Please don’t run away!!!

When we are very young, we may adore few persons apart from our family and friends, and  think that they are our role models..One such person was Radha** Akka** to me when I was studying in School…

Radha Akka and I used to travel in same bus to nearby town for our studies..She was in her final year of B.SC..She was very brilliant, beautiful with a smiling face.. I admired her a lot for her humbleness (despite of being born in a very rich family), helping tendency, down to earth approach and her knowledge in academics..She was much older than me but still we both had a good time during our travel!!!

I still remember the day when I heard the news that Radha Akka had died suddenly..I was so young and asked my Dad whether she had heart attack ( I was so naive that I thought people die only due to heart attack or due to accidents)..My dad replied in negative and said that she had committed Suicide!!! I didn’t understand the meaning  and was told by my Dad that it is killing ourselves…He further added that it was a wrong thing to do and I was so young to understand in-depth regarding this…

I cried and I missed her a lot..I couldn’t believe that she is no more and felt very bad in seeing her parents who had lost their only daughter!!! My parents told me strictly that I shouldn’t discuss anything about her!!!

This was the first suicide that I heard in my life…I still don’t know the real reason  and there were many rumors that she died as her parents’ didn’t agree for her marriage with her lover..I am not sure whether it is true or not!!!

I have thought about her many times in my life – Why she took this extreme step?? – If she had been alive now, she would be working in a good company as per her wish and would have enjoyed her life!!!

Every one of us have problems in our life and might feel depressed – Yet, we move on in our life!!! But there are very few who commit suicide – If they think even for one second before, they would never kill themselves!!! I know about a person who was admitted in a hospital before some years for suicide attempt  due to depression and saved..He was given treatment for his depression and he used to tell me that he was foolish to kill himself – He said that time heals everything and he should have been patient earlier..

I feel that awareness about depression is very low in our country – Some people don’t even know that there is treatment to come out of depression and if it is not done, it   leads to suicide…

Some young students commit suicide if they fail/get low marks in their board exams!!! Recently there are some suicides due to Blue whale challenge game!! Parents have to closely monitor their children and have a friendly relationship with them to avoid this..

I strongly feel that it is possible to prevent suicide !! We have to help our friends and even ourselves to fight against depression..We have to be patient enough to hear what they feel and should spend time with our loved ones so that they don’t feel alone..If we are depressed, we have to accept the same and seek medical help – It is just a disease which can be cured by medicines and by love!!

“Please don’t run away from Life -Because if you kill yourself, you’re also going to kill the people who love you to the core!! Face the problems with smile and with support of your loved ones”

(Note: Radha*** – Name changed to protect identity, Akka** –  a word in Tamil which means “Sister”)

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27 thoughts on “Please don’t run away!!!

  1. I can feel your loss and confusion through your words. Its true, we don’t even realize how many lives we are impacting by such a decision…not just immediate family and friends, but people whom we never even realized we had such an impact on. I hope more people read this post and understand this.

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  2. lately i have read another post. it was more of a call for help. the person seemed like a suicidal case . but the fact that he has reached out to others and vent out his emotion on a blog gave me hope for him. and like your male friend said.. time heals everything and al you need in that moment in patience.

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