My Five Easy Ways To Have A Healthy Life…#ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Our body is our most priceless possession and it’s our duty to always stay healthy…Ways for being healthy differs among various individuals..

We usually compare ourselves with others and try to follow their fitness routine and dietary habits..I personally feel that it is a mistake that we often do while trying to stay healthy!!! If we want to lead a healthy and fit life, we have to figure out our own ways to stay healthy and should follow the same regularly!!!

Given below are my own ways of being healthy in my life:

Feeling good about myself:

I should have a positive body image –  I should love myself and be confident irrespective of  whether I am thin or fat…I shouldn’t hate myself  based on my physical appearance!!

This self-love  is the first step which will  definitely motivate me to stay fit and healthy in my life!!!

Physical activities:

Some of us go to gym and do cardios and other exercises daily to stay fit – But, many don’t have time to join in a gym…I feel that we can always be fit if we do any physical activities like walking, running, cycling, sports, dancing, yoga  for at least half an hour a day!!!

I always walk to near by shops from my home to buy anything needed and if it is far away, I prefer cycling to that place..I don’t use lifts often and climb up the stairs so that some of my calories are burnt!!!

Don’t stay hungry and eat healthy:

I often have my food in time and avoid staying hungry..I try to have a well-balanced diet with lot of vegetables, grains and also fruits..I would always stay hydrated and drink more water and fresh juices..I prefer knowing what I eat..Oil is most important in Indian cooking and so I select my brand very carefully!!!

We tend to eat many unhealthy snacks mainly due to our laziness ..I usually cut different varieties of fruits and store it in refrigerator..Whenever I am hungry, I have those healthy fruits..I don’t buy those snacks which I feel is not good for my health..So, I am not tempted to eat them!!!

Doing household tasks :

I have a maid who usually do sweeping, mopping, and washes dishes in my home..Whenever she is on leave, I do all the above mentioned works..Sweeping and mopping is a great upper and lower body workout..Cleaning dishes is a good exercise for our hands!!!

I usually bend and do some work in my house – It is equal to “Squats” that we do in gym..If I am taking something from bottom drawer of my kitchen cabinet/ wardrobe, I hold myself in this squatting pose for few seconds, before standing up straight!!!

I  also do”Counter top push ups”  when I am cooking and waiting for my dish to get fully cooked.. For this, kitchen counter top should be dry first –  I move my feet slightly away from the counter while my hands are firmly placed on its edges for support. I lower my chest slowly towards the counter in a push-up motion and push back in slow regular rhythms!!

There are some objects which can be used by us in our homes as dumbbells ( which are used in gym) like canned goods, plastic bottles, books, etc!!!

Have a good sleep:

Having a good sleep is vital to stay healthy and sleep deficiency causes many diseases and also increases the risk of obesity!!!

These are the ways that I incorporate in my life to strive to be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy


I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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