How to Declutter My Mind???

Meaning of the word “Declutter” as per dictionary is:

“to remove things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful”

How often do we declutter our houses?? What makes us or prompts us to keep our house clean?? Each one of us have our own views on keeping our house clean..We may be lethargic and keep on postponing this main task for many days..Finally, one fine day, we decide that enough is enough and we start decluttering..We realize that we have many unwanted and useless things and we are confused on what to do with them..At the end, we throw them away..We are now happy and proud to see a sparkling clean house..A big task completed !!!! Isn’t it???

Many of us are stressed and worried about something in our life – Magnitude of worries may differ among us, but we can’t deny the fact that we are stressed about something..We think a lot and everything is stored in our mind..We try hard to be calm, but couldn’t achieve the same many times..Now I have a question to myself and also to others who read this:

Have we ever thought of decluttering our minds???

To be honest, I haven’t thought of the same till now..Life teaches us many lessons and we learn by both good and bad experiences..Yes, life slapped me very hard and now I am forced to come out of negativeness sorrounding me..Is it possible to come out of mental pain which is caused by untrustworthy people ?? I really don’t know the answer till now but I believe I should try to declutter certain thoughts from my mind to be happy..I am not sure whether I will suceed or not, but I feel it is worth trying.

After searching more about decluttering our minds, I have following thoughts which I think will help me in succeeding in my effort..They are:

  • First,throw away: I have to throw away unwanted thoughts from my mind – I know it is not a easy task..I accept that certain pains are difficult to let go..But If I want to get mental peace, this is the first step which should be tried..I am sensitive in nature and I know I can’t forgive those people nor forget what they did to me, but I can throw them away from my mind..Throwing unwanted thoughts is the first step needed for decluttering my mind.
  • Express yourself: Writing what I feel in my journal/diary or in this blog certainly helps me a lot..It makes me to accept the fact that as my mind is cluttered, I become restless and unfocussed..I get this urge to help myself to clean my mind and try to be happy.
  • Don’t multitask: I have to concentrate on one thing at a time and shouldn’t multi task..If I am decluttering my house, I would first concentrate on one particular place which I feel is more dirty..I would complete cleaning that place first and move on to the next..Just like that, I have to pick on a specific issue which I feel is bad for my mental health and try to come out of that..After completion of that, I should move on to the next.
  • Reframe negative thoughts: Many of us primarily worry about what had happened in the past and what is going to happen in future..We can’t change the past, but having a positive approach helps to face our future with a smile..I have a bad habit of negative thinking and I feel that it is high time to stop it.
  • Be grateful: Many thoughts in our mind is usually about the things that we don’t have and we yearn for the same a lot..I feel that I have to start practicing gratitude in my life..Being grateful plays an important role in keeping our mind in peace.
  • Learn to say “NO”:  This is the most vital ingredient for our mental peace..I have to start saying “No” to certain people and shouldn’t do anything which I feel like not doing..If I practice this, then clutter in my mind will reduce to some extent.


(Courtesy: Google images)

So, What are your thoughts on decluttering our minds???


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