Book Review – Prem Purana: Mythological Love Stories – by Usha Narayanan

Prem Purana: Mythological Love Stories

I grew up listening to stories about Gods Rama, Krishna, Pillaiyar and Murugan from my Grandma..These folk lores were my bedtime stories and I still remember the way my grandma explained them..So, when I started reading this book, it was like reliving my childhood days..

I liked reading about the mythological characters and also a different point of view  by the Author makes this book  interesting to read..In this book, Author talks about the love stories of Lord Ganesha, Mandodari (Ravana’s wife) and love between Nala and Damayanthi..

When I was young, I thought that God Ganesha is a bachelor …After many years, I heard that Ganesha is married..I liked reading the story about his love with  three sisters Riddhi, Buddhi and Siddhi..Author had explained in detail about how Ganesha tried hard to please these sisters to make them love and marry him finally..It was refreshing to read about various incidents in Ganesha’s life and Author has beautifully weaved these stories without any loose ends..I liked the characterisation of Buddhi and Siddhi a lot..

The love story between Mandodari and Ravana have been depicted well by the Author..Mandodari is wife of Ravana and I haven’t heard or read more about her so far..I liked the way she loved Ravana and how she stayed with Ravana in all his good and bad times…Ravana was deeply in love with her and it was interesting to read about this quality in him..Mandodari was deeply devoted towards him and sacrificed everything for his well being…Kudos to the Author for portraying Mandodari as Strong, loving, and intelligent woman who always voices her opinion whenever her husband was wrong..Further Author talks about the relationship between Mandodari and Sita which is interesting to read..

The last story in this book is about love and relationship between Nala and Damayanti..Author had narrated how they fell in love with each other and how they got married after overcoming many hurdles..After marriage, they have to face many problems and Nala even left Damayanthi alone in a forest…Author talks about how they both loved each other irrespective of various issues and how finally they both were reunited..

I liked all the three stories but Mandodari’s story is my  favorite one…Author had researched a lot about these mythological characters and it definitely shows in the way she had written these stories..

Overall, I loved reading this book which is good and also interesting to read!!! If you like reading mythological stories,then you would enjoy reading this!!!

My rating for this book is 4/5.

Disclaimer: I received this book  in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

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