A Game that Kills!!!

I woke up with a big smile this morning  as climate was cool and it was raining..I enjoyed watching the beauty of rain in my balcony sipping a cup of tea..I felt happy for no reason and it was really a good feeling!!!

I didn’t know that my happiness is going to vanish very soon..When I was browsing through recent news, I was shocked to read about a suicide of a college student in Tamilnadu due to “Blue Whale Challenge game” – I couldn’t believe this first – How can a young person commit suicide just for a game???

I find it really hard to come out of this shock and sad feeling ..I have heard of this game  and I  strongly believed that today’s younger generation is intelligent enough not to play this scary stupid game – But I have been proved wrong!!!

Blue Whale Challenge game lasts for 50 days – Each day, the “participant” is told to complete a task and send a photographic or video proof to the “Administrator” – Around 50 tasks are given to player or participant and 50th task is “Taking their own life/Suicide”..

It is very scary even to read about this malicious game – I can’t believe how the young students are participating in the same!!! What makes them kill themselves??? Do they do it just for thrill factor???

I can’t even think about the parents of the deceased students…They can never come out of  pain of losing loved ones..Further, they would also feel guilty that they didn’t know and stop their Children from playing this deadly game..

I strongly feel that it is necessary for parents to monitor their children and stop them from playing this game …Awareness is very important so that we can stop such incidents happening in future..

There may be few uneducated parents who really don’t know what their school/college going children browse in mobile/laptops..I think that they should be informed about this scary game in easier way without creating any panic..I discussed about this game with my maid today – She doesn’t know anything about internet – I explained her in a simple way so that she is aware and monitors her college going son..

Some students play this game just for thrill factor and they feel that they should win..I feel parents should  talk with their children in a friendly way and make sure that they don’t feel lonely – If they find that their child is addicted to this, they should  definitely seek the help of a psychiatrist who can help to come out of this addiction – Scolding or beating Children is definitely not going to help!!!

I pray to God that these kind of suicides due to this scary game should never happen in future!!!

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16 thoughts on “A Game that Kills!!!

    • Kids and young students want to win in whatever games they play..They like this thrill and so fall prey to this scary stupid game!! It is so bad to know and I hope they stop playing this!!


  1. Only if someone suffering from depression had a shoulder to cry on or word out their emotions to, their suffering would be less and their chances of giving be decreased. Power of communication is the most underestimated virtue in this world. It can avoid suicides too!
    Nice write up.

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  2. I still wonder the reason for such a game to flourish ? But they say there are two faces to everything. Glad that the internet has good samaritans too, there was a Pink Whale Challenge that was launched to counter this, the game involved children doing things to spread happiness.

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  3. I don’t get it why our government hasn’t taken any action on banning this particular game. Also, kids, these days are getting mobiles in such tender age that parents have no control over their activities and well-being. Glad that you wrote on this topic.

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