Why I feel that Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil is being Overrated???

(Disclaimer: Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and this post is about my views..If you are a hardcore Oviya fan, please don’t read this as you may not like it..If you are ready to acknowledge flaws in the person you love, then you can continue reading..)

#SaveOviya – If you are regularly watching Bigg Boss Tamil Show in Vijay Tv, then you would definitely understand the above mentioned famous hashtag in twitter..

First question which came to my mind is, Oviya has to be saved from whom??  from terrorists or aliens ???.. Ok, jokes apart, I think it is just a game show and here all the contestants wants to be the winner..Whether it is right or wrong, there will be cut throat competition here..The person who manages all this in a graceful and strong way deserves to be the winner!!!

I want to be clear in my point – I watch this show and I am neither a fan nor a hater of anyone in this.. As we know, people are different and so are the ones who participate in this show..Everyone has their plus and minus and majority of us tend to ignore the minuses in the person we like..

Ok, let me start what I think about Oviya…As of now, I am neutral in my opinion – I don’t like her the way everybody is crazy about her and I don’t hate her either..

When I started watching this show, I liked the way she was dancing for a day or two..But when it happened everyday, I felt bored (OK, may be I am differently wired)..I feel that she is not a good team player – There may be both good and bad people in a team, but it is very vital to participate in a team and its activities…In this kind of show, it is very important to mingle with others..Yes, few will try to irritate her, but she should be strong enough to manage them in an effective manner..

I feel this show became interesting when someone tries to play the victim card and they get support from people..Many of the so-called Oviya fans are criticizing other contestants in public platform in a very bad manner..I accept they are entitled to express but not in indecent way and it is now becoming more  bad personal attacks which can never be justified..

Majority of us tell lies, get angry and even gossip about others in our life – Will we accept that we belong to worst kind of human beings ?? Never ..But we expect those contestants to be perfect epitome of humanity and we criticize them badly if they don’t meet our expectations..

Consider this situation – In our life, we may blindly like or love a particular person in our family or a friend..We don’t mind their flaws/mistakes and continue liking them..I think this is what happening in Oviya’s case..

I feel she is OK but not THE BEST, as majority of people think…She is more interested about herself and she stays aloof  and is not a team player..I like that she doesn’t gossips about others as of now and I appreciate her for this – But we have to accept the fact that as it is a competitive show, others would definitely trigger her and she has to manage to survive and win – I am not justifying others’ behavior, but we all know that it is tend to happen..

Using bad words or trying to hit others can never be justified or glorified in any situation – According to me, Whoever does this, including Oviya, they are wrong and  nobody can escape saying that I got angry as the other person triggered me and so I uttered bad words or tried to hit..

Majority of us have this bad habit  – We perceive some people to be very bad and if they make mistakes, then we consider it as a SIN and portray them as very bad villains..But if the same mistake is done by people we like, we consider their act to be heroic and brave and even congratulate them...I still wonder how a previous blunder can suddenly become right!!!

I wish to reiterate that I don’t hate Oviya, but till now, I feel that She is being Overrated by people and I am not sure whether She deserves it!!!

I know my opinion may differ from others, but this is what I feel and  Whether I am  right or wrong ??? I think it is too early to answer and we have to wait and watch!!!


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