Day 26 – Am I really happy???

When I was young, I loved reading this last line in many stories – “And they lived happily ever after”… But after many years, I understood that it’s not practically possible.. All of us have both ups and downs in life and staying happy depends on how we perceive problems in life..

I joined in this 100 happy days blogathon primarily because I want to feel happiness around me..I needed to reassure myself that I am ok even with all the personal problems in my life..I want to be positive and continue being  grateful now..

 I am now searching and realizing small things which makes me feel happy..I have a question in my mind – Am I really happy?? My honest answer is “no” as of now but I am trying hard to “stay happy”..I am perceiving and believing that I am happy and I really hope that my belief will help me achieve happiness in life..

I know this post is more like a confusing rant and a bit philosophical, but I wrote this to reassure myself that I can stay happy irrespective of lot of problems in my life as of now..

To end this with a happy note, I am grateful to God that I always have my Husband with me who is really patient, mature and supportive in whatever I do..He is really great and I am happy and blessed to have him in my life.

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