Book Review – 8 Hours – by Upendra Namburi

8 Hours (Numbers)

Aratrika Reddy, CEO of Arya Holdings Ltd, has only eight hours to save her company from bankruptcy and a hostile takeover.. In this book, Author talks about the hurdles  faced by her to save her company from disaster in a very limited time..This fight by Aratrika makes this story an interesting and a thrilling read..

Aratrika had a very difficult childhood and she despises her father liquor baron Madhusudhan Reddy, founder of Arya Holdings…She couldn’t forget  her traumatic past and the way her father had badly treated her mother and her brothers..She starts working at ARYA due to some unavoidable circumstances..She expands her father’s business and is happy when good results started showing up due to her hard work..But all of a sudden, things start to fell apart and the company faces many hurdles..Her father’s rival Harshavardhan Rathore and his son Rajyavardhan starts destroying her company to settle their own old scores..Further Aratrika also has to handle her estranged husband Siddhartha who also tries to take over the company..

Author had described the events that happen in a timeline in this book…Aratrika finds out that some persons who she had believed fully, also had cheated her..She tries hard to cope up with mental stress and tries hard to achieve her dream..Her childhood pains and dark secrets makes the reader to sympathize with her..Her innocence is killed due to her past and she is forced to do many things that she doesn’t really wish to do…She is portrayed as a person who tries hard to fight against uncertainties..

Though the story revolves around Aratrika, the author depicts the other characters’ also in a very detailed manner..Her relationship with her mother, brothers, her uncle Jagannath and her old friend Peter is explained well by the Author..

Overall, I feel that this book is good, thrilling, fast-paced, interesting and engaging to read!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

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