Book Review – It Happens – by Karan Sharma

It Happens

Does age really play an important role in love and marriage?? Why a boy can’t marry a girl older than him??? These are the questions which the author answers in this book..I have to first congratulate the author for writing about this subject which is still considered as wrong by many in this society..These people are selectively narrow minded – They accept an older man marrying a younger girl but if it’s vice versa they couldn’t digest the same..

In this book, Gautam, a twenty five year old banking professional falls in love with Roshni, an unmarried thirty seven year old senior management member who works in same multinational bank..Gautam’s friend Rohit asks many logical questions regarding their age gap which makes Gautam think twice about his relationship..Gautam accepts an onsite offer to Singapore so that he could move away from Roshni..But  he is unable to forget Roshni and returns to India and proposes to her..She accepts the same and they are engaged..Both of them face some minor issues due to their age difference and Roshni’s friend asks her many questions which confuses her a lot..Whether they are married finally or not and the way they faced many problems makes this story interesting to read..

I liked the logical questions asked due to their age gap and it made me curious to know whether their love is truly strong enough to fight against many confusions and problems..I loved the characterization of Gautam’s sister a lot..

I feel that decisions related to love and marriage are more personal and it is high time that this society stops intruding..Love is not about “logic”, it’s more about “emotions”.

Overall, I feel that this book is interesting, fast paced and engaging to read..Kudos to author for writing about this different theme..

My rating is 4/5.

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of book  in return for my honest review..I didn’t receive any monetary compensation for the same.

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