A Brave Woman’s Story…

It was an ordinary afternoon when I received a phone call from my mother..She was excited while talking and I couldn’t understand first..After calming her down, I got the following news:

 Sita aunty had got married last week at a registrar office !!!! 

My Amma said that her marriage is the recent news in my native place and everyone is surprised and shocked..

OK, Sita aunty, a distant relative of mine, is a 54 years old, divorced woman and she had married a widower around 60 years old..

I phoned her immediately and conveyed my wishes!!! She spoke with me in detail about her marriage and was worried that her own sisters hated her as she had got married at this age..I told her that it is high time that she stopped thinking about others and I asked her to enjoy her life.. 

After I disconnected the call, I was reminded of  struggles Sita aunty faced in her life..

“You get out of my house immediately..I don’t want to see your face again”

Shyam yelled at his wife Sita for ‘n’ th time and she started crying..Her mother in law as usual added fuel to fire by blaming Sita for her inability to conceive even after 5 years of marriage..Sita, as usual, kept quiet and pleaded with her husband not to send her out and requested him to forgive her (for no fault of hers)

When Sita was married in 1981,her mother adviced her that she has to adjust in her husband’s family and she has to do whatever her husband says. Sita, being the elder daughter with 2 younger sisters, couldn’t continue her studies after 12 th standard and was married to Shyam, who worked in a nationalized bank as a clerk..

Sita was quite happy in first year of her marriage..Shyam was kind earlier but after some years, started showing his true colours..He blamed her for whatever happened and started abusing her badly, both physically and emotionally..Her MIL also wasn’t happy due to small amount of dowry provided by Sita’s father.

Sita beared everything patiently and believed that her husband would change soon..She didn’t want to add burden to her father and hence she adjusted everything…

  Her husband was out of station for a week and her MIL also went to her native place..Sita was alone in her house without knowing that her life was going to change forever…

She was shocked to the core when she saw a woman who came to house along with  her husband  and MIL after a week..Her husband introduced her as his newly wedded wife..Sita was grief stricken and her husband told her that he hated her to the core..He added that she could never be a wife to him and she could only be a servant maid in his house..

Sita was angry beyond words  and she came to her father’s house after 6 years of bad marriage and she later divorced her husband..She started going for a small job and got her UG degree through distance education..She also studied Hindi language and passed all exams..She loved studying and got many degrees..She started taking Hindi tuitions and also became a teacher in a school in my native place..

Her family totally depended on her and she took care of her 2 younger sisters well and got them married…

After her divorce, there was a big change in her..She became strong and proved that she could handle all the problems with ease. 

She was living alone for several years after death of her parents and finally she had married a gentleman who loves her truly..

I feel so happy for Sita aunty…She had faced various criticisms after her divorce..She was brave enough not to listen to those and she concentrated on her life and achieved her dreams.It is true that bad situations in life makes a person to fight against all odds and emerge as a winner.

Some people commented on her marriage at this age..I told them that it is none of their business and getting married is her personal decision.I feel that age doesn’t matter, Isn’t it ???

Sita aunty had faced many difficulties in life and I sincerely pray God that she feels and stays happy in her future life.


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