Gratitude and Learning Series – July 2017

Gratitude – I think it is necessary to move on in our life..Whenever I face problems and I ask the “Why me??” question, gratitude had helped me a lot to come back to normal..As we all know, both bad and good experiences teach us a good lesson and this learning will definitely help us in our future life..

I would like to start a gratitude and learning series at the end of every month – Let me start with things that I am thankful for and what I learnt in July..

July  month made me realize that I am still strong – I never thought I would bounce back  very soon after whatever personal problems which I faced in previous months – I accept it still hurts, but this month made me acknowledge that I am still strong and could face problems with a smile.

I started enjoying my routine and didn’t feel that it is boring – I realized that I don’t know what would happen in future – It is better to enjoy what we have today and small joys helps us to stay calm in somewhat troubled life..

I joined in a gym near my house last month and it has been a good experience so far and I am enjoying the same..Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and achieving even small targets gave me joy – It helps me to relax my mind too – I am happy that physically I am able to do  all exercises without much pain..

In Gym, I met few people who wanted to know why I joined gym as I am not fat – I told them that I wanted to be fit..This question became repetitive and I am annoyed – I never interfere or give opinions unless asked for and I feel it would be good if others learn the same…I am surprised to see some people who still generalize a person’s character based on caste/religion..I hate when people generalize everything – I never do this and I feel it is high time that we learn not to connect a person’s behavior to his/her caste..

I am grateful that many of my  small wishes materialized in July..I really thank God for this as it helped me to gain my confidence back..

I am a sensitive and emotional person – If I am tensed, I shout or cry…But in July, I couldn’t believe the way I behaved – Even in a big problem, I maintained my cool and spoke what I wanted to without any emotions – It is a big personal achievement – I didn’t shout but I had a mature conversation with them..I spoke in a detached way as if I am talking to a stranger .. I am happy now as I again learnt a lesson that it’s my mistake to trust unworthy people in life..

July was a mix of  both good and bad experiences for me and I learned a lot..So,What about you??


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