Book Review – Psychopathic Love Story – by Paul Roshan

Love – This is a magical word which can make a person to be both happy and also depressed..A feeling which can never be expressed fully in words and which makes a person to think that whatever he/she does in love is correct..It forces a person to decide more from heart than brain..But, yet it’s beautiful…

 Rohit, an Anti suicide associate, receives a final love letter, a suicide note, penned by Rohan to Dia..He gets the full love story of Rohan through whatsapp messages..Author had mentioned in the prologue that this book is never edited, has a very simple english and is written in whatsapp chat language..So, this book is all about love story of Rohan and Dia..

Rohan, who lives with his parents in Chennai, gets a job offer at a BPO in Hyderabad..He accepts the job as he is eager to live in another city and face new challenges (without knowing telugu) there..He meets Dia in the office..She is attracted towards him as he is talkative and makes others’ happy..Rohan also likes Dia but his ego stops him to express his love towards her..When she proposes to her, he first denies the same but after some days, he accepts her love..He starts loving her so deeply and surprises her a lot in her birthday (I liked the way he planned the surprises)..

Both of them are madly in love with each other..Rohan is so possessive and he hates even if Dia laughs and talks to another guy..He realises that he is slowly becoming a psychopath..This creates a lot of problems among them and finally Dia breaks up with him..She falls in love with another person in the office and Rohan couldn’t bear the same..He resigns his job and returns to Chennai..He decides to commit suicide as he hates his life without Dia..Whether he takes his own life or not forms the rest of the story..

To be very honest, I can’t sympathize with Rohan’s  character..Yes, his love is very true but it’s also fearable..If one person is extremely and madly obsessive towards another in love -then it breaks the relationship..There should be mutual  trust and freedom in love and being more possessive definitely hurts a lot..Suicide is not a solution to any problem in life..Staying strong and facing the challenges makes our life to be more thrilling..

Overall, I feel this book is interesting and a very light read..This story is more believable as it still happens to some people who are in love…

My rating for this book is 3.5/5

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of book from Writersmelon in return for my honest review.

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