Day 28 – Decluttering

I know relationships are more complex..Imagine this – You believe a person fully and love, respect them to the core..You don’t want to hurt them even in a small issue and adjust a lot..But in the end, they betray you..

What will you do??? When I faced these kind of people in my life , I was upset and hurt..It was very hard for me  as I am a  sensitive person..But after some days, I realized that I have expected more from them and they aren’t worth it..Yes,I know I was foolish enough to trust them earlier..

But, now I am happy that I have understood that this is how life is..I can’t change my basic character of trusting others due to some persons’ wrong behavior..For me trust comes first in any relationship..

I feel happy that I have started decluttering my mind now..I have thrown away (at least mentally) those people who took me for a ride!!! Yes, it is difficult, but I think it’s still possible.

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