Book Review – Sins of the Father – by Sunanda J.Chatterjee

Sins of the Father

This is the first book in the Wellington Estates series by the author and it’s a romantic story blended with a little mystery..This story revolves around relationship between main protagonists  Harrison McNamara and Laura Carson..

Harrison, a police officer, meets Laura, a psychologist, while investigating a suicide case..Both are mutually attracted towards each other..But they have dark secrets in their life which involves their childhood days..Their troubled past life becomes a deciding factor in their relationship..Whether they are able to overcome those hurdles and live happily makes this story interesting to read…

Author had described the pain experienced by both Laura and Harrison while growing up, due to mysterious past which involves their fathers..Laura’s friendship with Juhi is beautifully depicted by the Author..The importance of trust, love and forgiveness in relationships is explained well in this story..

Overall, I feel that this book is interesting and a light read!!!

My rating for this book is 3.5/5

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of book  in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

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