The day I left my Native Place…


It was my last day in the city where I grew up and I still can’t believe that I am leaving this place which is very close to my heart..

I have completed my MBA and was in my hometown for last 10 days..But when time came to leave for Chennai in search of a job, I felt numb..I had been in hostel for many years, but I usually visit my place twice in a month..I wasn’t sure whether frequent visits are possible in future..

I had a weird feeling which can’t be described very easily..I know my future life will be based out of Chennai as my small town didn’t have many job opportunities for me..I was excited when I think of my future but sad when I thought of leaving my hometown..

I enjoyed a lot in those ten days before leaving my place..I visited nook and corner of my town – Each place had many sweet memories for me and it was like revisiting my past..I woke up early and went to water falls near my town and as usual, I was mesmerized by its beauty.. I took my old bicycle and visited many of my friends’ houses and most of the time I wasn’t in my home..Many of our houses had interconnecting terraces and so it was fun jumping from one terrace to other and shouting a lot..I knew many people there and I was visiting their houses to bid goodbye and it was a really good feeling when you realize that they care for you a lot and they don’t expect anything from you in return..

I didn’t think more about my future job in those 10 days and all I thought was how to enjoy to the core..I knew that these sweet memories will be in my mind forever…

Finally, it was last day in my city, and I had a train to catch that night..My family and close friends came along with me to railway station and I started to Chennai..I didn’t cry as I didn’t want to make them upset but I didn’t sleep well in train that night..I was both excited and sad and worried when I thought of my future life..

I got selected in my first interview in Chennai and my life moved on…Yes, initially I found it to be somewhat difficult but I adapted myself to live here..I still can’t believe that it is more than 12 years that I left my home town..I visit my native place once in a year and I always enjoy my peaceful stay there a lot..My hometown had changed a lot but still I feel it hasn’t lost its charm and it will always remain beautiful in my eyes!!!

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