Indu, Please come back!!! #defeatingdeathforaday

When I was browsing  through Indiblogger website, I saw  the below topic for Indispire this week:

If you could bring back someone from the other side of the rainbow bridge for just one day, would you do that?#defeatingdeathforaday

First person who came to my mind is the one whom I have never met in my life..

I haven’t seen her, spoken with her and she is not my  friend or relative..But still she was the one who made me cry a lot on hearing the news of her sudden death due to bursting of gas cylinder before sixteen years..

Her name is Indumathi*** and she was around 22 years old when she left this world..

I  met Uma***, younger sister of Indumathi, on the first day of my college life in my hostel room..I still remember Uma crying a lot as it was the first time she was away from her family – Her father was working in a small company, her mother a house wife and her elder sister who had got married before eight months…

We both became friends and she used to share a lot with me about her family and particularly about her sister Indu..I learnt from her that Indu was a caring, intelligent and a very good person who always used to help others..Uma said that Indu was living in another city along with her husband and In-laws..

After first semester holidays, when I met Uma in our hostel room, she was crying..I thought it was due to home-sickness and consoled her – But she said that she was very much worried about Indu as she was not happy in her married life – Her husband and inlaws tortured her daily for more dowry..Uma said that as her father was already in huge debt due to Indu’s marraige, it was not possible to provide more..

During our holidays, Indu had come to her home and met her parents and uma..She was crying a lot that she couldn’t live in her husband’s house as she was facing both physical and mental abuse from them..She told them that she will never go to their house – Her parents were shocked and had advised her that she has to adjust in her life and be patient..Her father pleaded with her that he is having another younger daughter and her life would be spoiled if Indu gets separated from her husband..Uma got angry and she had told her father that Indu need not go back to the place where she was not respected..But her father scolded her back and asked her to be quiet..Indu had no option and finally left to her husband’s home accompanied by her father..As expected, her father was treated badly by her in-laws and  Indu cried a lot and her father advised her to adjust and returned to his home..Uma was sad that Indu’s life was not good and I consoled her..

I still remember that ill-fated day when Uma was called during a middle of a class to Principal’s room – Her  parents had informed Principal that Indu had died due to gas cylinder burst and  Uma’s distant brother had come to pick her up from hostel..Uma was inconsolable beyond words and left ..

Uma came back to college after a month and I could feel her pain..Her parents were grief stricken and were guilty that they had killed their own daughter..Her father had complained to Police that it was not an accident ..Uma said that Case had been filed and investigation was going on..But she was doubtful about the outcome, as Indu’s husband’s family had many influential contacts and they were involved in the case.. We both completed our under graduation and were writing letters to each other for one or two years..But after that, we lost touch…

After many years, I recently got a message from Uma..I was surprised and called her and talked a lot..She is working now and said that her husband is a very nice person..She told that her parents live along with her and she invited me to her house..I went and met her and we had a good time..Her parents remembered me and we started talking about Indu..Her father told me that he had committed a big blunder and he felt that he had killed his own daughter..They started crying and was inconsolable…Uma told me that all of them couldn’t come out of that sad incident even after many years..Their guiltyness was killing them and they still feel bad for sending Indu back to her husband earlier..I started from her home with a heavy heart..

I could understand their pain and their guilty feeling..Her father was afraid to go against the society and her mother asked her to adjust..But they finally lost their dear daugher..

If I could bring back someone alive for just one day, I would definitely bring back Indumathi…Her Parents would tell her how much they miss her and love her..They would ask her to forgive them and how much pain they are facing due to the blunder they committed..Uma would hug her loving and caring sister and cry a lot..

I would be really happy if I could defeat death for a day and bring back Indumathi to her family… It is never ever possible..But, I am sure Indumathi lives in their heart forever…

(***Note: It is a real incident but I have changed names to protect identity)


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