Day 31 – Shopping!!!

I have questioned myself  many times regarding my shopping patterns and could never get convincing answers..I have been a selective miser in my life till now..I never see price tags when I am getting anything for my family or close friends..But if it is for me, I really don’t know what happens, I couldn’t get anything above my decided price range (which is quite low)..I am not comfortable exceeding my price range.

Irrespective of whether I work or not, this has been the same scenario in my life..I am not interested in getting fancy dresses or jewels or make up items..My interest is on books,toys and other artistic items like wall hangings, small showcase items etc ( all within my price range only).

I really feel bored when I go for shopping in malls..I would visit only their book shops and toy shops..hahaha..I have accepted the fact that I couldn’t change myself and I have to live with it. Yes, I am happy being a selective miser..


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