My First Love!!!

Are you a kid?? Why are you doing like this?? 

When will you grow up??

Why are you spending unnecessarily ???

Don’t you get bored??

Are you crazy???

Whenever some of my family members, friends, guests, visit my house, they ask the above mentioned questions without fail!!!

Yes, I am talking about my collection of Teddy bears!!!

Teddy bears are my first love and I adore them a lot!!! I don’t know why am I so much attracted towards it..I have many of it in my home..I couldn’t and wouldn’t come out of this love!!!

I really don’t understand why people connect my age and my love for teddy bear!!

Yes, I know, I am now in my 30’s…Is there any rule that toys are restricted to age of a person???

I usually reply them back that I would never get bored and I never mind spending my money on buying what I love…

There are some guests who tell their children “Aunty has many toys..She is now grown up and she doesn’t play with this..You can ask her and take some of her toys”

I don’t play with  toys – But that doesn’t mean that I have to give it to others… I love collecting them and arranging them in the way I like..I tell those kids that I need those toys and I buy and gift them some new ones!!

I don’t really understand why some people are like this?? Why they feel that a person is immature if he/she loves toys?? Every one have different interests and I have my own!!

I love buying teddy bears and books since my childhood days and I wouldn’t change  myself… I would stop collecting toys when I feel like doing the same and not due to others’ comment!!!

So, What do you think?? Do you think love for toys is related to your age??

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7 thoughts on “My First Love!!!

  1. It is human nature to tag people as per their idea of what ‘should be’. If this world minded their own business instead of worrying about why a person is doing what she is doing, life would be so easy.
    You like Teddy bears ! Me too! Though I don’t have a large collection, I always have one with me to make feel cozy when I have no one else around me.

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  2. Well, Its awesome that you do what you love inspite of people telling you otherwise. It is like, there are always rules and regulations as to how you have to be and need to behave at certain ages. It’s totally wrong. You should be happy and that’s all that is important.

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  3. I second you, age has nothing to do with toys or for that matter anything in life. I am a big fan of soft toys and miniatures, I have tons of them. On top of it, my husband spoils me by buying me more. I love my toys the dearest and don’t let even my favourite nephew/niece take any of them away.

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