist Nishanth shetty…Nishanth’s father Dr.Vittal, famous oncologist, manages a chain of hospitals in Mangalore and also in other cities..Nishanth loves his profession and he wants to help needy people a lot..So, he joins Politics along with his friend Kashyap and decides to form a new political party..He supports Kashyap in his political activities and faces problems from Adishakthi and Dhanush, who belong to another rival political party..

Further, he meets  Navya at first time in a party and is madly in love with her..He is very serious about their relationship, but a call from Dr.Ramdas,a scientist, changes everything in his life..Nishanth respects Dr.Ramdas a lot for his knowledge in the field of science..Dr.Ramdas asks Nishanth’s help in a research which is very vital for mankind..Nishanth accepts the offer and he starts helping him in his research..

Ramdas and Nishanth are  happy due to positive outcome of their research..But, Nishanth suddenly  gets a phone call from a stranger who asks him about research and warns him of serious consequences if he didn’t share details about his research..Both Ramdas and Nishanth are shocked and confused and they also face problems from Adishakthi…They don’t know about their enemy and are worried and they couldn’t believe anyone..What happens next makes this story interesting to read..

I liked reading this story but I personally feel that this book could have been edited and proofreaded better…Author’s narration of the story was good, but I feel that some characters could have been portrayed better..

My rating for this book is 3.5/5.


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