Book Review – When Love Happens – by Manish Kumar

In this book, Author explains about how falling in love plays an important role in a person’s future life..This story is full of love, emotions,dreams, feelings, friendships and also failures..

Nish falls in love with a girl ‘G’ during his school days..He loves her so deeply but ‘G’ fears a lot due to their conservative backgrounds…He is more serious in their relationship but ‘G’ is not fully ready…He gets distracted in his studies and fails in achieving his dream of joining IIT..Finally he joins in another engineering college and tries hard to concentrate in his future life..Author explains about the events that happen after his college days and whether he succeeds in his professional and personal life or not makes this book interesting to read..

I feel that Nish’s feelings had been portrayed well by the author..His love, trust, frustration and forgiveness towards ‘G’ is understandable…When we love someone deeply, we couldn’t hate them fully…Love may make a person to think more from his heart and that’s what Nish does….’G’ is more suppressed, confused, afraid and unable to make strong decisions in her life..

Nish learns a lot from his failures and his experiences makes him more matured and happy in his life..Life is full of twists and turns and that’s why it’s worth living..

The story is good but I personally feel that this book could have been edited better..Narrations are OK but at times it becomes more repetitive..

Overall, I feel this book is interesting to read..

My rating is 3/5.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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